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The place was beat up and run down. Parts and pieces of different ships and speeders lay scattered all over the shop floor. A light flickered off and on in one corner to which Mando shook his head.

"I see she still hasn't fixed that light. Must be busy working on yet another project. She tends to forget other things when she's focused on new tech."

"This place is a mess, kid. Why did we come here? Any mechanic will be fine as long as they can do their job."

Din turns and holds a finger up. "I know Cen, she's quick and she's not nosy. Keeps to herself, does what needs to be done and is out."

A loud sparking along with a slight buzzing distantly was followed by some rather loud and rather colorful cursing.

Boba raised a brow under her helmet.

"There's a few I haven't heard. That's standard mixed with...two...no three different languages? I can make out the Ansionian rather clearly."

Mando laughs, "Yeah, she's not shy with her words. She'll tell you exactly what she can and can't do...but, to be honest, there's not much she can't do. The Razorcrest was always in good hands with her."

Boba nods, "Direct and honest...good."

Just then a small explosion goes off and they rush through the back door just in time for a small figure to pick themselves up off the floor with a curse.

"Bastasi! This damn piece of bug-faced, can of corrosion JUNK!" They throw the metal piece across the room.

Mando chuckles, "Having trouble Cenry?"

The figure stills and slowly pulls their goggles off, tossing them to their workbench as they turn.


"Been a long time..."

She launched herself at Din who picks her up into a hug with a laugh.

Fett is confused by how open Mando is with the girl until she pulls away.

She's small, standing only to his shoulders, gray overalls splattered with oil and coolant. Brown hair framed a round face smudged with oil and dirt. He supposed she could be called pretty. He watches her push her brown bangs behind her pierced ear before punching Mando's shoulder.

"That's for taking so long getting back here. So whatcha need? I know the Razorcrest is due for another overhaul."

'She's doesn't know.'

Din didn't reply just shook his head and pointed at Boba.

"He's looking for someone to fix a few things on his ship."

"Hold on...Din, what's wrong?"


"Then why are you avoiding me talking about the Razor?"

She stilled and looked up at him with angry eyes. Bright green and sharp.

"What happened to the Razorcrest?"

"It's difficult to explain."

"What's so difficult to explain about it? What happened?"

"It got destroyed. Vaporized actually." Boba answered to which Din gave him a sharp look.

She took a step back, looking at him shocked before she punched his shoulder hard, sending him a step back.

"Vaporized?! How the hell did that happen? I spent so long putting that ship back together...correctly might I add and you go and get it vaporized?!"

"Well to be honest, wasn't his fault. Imperial ship had a lock and he had it landed on the planet surface. Not enough time to get it out of there."

"Bastasi Din! Imperials?" She bends over then, clutching her chest in mock pain.

"That ship was a gem to work on. Blinking imperials."

"I'm sorry Cenry. That's not the only reason I came back."

She looks up with a smile, before switching her gaze to him.

"A new client?"

Boba looks down at her, "Maybe."

She wipes her hands on her overalls and holds one out, when he doesn't shake her hand, she drops it with a shrug.

"Well then hi. Name's Cenry Vessrah, best mechanic on the planet."

He snorts at her youthful boast to which she grins and points at him.

"Hey laugh all you want but no one in this port is better than me at fixing ships."

Mando nods in agreement.

"And she doesn't take shortcuts like some mechanics have been known to do."

She furiously nods her head, "Exactly! Like Tarpu down in hangar bay 13? He's cheap, seems like a decent tech but he's been known to splice and piggyback systems so much that you have to go back to him for even more repairs and that's when he jacks the price up even more. I've repaired too many of his shit jobs."

Boba chuckles under his breath, "Fine. You can take a look at the ship, but no funny business..."

He touched the blaster at his side to which she nodded and held her hands up.

"I got the hint big guy. Don't get nosy."

She turns and rifles through her workbench viciously, before her hand grabs a small black tablet. She leans down and grabs a case off the floor and faces them with a smile.

"Well then, lets go. Time's a wastin'!"

Din chuckles, "You've got oil all over your face, Cen."

She rubs a sleeve over her face, smearing the oil farther to which Boba shakes his head and Din just laughs.

"Impatient aren't you, little one?"

She glared at him. "Hey! I may be short but I'm not a kid. I'm 34."

That took him back. She sure in the hell didn't look her age. Sure in the hell didn't sound it either.

"Well, are you going to lead the way or do I have to look for your ship myself?"

He chuckles then. She was definitely a spitfire.

"Come on."

/  -  /  -  /  -  /

When they approached the bay Boba heard a gasp and turned to the young mechanic.

Her mouth was hanging open and she was looking at his ship in amazement. Then he was confused when she started laughing, throwing a punch at Mando's shoulder.

"Blinking hell Mando! I'll take the job!"

That confused him even more.

"Already? You haven't even seen the engines yet."

She smiles brightly up at him and he's stunned by it. She seems genuinely happy.

"You're kidding me right? This is an SLV class ship!"

"You know this ship?"

"Know it? Look, so every mechanic has that one dream job...that one dream ship they want to work on...and well...Goddess, I've been wanting to get my hands on these engines for the longest time."

His neck grew warm at the way she said that last statement.

Din looks at her in amusement, "So I take it that you would like to see the inside?"

She turns to Boba, bouncing on her feet. "Can I? And don't tell me not to touch anything because I will."

He shakes his helmet with a grin.



He presses a button and the ramp lowers and he can tell she's even more excited now but she's keeping in control of it.

'No one's ever been this excited to see my ship. They usually run. But her...' He shakes his head in amusement.

When they step inside the ship she places her case down and spins slowly, whistling sharply.

"Damn this ship is beautiful."

Din laughs again, "So how do you know about this ship, Cen?"

She giggles, "Alright so when I was a little girl, my grandpa had a model of this ship. He always told me that this class of ship was his absolute favorite to work on. Challenging but he always lit up talking about it. The most perfect blend of Kaminoan and Mandalorian tech he would always say. He had all these blueprints too and we would pour over them every chance we got. By the time I was 13...I knew these systems like the back of my hand. I can tell you right now that no one else will even try and fix it and if they do, it's not going to be done right."

Boba was impressed, not everyone knew that there was tech from Kamino on this ship.

"So what's so difficult about this ship that no one else will try and fix it?"

She grins and pokes him in the chest. "Because they stopped making parts for this ship...twenty years ago."

"Ferrik, Cen, really?"

"Yup. It'll be a little more labor intensive than my normal jobs but I can do it."

He snorts at her, "If others won't be able to, what makes you so sure you can?"

She taps her right temple, "Cybernetic eye. This along with my mites...I can just take 3d scans of the parts that need replacing...take those scans apart to make blueprints and manufacture the parts myself in my workshop. If you still want the overhaul?"


"Oh! Sorry...my bots. You see I can't get the full 3d models using just my eye alone so I built the mites to help with that. And don't worry, they only have enough AI to follow my commands and take the scans. And I always make sure they are all out before I leave too. We have ABH's running through here all the time and I've learned to respect their privacy and they respect mine."


"'Average bounty hunter'." She answers quickly, running her hand over a console with a smile.

Fett nods once, "Fine, you got the job."

At her excited squeal, he points at her sternly, "but I will be watching you carefully."

"Okay, okay."

Din taps her on the shoulder, "Just how much is this going to run, Cen?"

"Oh I'll do it half price."

Din stutters in shocks, "H-half price? You never do anything half price."

"Well you never brought me an SLV class either."

Boba laughs loudly then and Din looks at him in shock.

She doesn't pay it any attention as she looks up around at the Slave-1 in amazement, smiling brightly.

"Oh this is going to be fun."

Boba shoots her a look behind his helmet. His eyes widen a bit when she unzips the top part of her overalls and pulls her arms out, revealing her left arm to be cybernetic as well.

Heat hits him low unexpectedly at the curves suddenly exposed to his eye. The overalls definitely hid her figure well. 

His hands itch and he clenches them.

His voice is rough when he talks, "So how long will the scans take?"

She shrugs, "Oh not long, a few hours at the most. "

Cenry then softly nudges the black case on the ground with her toe, while tapping some buttons on her tablet. "Alright ya little chipbrains, time to work!"

A soft whirring fills the air as the case opens and 6 little crab-like bots scuttle around her feet, stumbling and tripping over each other.

"Yes, I know. Its so exciting, isn't it guys? New ship and an SLV class to boot, if you can believe that!"

Another chuckle escapes him, she may be curvy as all hell but she definitely did not act her age. She was talking to the bots like they were her pets.

"So big guy, what's the main issues you've been having with the ship? Engines, circuits...coolant lines? Or do you just need updates done?"

"Just fix what needs to be fixed."

"Got it."

 She turns to her bots and grins, waving her cybernetic hand through the air.

"Okay, boys! Priority one repairs only! Let's go!"

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