La La Land - Mia’s Dream

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Mia had her eyes shut as she took the musky prick into her open mouth as she began to twirl her tongue around the hard member, the man she was sucking the casting director she had auditioned for, he was a balding man who put a hand on her bright red hair as she bobbed her head back and forth,he was groaning as she worked her mouth and tongue on his prick..

   “Oh yeah baby keep going” the man said and Mia simply rolled her big green eyes at the statement…”Keep going and you might get a callback” he joked but looked down when Mia’s mouth pulled off his prick. 

 “No asshole! I’m gonna get a callback, that was the deal..A blow for a callback!” Mia said in a hushed tone with angry eyes...She had already been working the man for 10 minutes.

  The man smiled down at her

    “Okay fine” Mia was about to place her mouth on his smelly member when he stopped her by holding her head. 

   “ about a new deal?” He asked her looking deep in her eyes to show he was serious. Mia slowly stood up and was now face to face with the C.D, she had worn a cute light grey skirt that fell just above her knees with a adorable pink top with reddish heels..she truly wanted to showcase her figure, rear, and chest for the part, of course she thought looking hot would go great for the men, she just didn't it would go this route. 

   “What do you mean?” Mia asked as she wiped her mouth with her hand, the man turned around and grab some tissues from

the office desk he’d been leaning on,passed them to Mia “thanks” she said though not looking at him in the eye out of embarrassment. The C.D slowly walked around her like a wolf entrapping a lamb in a full 360 circle, he just looked over her body...starting with her feet,traveling up her nice slender legs, thighs, and her toned ass as it shaped nicely in that skirt. Speaking of which he got to see it in action as it jiggled slightly as her hips moved when she made her way to the garbage can to discard the tissues ,he slowly, and quietly walked right behind Mia and had decided to just use his actions to say what the ‘deal’ was. 

  He grabbed her by the waist and started to dry hump her rear through her skirt, he groaned as the bulge in his pants was pushing deep in her skirt, he wrapped his arms around her interlocking his hands as she grabbed the office desk to steady herself as she became close to fainting at her situation, no else was in the room, he had the blinds folded down preventing anyone from viewing them, and as far as she knew, only Seb was out in the waiting hall since he picked her up early that morning. She had considered screaming his name for help, but then the bastard,currently rubbing his erect groin against her ass moving up and down and thrusting despite not being able to penetrate anything, would spill about the recent blowjob Mia had just given him just to secure a callback. She just stood there as the man began to whisper in her ear, 

“Ive wanted to fuck you since you walked in, I love this skirt, and your sexy legs” he said as one hand began to massage her thighs and the other to her her shoulder as he breathed into her ear 

 “I know the director, i caught him cheating on his wife so he owes me” he said and Mia began to sweat as her breathing slightly increased as he continued to speak 

 “What do you say...a quick fuck with a catch and the part’s yours” he said as he went faster with the dry humping causing Mia’s skirt to rise little by little showing more and more of her legs and thighs. Mia thought about calling for Seb’s help but then she remembered that night 

“Maybe you only liked me when I was on my ass cuz it made you feel better about yourself” he had said to her after they started to argue about him selling out to the trending music rather than live his dream. But Mia didn’t understand then that Seb had gotten to a level he never thought possible, something she was failing at and was clearly going nowhere as he was reaching the stars awhile she reached for the pricks of various directors, casting directors, and producers all to get an audition or commercial that would end up getting scrapped, meaning she did what she did for no reason other than to be another wannabe-actress in Los Angeles. The C.D toke her silence as an answer and stepped away from her heading to the door to leave as that went nowhere, but as soon as his hand reached the door knob, 

“Wait” she said, he turned and she had a face of contemplation and was clearing arguing in her own head as she ran her hands over her face and she sighed into her hands that covered her whole face 

‘It's not like you haven’t done this before..’ She thought to herself bitterly, but since she started seeing Seb she hasn’t done anything like this  since he gave her the confidence to keep trying and even wrote her own play to jet start her career. Of course those hopes and dreams went nowhere, her auditions still didn’t move her career forward and her failure of a play….she moved her hands from her face and they went to  where the buckle that secured her cute above knee skirt around her gorgeous hips and thighs was, much to C.D clear delight as she scoffed at him 

 “You’re married with kids and you’re doing this kind of crap” she barked at the man with disdain in a low tone. 

 “You want the part or not cuz there are thousands of other redheads looking for a part in anything, besides you can’t act all high and mighty Mia Fuck-Lon” he said as her green eyes widen at the nickname, he snickered 

“That’s’re famous to us already” he started as her eyes began to widen 

“I know about you and your little ‘incentives’ to get auditions and those lame stop making it sound like I’m forcing when you can just walk out that door and keep trying, its clearly working for you” he said and ended with a laugh. Mia simply let his words sink, ‘I should leave’ she thought to herself, ‘but then we have to tell Seb about another failed audition’ she stopped her self-doubt when she realized this guy will probably brag to Sebastian about getting head from her a few minutes ago. ‘You’ve already done worse’ she said to herself as her hands went back to unbuckle her skirt as the guy had a smile on his face and started to undo his belt and unzipped his pants…. 

   Down the hall,behind sealed blinders was Mia succumbing to her previous method of negotiations before she met Seb. 

 Mia did her best to keep quiet as the thrusts continued while she had her hands rested on the desk. He was behind her, holding her shoulder as she laid her chest on the desk, her skirt was raised up to show her sweet round ass and he pulled her thong to hang around her ankles while he was eagerly pumping his rod into her 

“ feel amazing” he said as he panted and began to sweat from his forehead, he hadn’t had a good lay in a while so when he saw this pretty actress come into his office for an audition he knew he could use her to unload. He puffed and panted as he went into her RAW, a condition he made which made her want to cry but she accepted anyway, he went faster as he pulled her up and hugged her from behind while still going inside her, Mia couldn’t help it...she was unsure how to feel. ‘Gotta admit, he’s fucking me good though’ she thought to herself. Then she decided that for a penny in for a pound and she removed her cut top which revealed her porcelain pale skin and medium sized bust which was covered in a cute white bra, the guy’s hands went right for her breasts as she began to let her moans be heard. 

“Ohhh...ohh...uhh...ahhh” she moaned as he went into her at a steady pace cuz he didn’t want this to end too soon, it was too good, she felt too good. Her moans slowly grew louder and louder which encouraged the guy behind her to thrust harder and grip her breasts with roughness and Mia places her hands on top his enjoying the feeling of her boobs beinf grabbed 

‘I knew she’d come around’ The man thought to himself. He pumped unto her as she moaned and moaned, he moved his hands and she reached back and undid her bra letting it fall to the fall and he pulled out and turned her around, now she was facing him and he pulled her face for hus lipa to attach to hers, she wrapped an arm around his neck and kissed him back since now she was lost in her lust, his hands went to her thighs and he lifted her up and dropped her on his desk with  thud since Mia’s ass was strong by itself, and he dove right back into pumping her, right in between her legs as her skirt was ridden up to her waist her breasts slightly jiggled as she moved with his hips and her gaping mouth and moans were a pleasant sight to see. He started going faster and faster, they both moaned out loudly now 

“Ohhh Mia...ohhh Mia….You feel amazing...ohhh...ahhh...ohhh” he moaned and groaned as he felt such was wet walls entombing his member as he stretched them out, Mia’s arms wrapped around his shoulders to hold him close, she needed to feel good, it's been awhile since she felt good in this rotten city and she groaned when he started to slow down and thrust very hard into her.

“Ahhh...ohhhh…jesus Mia...ahhh...I’m close” he said in between moans and groans and Mia’s eyes widened 

“Not inside” she said quickly as he thrusted faster and faster, she was bouncing on the desk as their friction intensified as they both started to sweat now. 

He pulled out and she went on her knees and sucked him hard, she could taste her juices on his prick and she couldn’t help but like the taste of his prick. Now the situation was running in her head, struggling actress doing slutty things in L.A for a chance in the spotlight, and she was actually turned on,she got even more wet…

“Screw it, put it back in" she said and got on her hands and knees while lifting her own rondully show her round poreclian ass, which she wiggled when she didn't feel penetrated and he practically pounced on her and started thrusting, hard. He went into her walls as he was coming close to finishing, he asked her if she liked being a hollywood slut and he could swear he heard her moan a yeah, she moaned more and more as her perky tits swinged with her body as he grabbed on in his hand squeezing it making her groan 

“Ughhh you bastard” she cursed at him but he laughed and slapped her ass 

“Don’t…” Mia was cut off by another slap to her rear, the hand sticking to her cheek and squeezing it making her whine and groan. He pulled the skirt off her and now she was bare naked in the middle of his office, hands and knees on his carpet floor, tits swimming as he went inside her, in and out, in and out. She was whining and squealing as he sped up as her ass was slapping his hips. She was close and so was he. They moaned loudly since no one else was around and he even told her to let loose and she looked back with a look of pure lust…

 “Put it in my ass, cum in there” she said in a lustful whisper while shaking her ass in the air, he aligned his cock as she readies herself, he pushed in and she groaned not having been filled back there in years as he pushed in further and further into her ass, she was pushed as each thrust went harder and faster and faster spreading her asscheeks and her hole. Now she was fully nude, being assfucked by him as his hands went to her medium sized tits and tweaked her nipples making her scream out in lust, the scream was his losing point and he thrust himself inside her, once she felt the hot liquid in her ass Mia also cam , her cum leaking out dripping onto the floor, while she was catching her breath, ass still in the air, she heard a click and looked back and smiled a wicked grin as she saw what he was doing. She stuck her ass in the air (another click), she turned around and started posing with her nude body, groping her tits, putting a finger in her mouth, blowing a kiss. He kept taking pictures with his polaroid camera while grinning at her poses. Finally they got changed in their clothes, as Mia was walking out he slapped her ass

“Hey, there’s this party going down tonight at some producer’s place, a lot of hollywood people and agents are gonna be there” he said to Mia with a smile that had intentions behind it, Mia gave him a side smile as he kept talking 

“Wanna go with me? My wife thinks I’m working late at the office but...Wanna be my date?” He asked with a grin as he knew what her answer would be even though she appeared to be in deep thought, he approached her and placed both hands on her ass and she gave him a shocked expression 

“Come on we just did everything together” he whispered as he leaned in and kissed her tenderly, she kissed him back slightly. Mia sighed and gave a little smile 

“Pick me up at 8, and bring condom this time” she said as she rubbed his crotch area on his pants, he growled and turned her around and just started dry humping her as she chucked at him, he went for 10 minutes of just rubbing his crotch against her ass in that perfect skirt. Mia tried to smile but failed and just took it with an emotionless expression...she remembered the past several months with Seb, and the things he doesn’t know about...

  Months Ago 

  She was moving her hips along with his as he thrusted into her while in her bright blue dress, she had decided to go with her roomates to a party in LA, except she ended up depressed and decided to let the guy who gave her a flirty look. They were in the bathroom on the 2nd floor, ensuring not many people would come by. She was seated on the sink as her dress was ridden up as he pushed into her with his pants around his legs, hips thrusting like a mad man as he never thought a hot redhead like this was that easy to screw. They both moaned as they thrusted into each other, Mia’s arms around his back as one hand of his was at her thigh and the other was on the glass mirror behind her steadying them while her legs were wrapped around his back. He moaned into her ear and she bit his ear, he went faster into her as she was rammed up slightly from his forceful thrusts. Luckily he brought a condom so Mia wasn’t too worried exactly but still, she’s letting some random guy in her and she’s moaning more and more hoping for a quick release. She wrapped her legs tighter around him, her panties dangled in one ankle, her mouth open with moans coming out, now his lips are on hers and she just kisses back going through the motions and she could tell he’s done by his groan and his red face. Too bad she couldn't have the same release. He quickly let her down and put his pants back on and said 

“Thanks for that, my girl’s a  prude so I’ve been wanting a good fuck” he left her alone in the bathroom, Mia took in the information that she fucked someone’s boyfriend, and some random guy who she didn’t even get a name from… the worst part was when she told her friend she was leaving early and she saw the snide expression her friend gave her as she knew she just fucked someone while Mia herself has Greg. Mia left with an emotionless expression, walking the LA Streets at night. 

 She heard beautiful music coming from a club. She entered and saw a handsome blonde man playing the piano, she tried to complement the man but he brushed her off. She scoffed and went to the bar and drank some hard whiskey while thinking about her choices, auditions, and the fact she needs a morning after pill. Then a bald man came up , the same one she saw give rhe piano player a hard time for some reason, and offered her another round, she agreed simply for the free drink.

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