Beskar Nights

BY : WhisperedWishes
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It all started over something so small. Paz had misplaced a part for his machine gun and immediately accused Din of taking it.

"Admit it. You feel threatened by me."

Din had snorted, "Like anyone would be afraid of you? Or feel anything around you for that matter."

"Mira would say differently."

His voice deathly calm. "What?"

Mira rolled her eyes. She had been a constant face in the covert...a mediator between the secret order and the city of Nevarro above. Running errands like delivering food to the kitchens, parts and supplies to the engineers or to the Armorer herself or doing laundry for the many foundlings. She knew how both men were. Either of them too proud to just back down from a challenge and knew that this would only end in one way between them. A fistfight. Where each would try to remove the other's helmet until someone else stepped in...that person usually being the Armorer. But not today. The Armorer was with the foundlings, giving a lecture.

She was in the laundry room, sorting clothing into piles by sizes and colors but she abandoned her task to stand at the slightly open door preparing to jump out between them if it got any more heated.

"What did you say?"

Paz drew himself up to his full height, looking down at Din. "She makes the most...alluring sounds."

That made her blush. He was bluffing of course. They had not done anything of the sort but she would not admit that the thought had crossed her mind many times. Especially when he would step closer to her and she would have to crane her neck back just to look up at him. He was a large man and his presence that close to her reminded her too heavily of that fact...which always sent her heart hammering in her chest and her thighs clenching.

"You will not speak of her like that. That is...vulgar."

Paz laughed, the booming sound echoing in the hallway. "So you haven't thought of it? Of pinning her to the nearest wall and seeing what sounds she would make?"

She bit her lip, leaning back against the wall beside the door.

That had gone a route she had not expected and she waited with bated breath for Din's reply.

He was silent.

"So you have! Well, she's in there...see to it. Or are you afraid she would snub you for me?"

She bristled at that.

How dare he?

Din was a kind man. Aloof most of the time but he was respectful...offering help when he thought she would need it but he never pushed his help onto her. 

And she would never openly admit that his voice sent shivers down her spine, making heat settle deep in her stomach. She really was a mess...viciously attracted to two men that she had never even seen. That she would never see as there creed prevented it.

"No. That would be...wrong."

"Wrong? What's wrong with a woman writhing underneath you or better yet above...completely bare."

Her thighs twitched and she felt a rush of heat between her legs.

That had cemented an image so strongly into her mind that she nearly moaned. She was straddling him, the feel of cold metal pressing into her bare flesh and her breasts bouncing as she rode him but then her mind snuck another image so suddenly on her that she did gasp.

Her mind had placed Din in front of her, his gloved hand on her head as he guided his cock into her mouth.

'Great maker.'

Paz had heard the gasp, wringing the door open viciously, causing her to squeak and shuffle backwards, bumping into a table behind her. She grabbed the edge with both hands to steady herself.

He just stood there, staring down at her before chuckling. 

"So little mouse, eavesdropping are you?"

She shook her head.

"No? I do believe she's lying, Djarin."

Her eyes snapped to Din and he was standing on Paz's right, his visor tilted questioningly.

"Your heartrate is elevated, Mira. Are you alright?"

Paz smacked his shoulder, "Of course she's alright. Tell me, little mouse, did you hear something you liked?"

She looked down, face burning in embarassment.

"Look at me!"

She shook her head, refusing again until a pair of metal clad boots stopped right in front of her. A hand gently gripped her chin and lifted her gaze.

"Look at me, mesh'la."

Her eyes fluttered open, focusing on the dark glass where his eyes hid. He chuckled darkly.

"Tell me what did you hear, Mira?"

"Paz, that's enough. Leave her be."

"Easy. I want to know. What did you hear?"

She stared back at him, her gaze hazy now as her mind remembered what he had said.

"Answer me!"

"A-about being un-underneath you...a-above you bare."

"Oh? It seems like you like that idea, don't you?"

"Vizla..." Din warned.

His hand slid from her chin down her throat, gripping gently and she gasped.

"I can see it in your eyes, mouse. You were thinking about it, weren't you?"

She nodded. Maker, her body was warm.

"What else did you think of?"

Her eyes flicked over to Din and she could tell his shoulders were rigid and his hands were fists at his sides.

Paz's hand squeezed gently and she moaned.


"Din. I was thinking about Din."

"And?" His other hand began to trail light touches down her collarbone before pulling at the tie that held her top together.

"I was...r-riding you and Din..."

"Continue." He reached across and untied the other knot, allowing her shirt to slide down and pool around her waist, revealing the soft lace of her bra. 

"His hands were in my hair a-and his...I had my mouth around him."

Din groaned audibly at that. "Damn, Mira."

Paz brushed a thumb over a pebbled nipple. "Such a naughty little mouse. You want both of us?"

She nodded, not trusting her voice. 

"Close and lock the door Din. If she wants both...she gets both."


"You want to fuck her right? Because I do. I want to feel her warm, wet heat tight around my cock."

She moaned when he released his grib on her throat, his hands brushing down her arms before sweeping back up to cup her breasts tightly with both hands. She arched up into his touch.

"And fuck she wants it too."

The sound of the door sliding closed and locking echoed in her ears.

"Get on that side, Djarin. Lay down, mouse."

She toed off her shoes before laying back. There was no going back now as the two Mandalorians males pressed in on her from either side of the table. They both removed their gloves, tossing them to the side before Din's hands slide over her breasts softly, pinching and rolling her nipples as Paz worked at her skirt, pushing it from her hips. She lifted her ass up allowing him to pull it down her legs. Where he tossed she didn't care, not when she could feel the callouses of his hands working there way up her calves, pushing them apart as he leaned over. 

"Fuck, lace here too? You're a soft little mouse aren't you?" Two fingers rubbed the lace on her hip and she twitched.

"She's so damn soft."

"Isn't she?"

He turned his visor to her, "You're not attached to these are you?"

Her mind was reeling from the touch on different parts of her body simultaneously so it caught her off guard when they both gripped her bra and panties, ripping them from her body at the same time.


Both men were back to touching her immediately. Din groaning when his hands touched her bare flesh. She gave a breathless sound, jerking at the gentle touch at the apex of her thighs. 

"What do you think, Din? Should we let her cum first? Since she's being a good little mouse?"

She was panting, her pupils blown as she looked up at Din. She reached out for him.


"Fuck, she's even begging...fucking perfect." His fingers slide into her folds gently, tracing around her opening and she mewls, arching her hips up but is stopped by Din's hand pushing down just below her belly button.

"No. Give into it, mesh'la." He leans over and nuzzles at her breasts with his helmet, the cold metal making her grip at his shoulders.

But then Paz is pressing his helmet between her legs and she bucks against him and he growls, dipping his fingers into her as he presses into her clit, rubbing back and forth.

She cries out, one hand flying down to clutch at his visor, lifting her hips up into him.


"Yes. Fuck yes, Mira." 

He kept pressing into her, and he tapped Din's hand, wordlessly telling him to release his hold on her and he did, moving instead to trace the dips of each hip, digging his thumb into her flesh as his other hand tangled into her hair, pulling tightly.

She cries again, circling her hips down against his helmet. Too was too much...too many sensations all at once and then Paz hooks his fingers deep inside her as he grips her other hip and everything shatters as white spots explode across her vision and she seizes up, her head slamming back into the table as a ragged cry is ripped from her throat.

She gasping for breath, struggling to calm her racing heart as the two reward her with soft touches and gentle words.

Paz's helmet nuzzles her hip as he breathes heavily, "Good girl." 

"Fuck, so beautiful Mira. Good, mesh'la." Din croons as he smooths her hair back.

She looks up at Paz as he stands to his full height, leaning down over her. "You think you can handle more, little mouse?"

She bites her lip reaching out to him, "Paz."

He groans, "Fuck. Do you want me or Din first? Or do you want what you spoke of? Do you want to ride me while he stuffs your mouth full with his cock?"

She moans, "Yes. Maker yes."

Paz is quick to help her sit up, brushing his hands over all the bare flesh he can before taking her hands and leading them to his codpiece, showing her how to remove the metal covering. He hissed when her hands freed him from his pants. He was hot and heavy in her hands, his large length already weeping at the tip. She licked her lips and he groaned.

"Don't do that, mesh'la. I need to feel your sweet cunt around me first."

Din is at her side, helping her off the table as Paz lays on the floor, his cock twitching as Din helped to lower her down onto him.

She moans as he guides himself into her wet heat and he groans hoarsely. "Fuck! She's tight!"

Din is palming at himself watching her mouth drop open as she settled down onto Paz's cock, feeling him sit deep within, pushing up against her cervix. She pressed her hand to her abdomen and she gasped. She could feel him and she scrambled to grab his hand, pressing it against the same spot and he moaned lewdly.

"I can feel myself...oh fuck...I can feel my cock there?"

Mira is panting, quivering around him but she wanted more. She leveled a heated look at Din, looking down at his hand where it gripped himself through his pants and he gave a low sound, tearing at his pants, finally freeing his cock. He thrusted into his hand a few times before she was reaching out to him, motioning him closer.

His hands lightly traced her face, tangling into her hair and she opened her mouth wide, allowing his cock to slide into her. He groaned, "Yes. Farrik! I've wanted this. I've wanted this for so damn long. Your perfect little mouth full of me."

Paz chuckled, timing his thrust with Din's and she gasped.

"I knew you wanted to fuck her. And you little mouse, you wanted us both to fuck you."

She hummed happily around Din's cock, ripping a strangled groan from the man as Paz thrusted up into her, his hand pressed against her stomach, feeling himself slide in and out of her. His helmet connected with the floor with a loud thunk, growling lustfully.

"Bounce on me, little mouse. Let me see those breasts bounce as you fuck yourself on my cock. Din."

He nodded, pulling himself from her mouth and the string of saliva that connected her mouth to him made him twitch violently but he wanted to see her lose control so he wrapped a hand tightly around himself.

She placed her hands on his armor and lifted herself up, letting herself slide down slowly. Again and again, until Paz's voice was hoarse as he gripped her hips, slamming up into her.

"Fuck! Where? Where, Mira?"

"In! I-I have a chip."

"Yes! Fuckfuckfuck! Fuck!" He shouted, his hips losing their rhythm as he came, holding her down over him tightly as he jerked into her, painting her walls with his seed. 

She moaned softly, feeling him fill her full but she was still left wanting as she hadn't orgasmed.

Paz chuckled at the frustrated look on her face and he gripped her chin, "Don't worry, little mouse. You still have one more cock to fuck. Now up."

She shakily climbed off of him, feeling his seed drip down her thighs. She squeaked when he stepped behind her and lifted her into the air, his hands hooked behind her knees.

"Here you go, Djarin. Let's see if you can sate this hellcat."

He stepped closer, one hand guiding his cock to her sliding the head back and forth through her folds and she moaned breathlessly.

"Please Din? Please?"

Paz's voice was smooth and teasing in her ear. "What do you want, mouse? Tell him."

"Please Din? Please, fuck me."

Both men groaned as she begged for it. Din growled, lining himself up and slamming into her hard. She cried out, clutching his shoulders as he set a rough pace, again and again. Then Paz pushed her down into his next thrust and she screamed as he hit something inside that made her see stars.

"There it is! Damn, if that's not a beautiful sound. Right Din?"

"Fuck. Again."

He thrusted up and Paz pushed her down again. 

"Yes!" She moaned brokenly. 

And again...again. They sped the pace up, reducing her to wordless babbles and cries. Her screams were getting louder and both men knew she was close.

"Her clit, Din."

"I know that!"

Din growled as his hand drifted to her clit, rubbing it roughly, before he pinched it hard. Thrusting up into her roughly as Paz shoved her down on his cock harshly. She shattered, her cunt clenching and quivering around Din so violently that he yelled, jerking up into her as his orgasm tore through him, his helmet dropped into her neck.

"Fuck! Mira!"

"Good girl, little mouse. Such a good girl."

Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she clung to Din, dragging in gulps of air as her eyes filled with tears.

Paz was the first to hear the sniffles and he shoved at Din who pulled himself free, allowing their mixed seed to drip from her heat. His hands cupped her face. 

"Shit. Mira?"

"I'm fine."

She tilted her head back to look up at Paz and gave him a small smile. "Really."

He set her on her feet, guiding her to sit on the table. "Was it too much? You didn't feel forced into any of that did you?"

"Paz! I'm fine. I'm just...happy. I wanted this...wanted both of you. I didn't want to have to choose."

They both stilled, visors settling on each other before they both nodded.

"So Djarin?"

"We just proved we can yes."

Mira looked between them confused. "Did I miss something?"

Paz chuckled, coming to stand on her right as Din stood on her left. They both pressed their helmets into her neck.

"You really did it now, little mouse. I doubt we'll ever let you go."

"Never." Din added.

"You see, mesh'la. You want both of us, well we're both yours now. As long as you are ours."

She grinned brightly, wrapping her arms around them as she laughed. "Beats having you fight all the damn time."

"Well now we can fight over something else."

"What?" Din questioned him warily.

"Who can make her scream the loudest."

"I'll accept that challenge any day."

"Tell me, little mouse, do you like ropes?"

She bit her lip as heat coiled once again in her core.

Maker, what has she gotten herself into?

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