A queen and her handmaidens

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A Queen and her handmaidens

May the fourth be with you


“Please, my queen!” The woman moaned. “We really shouldn’t be doing this!”

 The Naboo queen, Padme Amidala didn’t care as she continued slurping on her handmaiden’s fat cock. Bobbing her head, her drool running down her chin.

 The handmaiden was holding up her dress, her hips quivering as she felt the rush of pleasure from her sensitive cock being pleased. “Ah, please! Anyone might come in and find us like this!”

 The queen didn’t stop her blowjob, she even increased her power, sucking like a vacuum as she deep-throated herself on the long, thick shaft.

 “Ah, my queen! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” The hand maiden screamed as she started thrusting her hips back. “I shouldn’t cum down your throat, your highness!”

 The eyes of queen Amidala seemed to say, “Yes, go ahead and cum down my throat! I want all of it!”

 The handmaiden couldn’t resist anymore, she grabbed the other woman’s head and pounded at the face for a few thrusts before burying herself inside and releasing her built up river of semen.

 Padme never spilled a drop, gulping down every single litre that was poured down her throat. Eventually after several huge, sticky, hot loads of semen later, the handmaiden was done.

 Amidala let the cock pop out from her mouth and opened her lips wide to show the cum that was still pooled inside. Then she gulped it down and opened her mouth again to show it was all gone. “Hmmm… Thank you for the cum! It was delicious!”

 The handmaiden was panting hard as she recovered from her intense orgasm. The sight before her, making her cock spring back to life.

 “Looks like someone wants to go again.” Padme said as she stroked the fat cock. “Well that’s good because my pussy is also begging for some.”

 “But don’t you have a meeting very soon. You should be getting changed!”

 “Oh I have my decoy for things like that.” Padme waved it off as she started undressing. Her dress falling to the floor, her breasts bared. She stepped out of it and then pulled down her panties.

 The handmaiden gulped as she looked over her beautiful queen’s naked body, her cock was throbbing with expectation.

 “Come on.” Padme said as seductively as possible as she bent over the chair, her ass sticking out at the woman. “Go ahead and shove it in.”

 The handmaiden was unable to hold herself back and she slammed her cock inside the cunt, stretching it out and burying herself to the hilt.

 Padme screamed out at the penetration, her pussy getting spread wide in a single, hard thrust. The entire dick within her, the cockhead kissing her cervix.

 “Oh! My queen! You’re pussy feels so good around my cock!” The Handmaiden was groaning.

 “You’re cock isn’t too bad either.” The other woman moaned. “Now, go ahead start moving! Let me really have it!”

 “I can’t hold back! Even if you told me not to, I won’t be able to stop my hips from moving!” The woman screamed as she started thrusting. Picking up speed and power quickly, slapping her balls against her queen’s legs and waist, while her own waist made the soft butt cheeks jiggle.

 “That’s it! Harder, faster! Fuck me as hard as you can! Pound you queen’s royal pussy!” Padme was shouting as she thrusted back, their bodies colliding in a wet slapping sound.

 “Ah! Your majesty! Your pussy! I love it! I love being inside you so much! It’s so tight and warm and wet! Ah I can barely stand it, it feels way too good!”

 “Then don’t hold back!” Padme screamed back. “If you love it so much, then don’t hold back, let me have it! Put all your lust into your thrusts and fuck me as hard as you can!”

 “Yes! I will!” The handmaiden shouted as she put even more force to her pounding. 

 Over and over again she hammered the cunt, smashing the cervix with her monstrous erection. The handmaiden leaned over the other woman, her hands reaching around to grope the small breasts, her own large clothed breasts rubbing on Padme’s back.

 They both were moaning and gasping with pleasure, their breasts swaying as they fucked each other passionately. The minutes passing by as they were tied in a lustful dance of sweat and sex.

 However they knew they couldn’t last forever and soon both felt their approaching orgasms.

 “Ah! Your majesty! I’m going to cum! I’ll pull out so you-”

 “Don’t you dare?! Inside! Cum every single bit of seed you have inside my pussy!” Padme shouted back.

 “But you’ll get pregnant!”

 “Yes! I might but that will be fine! Just let it all out! Knock up your queen and get her pregnant with your dirty, sticky seed!”

 “I can’t hold back! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

 The handmaiden slammed her hips forward once more, burying herself to the hilt and then she began releasing her massive torrent of semen. The womb was flooded immediately, the belly expanding to fit it all, more cum spraying out from the hole.

 Padme came as well, she could feel all the hot, sticky seed filling her. Her body shook and her eyes rolled back with her tongue hanging from her drooling mouth. Her pussy squirting onto the ground.

 They panted as they started calming down, their bodies glistening with sweat.

 “Wow…” the handmaiden managed to speak through her heavy breaths. “That was amazing.”

 “Yeah it wasn’t too bad.” Padme replied.

 The door then slid open, the hand maiden screamed, her face red and she pulled out her cock from the still tight pussy with a pop, cum rushing from the cunt onto the ground in a puddle of white. Her dress fell back down over her cock as she tried to hide away in embarrassment.

 The two new visitors that arrived where handmaidens as well, dressed in the same orange dresses. They slid the door shut and locked it as they stepped into the room.

 “You wanted to see us your majesty?” One asked.

 “Yes I did.” Padme said. “As you can see, I already got started with the new girl. But I’m still horny, so come on over and give me those big fat futa cocks!”

 The two women stepped towards their queen, the woman licking her lips in anticipation.

  “Um… is this normal?” The first handmaiden asked. “Like doing this kind of stuff?”

 “Of course!” Padme said. “Did you really think you were the only woman with a dick on Naboo, Feree?”

 The new two handmaidens raised their dresses and revealed the bulge in their panties, then they pulled them down. Their own giant flaccid cocks flopped before the other two women’s eyes.

 Padme immediately brought her face up close to them and took deep sniffs. “Hmm… That’s a nice stinky stench coming from your cocks. You made sure to let it built up for a few days didn’t you? How nice.”

 “That is what you ordered your majesty.” One said.

 “It is, Eirtaé. Thanks for remembering. Now to give these nasty, stinky cocks a taste.”

 Padme pushed her lips up against one, kissing it deeply, then she made sure to kiss the other cock as well. Her tongue came out and licked up the long, erect shaft.

 She made sure to lap both cocks, coating them in saliva before moving down to the fat balls. Padme snuggled her face in the fat, sweaty balls, sniffing them and licking at the skin and huge testes.

 She kissed them and then stuck a big nut in her mouth, sucking on it before spitting them out and moving over to the other woman’s ballsack. Both of them pressed in around her face, sandwiching her between their huge ballsacks while she continued worshiping them.

 Padme continued suckling and licking the fat balls for several moments more, but she eventually pulled away and returned to the large shafts. Opening her mouth she took one in, her tongue lapping all over the cockhead as she started swallowing it down her throat.

 “Ah, that feels really nice, your majesty.” The woman said.

 “Me too, don’t forget about me.” The other said as she pushed her cock against Padme’s cheeks.

 “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to clean both of your super stinky, gross cock!” Padme said as she spat the cock out of her mouth. She went to the other woman and shoved that one in, immediately taking it deep down her throat.

 Padme was bobbing her head, gagging on the cock that bulged out her throat. She kept it up for a few more movements before spitting it out and taking the other one back in.

 Padme sucked on the cocks hard, deepthroating herself, she stitched between the two, making sure both women’s big, fat cocks were getting lots of love.

 “Oh, your highness! So good! Keep sucking my dirty fucking cock!”

 Padme could only gag on the meaty thing in response, sputtering out drool down her chin.

 “Ah, that’s so good! Keep going!” the other was moaning as Padme switched back to her. “I’m getting pretty close!”

 “Me too! Back to me!”

 Padme switched between them much faster now, chocking her bulging throat on their monstrous sized meat sticks. They were both groaning and moaning, their hips thrusting back at her face.

 “I’m going to cum!”

 “Me too! Your highness, I’m going to cum as well!”

 Padme popped the cock out and grabbed a hold of both dicks, stroking them hard and fast. “Go ahead cum! Spray your thick ropes of cum all over my face!”

 The two handmaiden’s pants and moans got louder and faster, their hips thrusting hard into her soft palms. Then they both shoved their hips forward and released their spray of spunk.

 Their cocks sputtered their fat loads, their ropes upon ropes drenching Padme’s face in a river of white seed. The woman opened her mouth to the white rain, catching most and letting it pool there.

 Eventually after several more thick shots of their sticky gunk, the two women were finished and their cocks spray of seed slowed to a dribble.

 Padme gulped down the cum that she collected, moaning in delight to the flavour. Then she started drinking more of the bitter liquid that stained her face, wiping her face clean and licking it off her fingers.

 “Hmmm… so good. I love futanari cock so much! But my belly isn’t the only thing thirsty for some tasty seed. My womb and ass is craving it too.”

 Padme ordered one to sit on the chair, legs spread and her cock pointed straight up. The royal woman quickly got up on her helper’s lap and sank herself down on the cock. They both cried out from the penetration throwing their arms around one another as they nearly came just from the impact.

 “Oh, your majesty! Your pussy is as tight as always! Fuck I love how all your folds wrap around my dick like a vice-grip! It’s so tight and warm inside you!”

 “Your big fat cock is amazing too! Can you see how it bulges out my belly? It’s so big and so deep, I can feel it all the way to my womb! You’re big fat cock is kissing my womb!”

 Padme then reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks. “Come on, hurry up and let my asshole get a taste of that delicious cock as well!”

  “With pleasure, my queen.” The handmaiden said as she smacked Padme’s ass with her dick, then lined it up with the anus. The cum and spit from earlier made good lube and she was able to shove her cock inside the incredibly tight asshole without any trouble.

 Padme screamed in pleasure form being so full. Both her asshole and pussy was plugged up with fat dick, stretching out both her love cavities with their monstrous size and bulging out her belly.

 “Oh, that’s fucking amazing!” Padme moaned. “I’m so full! My pussy and asshole is so full of your fat futanari dicks! Hurry up and start moving, just start pounding me already!”

 “With pleasure!” They both said as they started moving their hips.

 In and out, slowly at first, picking up pace with each thrust. They went in turn, while one was still filling a cavity, the other was slipping out.

 Padme was moaning loudly, her holes being pounded away at making her shiver with delight. The pleasure was moving through her body like lightning, each time the fat cocks were bottomed out inside her making her throw her head back and cry with ecstasy.

 The pace was really picking up now, both women starting to really hammer at their selected holes. They heard the rising moans of their queen and felt her thrust back at them and this spurred them on, desperate to make her feel even better.

 “Ah yes! That’s it girls! Give it to me! Fuck me! Harder, faster! Use my body like a sex toy and just fuck me as hard as you possibly can!” Padme was screaming. “More, more! I want more of your wonderful, big, fat cocks!”

 “We’ll make sure to give you it!” The one in her pussy screamed. “Fuck, I can’t stop my hips from moving! This is just too much!”

 “Yeah, this asshole is sucking me in, it’s so fucking tight! I can’t stop shaking my hips like crazy! Oh, your majesty! This is just too fucking good!”

 “It is! It’s wonderful!” Padme replied with a squeal when she felt an extra powerful thrust smash her cervix. “But you’re not allowed to cum yet! Not until I do! Keep fucking me until I orgasm! I’m getting closer, just don’t stop fucking me now!”

 “Ah, ah! Your highness, I can’t hold back! Please just let me cum!”

 “Not yet! I’m close, I’m really, really close! So don’t cum yet, not until I do!”

 The handmaidens were still pounding away, as hard and fast as they could manage. They were on the brink of cuming, trying to hold it back as they ravaged the woman’s insides.

 “Oh, oh! Here it comes! I’m cuming!” Padme screamed. “Go ahead and cum, let all your seed fill me up as I go over the edge!”

 “Here it comes, your highness!” they both roared.

 All three women shook violently as they went over the edge together, their bodies clinging to one another as they felt the rivers of semen leave the cock and spray the inside of Padme a pure white.

 The young queen herself threw her head back and squealed in an overwhelming pleasure. Her tongue hanging out and her eyes rolling back. Her pussy squirting out its love juices as both her holes tightened around the squirting cocks, her womb and bowels being flooded by the sticky substance.

 After several more massive explosions of hot, sticky seed was expelled, the two women were done and Padme herself was calming down from her orgasmic high.

 The handmaiden pulled out from the asshole and a giant spray of semen followed her, draining onto the floor. Padme then pulled herself off of the handmaid she was sitting on and a rush of cum stained the woman’s lap.

 “That was amazing girls, as always.” Padme panted. “But if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting I need to get to.”

 “But didn’t you send Sabé to do that?”

 “Yes I did.” Padme grinned. She didn’t bother getting dressed as she slide open the door and left. “Oh and clean up this mess, there’s probably going to be some in the hall now too, it’s really pouring out of me.”

 Padme made her way down the hallways, leaving a trail of semen behind her. It made her heart throb, naked and drenched in cum out in public. She made sure to avoid any attention, she was not seen by the time she made it to her changing room.

 Her decoy, Sabé was already in her outfit. Painted up face and a big, puffy dress.

 “Padme?” The decoy asked. “What are you doing here? And why are you naked?”

 “Hey there, Sabé, I just got finished with some of the other girls. I’ll be joining you for the meeting.”

 “Oh, you’ll have to get cleaned and dressed quickly, the meeting is starting-”

 Padme got down on her hands and knees and crawled underneath the puffy dress.

 “What are you doing?”

 “I’m going like this.” Padme said, her attention distracted by the bulge in the girl’s panties. “Oh, you don’t need these!”

 Padme grabbed the panties and pulled them off, freeing the giant flaccid cock, which slapped her in the face. She breathed in the scent of it as it stayed there, resting on her face. She tossed the panties outside the dress.

 “We can’t-”

 There was a knock on the door. “My lady, are you ready now.”

 “No, I’m afraid I’ll need-”

 Padme poked her in the pussy. “Go on, don’t make all those people wait.”

 Sabé’s face was bright red though not seen through the heavy white face paint. “Yes I’m ready.”

 The door opened and a man walked in, surrounded by bodyguards. “Then let us go, my lady.”

 She nodded and as regally as possible, started making her way down the halls to the audience chamber. Padme followed along, making sure she was always underneath the dress. Dribbles of cum still fell from her pussy and could be seen on the floor.

 Some of the guards looked at it and pointed but Sabé gave them a cold glare and they pretended to ignore it for the rest of their walk.

 There was a large crowd gathered at the audience chamber, they watched their queen as she ascended to the far end of the room, slowly walking up the stairs to the raised platform.

 Sabé turned to look at them, seeing the faces of so many of the Naboo higher ups and even some civilians. They couldn’t possible know that beneath her big dress was a fat, meaty, hanging cock and their true queen naked.

 She was offered a chair but she refused it or else their cover be blown. As Sabé cleared her throat she began speaking, reciting the lines of the speech that Padme and her talented team had written up.

 “To all my loyal subjects, the proud people of Naboo and- Ah~” She tried to keep the gasp quiet when she felt Padme grab her dick. “You’re not actually planning on doing stuff to me while I’m holding a speech are you?”

 That was exactly what Padme was planning to do and she kissed the cockhead. Sabé cleared hr throat and went back to speaking, but Padme never let up.

 It was hard for the decoy to focus on her work, not when her queen was on her hands and knees licking her fat dick. She tried to keep her fat dick calm, but she felt herself getting hard, luckily her dress was puffed out enough that no one would notice her massive erection.

 “And so with great- Ah~- pride, I now call upon- Oh~- Srgt. Raorg to receive the- ah~- badge of- Oh~”

 Sabé kept talking as the man made his way up, standing beside who he thought was the queen. She was handed the medal and hung it over the man’s neck. All the while Padme was playing with her cock and balls.

 She was now sucking on it hard, a vacuum like suction to her deep-throating while her hands rubbed and groped the big balls.

 “This medal of valour is- Oh fuck~ For your bravery and- Ah~- commitment in the face of great-“ She had to grit her teeth to stop from shouting as Padme started going harder, really bobbing her head on the dick, bulging her throat on the cock, taking every single millimetre of its enormous width and length. “D-Danger.” She managed to finish.

 “Thank you my lady. It is a great honour.” He bowed and she bowed as well, which emitted a gagging sound from Padme. Luckily it seemed no one seemed to notice.

 “Now some pictures.” Someone said and lots of floating robots hovered before them, capturing the scene in a hologram.

 It was then that Sabé couldn’t hold back and she began cuming. While everyone watched, while she was being recorded, she came hard. Her thick ropes of cum firing from her fat dick and bloating Padme’s belly and she just couldn’t stop, she just kept on cuming in front of everyone.

 She tried to contain herself, stop her face from showing the signs of her orgasm, to keep her body from shaking. It was one of the hardest things she ever had to do, but she had to do it, to stop the world from knowing the lustful truth. So she bared with it, cuming nonstop while pretending like everything was fine.

 Finally after what seemed like an eternity for her, the hologram recordings were over and the man left the platform. Sabé herself stopped cuming, her stream of sticky seed draining to a trickle, but the sounds of Padme gulping down her spunk was still heard so she quickly started talking to cover it up.

 The speech veered to other topics, the relationship with the Gungans and the increase of a military force after the recent invasion.

 Sabé was trying to keep on track but it was hard to do when Padme went right back to sucking her off. It was quickly built up too, the woman immediately skull fucking herself on the meaty thing, gagging hard as she let every single part of the giant erection get swallowed up by her throat.

 “That is why we are- Ah~- planning on increasing our- oh shit~- security forces. However- Fuck, fuck, fuck~- We will not give up on Naboo being a- oh fuck~- a peaceful planet. Now our security chief will tell you more.” She was so thankful that she didn’t need to speak any more and stepped aside as the security chief stepped forward to discuss the topic further.

 Padme was still sucking on her dick, Sabé allowed herself to release a few quiet moans. Now that the focus wasn’t on her, so could loosen the regal appearance slightly.

 The speech didn’t last nearly as long as the woman hoped it would. The man ended his talk and bowed to her, which she bowed back, then she returned to the center to speak once more.

 “Now as for the discussion on- ah~- the gungan territory that- Oh fuck~- we were planning on returning to them- Oh~- we are still in discussion with the Gungans and- Fuck me~- the owners of the land. A decision still has not- Oh fuck~- been made. We promise to resolve- Ah~- this issue as fast as- Oh fuck I’m going to cum again~- we can.”

 Sabé felt herself go over the edge once again, her face never braking the regal look even though she desperately wanted to grab Padme’s head and ram her cock down the throat. She wanted to throw her head back and scream as loud as she could while she flooded her queen’s belly with her sticky seed.

 The audience thought it a bit weird she stopped for several moments. But despite still cuming down Padme’s throat, Sabé cleared hers and began speaking once more.

 It was hard to do that, not while everything that slipped from your lips was a gasp of intense pleasure. She was orgasming so hard and everyone was looking at her as she did so, not knowing the truth that was hidden away by her dress.

 Eventually however her orgasm ended and Padme slurped up the last bit of her cum. Sabé now could talk much better and focus on her royal and regal appearance.

 Padme didn’t go back to the dick and Sabé thought that she finally would be able to think properly.

 “Now we will move onto the issue with the recent pirate assaults on our mining moon. We have notified the republic of-” Sabé stopped mid-speech and gritted her teeth. She couldn’t believe it, Padme had moved away from her cock and was now at her butt. The woman’s face was pressed in between her soft cheeks and the mouth was slobbering all over her anus.

 “Sorry.” She cleared her throat. “We have informed the republic-”

 Sabé continued talking but how could she focus, not when her anal cavity was being lapped at, the tongue licking all over her tight, warm walls.

 Padme dug deeper and deeper inside, her tongue reaching to lengths that Sabé never thought possible with a simple tongue. It made her squirm on the spot despite her best abilities to stop it.

 Padme reached around and grabbed Sabé’s cock, she began stroking it hard as she continued worshipping the woman’s tight asshole.

 She could feel the stares of the crowd, so many people watching her as she was rimmed by their beloved queen. She desperately hoped that her face wasn’t showing it, the perverse lust-filled aheago that the pleasure from Padme was trying to force upon her.

 “And that concludes- Ah~- our meeting for today.” Sabé said, happy beyond belief that this was finally over.

 “Now we will have questions.” A man who walked up next to her said.

 She had completely forgot about that. “I’m not feeling very-”

 Padme gripped her balls hard and made the girl wince. “Yes, questions.”

 People were selected from the crowd to ask questions. Luckily her assistants could answer most of them, she didn’t know if she could think straight to actually answer any properly, not when her asshole was being cleaned out and her cock was on the verge of cuming once more.

 “Your highness.” A man said.

 She looked over at him. “Yes?”

 “Answer the question.”

 “I’m sorry, could you repeat your question?”

 “Certainly your highness.” The audience member said. “During your speech, you never mentioned anything about the situation with the trade federation, however we have information from the republic that Nute Gunray is still in charge of the trade federation.”

 Sabé was only half-paying attention to the question.

 “So why are you not speaking on this matter?” The man finally finished.

 “Well, we-” She suddenly stopped as her orgasm ravaged her body once again, she gripped the sleeves of her dress tightly and gritted her teeth to stop from shaking and screaming. She could feel her cock begin to release it’s massive river of cum onto the floor, pointed straight down by Padme while the woman was still tongue deep inside the anus.

 “Your highness, are you okay?”

 “Y-Yes.” She managed to squeak through her pleasure orgasmic high. “Well we- we’ve been working-” She had to stop again to prevent her voice from rising any higher. Luckily she was starting to recover from her orgasm and her cum loads were now a trickle.

 “We’ve been working with the republic on this matter. However we have nothing new to offer.” She said.

 “But your highness-”

 “That’s enough questions for now.” One of her assistants said.

 “I’m retiring to my room.” Sabé said and quickly began walking away, Padme doing her best to keep up, but the trail of cum still leaked from her dress on the polished floors.

 She rushed back to her changing room as quick as she could while still looking regal. When inside she slid the door shut and locked it.

 Padme crawled out from underneath the dress. “That was fun! And really hot! We defiantly should do it again sometime!”

 Sabé ripped her dress off as quick as she could so she was naked before the other woman. “That was horrible! You slut!” She grabbed Padme and tossed her onto a bunch of fabric on the floor. She slapped her still raging hard cock on the woman’s waist. “I don’t care that you’re my queen! After all that, you’re going to let me take you like the little slut you are!”

 “Yes, go for it! Take me! Take me hard!” Padme begged.

 “I will! I’ll make sure you pay for what you put me through!” Sabé slammed herself inside in one thrust. The cunt was so drenched that this was easy.

 Padme threw her head back and roared in pleasure, her own orgasm rippling through her, as she was constantly bringing herself to the edge underneath the woman’s dress and now was being given her relief.

 Sabé didn’t want to give the other woman any time to recover, not after everything she was put through. She just started pounding away as hard and fast as she could.

 “That’s it! Take it!” Sabé was shouting as she looked at the squirming Padme beneath her. She was shaking and screaming her tongue hanging out of her drooling mouth. Her eyes rolled back and filled with tears.

 “It’s soo good!” Padme slurred through her mind-numbing orgasm.

 “You’re right! Your pussy is fantastic!” Sabé agreed through grunts. “And I’m going to fuck it as much as I want! Even while you’re squirting like a little slut! I’m going to just keep fucking you!”

 “More, more!” Padme was begging even as she sputtered in her orgasmic high. “So good!”

 Sabé increased her pounding, hammering away at the tight pussy, feeling her cockhead kiss the cervix with each of her harsh thrusts. Her balls slapping the girl’s butt as she leaned in over Padme and pressed her weight down on her.

 Sabé fucked Padme in a mating press, their breasts and sensitive nipples rubbed together while their bodies mingled in their passionate love making.

 Padme was still screaming, her orgasm subsiding but another already threatening to push her over the edge again. Sabé pushed their lips together, their tongues snaking out and wrestling together.

 Both were thrusting, bodies colliding together in the lustful dance. Making out, drool running down their chins, their breasts rubbing together causing both to moan into the kiss.

 Hips like a blur they continued to fuck, driving each other crazy with the intense pleasure that ran through their bodies. Padme went over the edge again, moaning loudly into their kiss.

 Her body shook underneath Sabé as the other woman fucked her just as harshly through her orgasm. The pussy tightened around the cock, threatening to squeeze it off with its fleshy vice grip.

 Sabé broke the kiss, saliva still connecting the two as they kept pounding. Padme immediately began squealing as her orgasm still wrecked her body and mind.

 “Yes! Yes!” Padme was screaming. “So good! My mind is going blank! I’m being fucked stupid!”

 “That’s right! You little royal slut, take all of my big fat cock! Get fucked stupid!” Sabé was grunted as she pounded away. “What would your citizens think if they knew what a little cum filled slut you are?! If they knew you hand-selected only dickgirls as your handmaidens so you could get fucked as much as possible?!”

 “I’m sorry!” Padme screamed. “I’m sorry my loyal subjects, but your queen is a royal cumslut who loves big fat girl dick! I’m sorry your royal queen is nothing but a worthless little cumrag! But I love it! I love futanari cock too much to give it up!”

 “And I’m not going to stop giving you it! Take it you filthy little slut! Take all of my cock and go stupid from how wonderful it feels!”

 “Yes! Yes! I love it! Don’t ever stop fucking me! I love your cock too much! It’s so wonderful and amazing! Just please, please keep fucking me!”

 Sabé was all too happy to obey her royal majesty’s request and kept up her hips thrusting, smashing at the womb over and over again, pounding it into oblivion with her hard hammering.

 Padme was squealing and shaking in the overwhelming pleasure, fucked so hard she could barely think straight, her voice and body refusing to listen to her as they went spastic in her ecstasy.

 The long minutes ticked by in their passionate enthrall of sex. Grinding their bodies together, thrusting back at one another. The cock buried deep within the cunt, threating to turn it inside out.

 Eventually however they both were getting close to their orgasms.

 “I’m going to cum, Padme!” Sabé shouted. “I’m going to cum and I’m going to cum inside you!”

 “Yes! Please do it! Fill me up with all your seed and get me pregnant!”

 “That’s right! I will! I’ll fucking knock you up! It’ll be your punishment for everything you did to me today! Take all of my fucking seed and get pregnant you little royal cumdumpster!”

 Padme and Sabé both climaxed together, their bodies stiffening up before shaking violently in their mind-numbing orgasmic highs. Padme’s eyes rolled back and tears ran down her cheeks to mix with the drool that poured from her open mouth. Her tongue hung out and her arms and legs tightened around the other woman’s body.

 The rush of semen began, pouring heavily from Sabé and flooding Padme’s womb with huge sticky loads of fresh cum. She just kept cuming, feeling the way the thirsty pussy tightened around her cock, desperately squeezing for more of that delicious thick semen.

 Several more massive thick loads of semen were released before both began to calm down from their orgasms. They lay panting on the ground in each other’s arms, trying to calm themselves down.

 “That was amazing!” Padme managed to breath.

 Sabé pulled out, letting the tidal wave of white goop follow out and stain the floor.  “Yeah, but do you really think I’ll have calmed down after just the one time? After all that you did to me? No, get ready for me to fuck you again and again and again until I think you finally have the punishment a filthy little slut like you deserves!”

 Padme’s pussy twitched. “Yes! Please punish me even more! Turn me into your little dickgirl cum container! Fill me up and fuck me even more!”

 “Don’t worry I will!” Sabé shouted as she slammed this time into the asshole.

 Padme screamed as her tongue stuck out from her wide mouth. “Oh fuck! My asshole! Oh, you’re so deep inside my fucking asshole! I love it! I love getting fucked in my ass just as much as my pussy! Keep going, stretch out my little asshole and fuck me as hard as you can!”

 “Fuck yes I will! Your asshole is just as tight as your pussy and super warm too!” Sabé grunted as she started moving, thrusting her hips in and out. “Fuck yes! This feels so good! It feels fucking fantastic inside your tight little asshole!”

 “Keep going! Harder, faster! Fuck me so hard my ass won’t ever return to its original shape! Turn my ass into your personal onahole!”

 Sabé was all too eager to obey the request and picked up even more speed and force with her pounding, hammering at the bowel’s depths, each deep thrust she did making semen shot from the pussy.

 “Oh! Oh, fuck! So good! Fuck me!” Padme was screaming, her pitch growing louder as she felt more and more pleasure from the deep pounding of her back hole. Her words were starting to slur as her tongue hung from her mouth once more.

 “Look at your slutty little face! I bet the citizens would be upset to know your feeling so good your face went all stupid from being fucked in your asshole!” Sabé shouted.

 “I’m so sorry but my asshole just feels way too good! It’s making me squeal and shake! It’s way too good to hold back!”

 Sabé only increased her thrusting, pushing Padme over the edge.

 “I’m cuming! I’m cuming form having my asshole get fucked! Oh, it’s so good! Keep pounding it! Don’t ever stop fucking my ass!”

 She was squirting out her love juices, the semen from her cunt mixing in to cover Sabé’s waist in a thick mixture. Her eyes rolled back once more and her face was stained in another flow of tears and drool.

 Sabé of course didn’t stop fucking the asshole even as the woman was nearly broken from her orgasm. She was still ramming it with everything she had.

 Over and over again she ravaged the hole with her monstrous erection, demolishing the insides. However she too couldn’t last forever and soon she slammed her hips forward and began releasing her litres of semen directly into the woman’s asshole.

 As soon as Sabé was finished cuming however she just went right back to fucking.

 They kept it up, both fucking one another. The hours passing by, Sabé cuming multiple times inside the woman, Padme’s orgasms becoming so many they lost count.

 Eventually they were finished and Sabé pulled out of Padme’s hole and lay on the ground panting hard, her body exhausted and her cock flaccid.

  “I can’t go on any longer your majesty.” The decoy said through her deep breathing.

 “I can barely even move.” Padme said. “That was amazing! You were really intense today.”

 “Well, that’s your fault for that teasing at the meeting.”

 “You’re right, but it was great. Fuck me that hard again sometime.”

 “Yes, that would be good.” Sabé smiled.

 “And I’ll tease you again sometime.”

 “Well maybe don’t do that.”

 They just laid there for a while, trying to regain themselves from the passionate and intense sex session. After several minutes, when both were nearly asleep there was a knock on the door.

 “Your majesty.” A woman’s voice spoke. “Your bath is ready.”

 “Oh, my bath!” Padme jumped up. “I’ve been looking forward to this!”

 She opened the door, still fully naked and saw the group of handmaidens awaiting her. “Let’s have that bath. Come when you’re ready, Sabé.”

 “Yeah I will, just let me rest a moment.” The woman replied.

 Padme began walking down the halls, kept hidden in the large gathering of orange dressed woman, towards her bathing room.

 When inside she gasped at the sight of her fancy single bathtub. It was filled with a white liquid. She licked her lips as she let her hand dip into the warm, sticky substance.

 “You girls made sure to fill it just the way I like it. Bathing in the sperm of all my handmaidens.” Padme swooned.

 “Yes your majesty, every single dickgirl in the palace made sure to cum inside, we even had a few civilians ejaculate as well.”

 “Wonderful! Oh, I can’t wait to get in and enjoy this!” Padme sipped up the sperm that was pooled in the cup of her palms, delighting in the delicious flavour.

 Then the woman lifted her leg over and into the tub. She shivered in perverse delight as the slimy, sticky feeling ran up her leg, coating it in white. She continued getting in, putting her other leg in and then sliding down until she was lying in it.

 She was covered in hot, sticky cum of multiple different women from her feet to her neck, every single millimetre coated in the sticky stuff. She lathered up her legs and arms in it like one would soap up in a bath, she could feel it soak into her skin and pores.

 She ran her hands over her breasts and belly, they were sticky with the seed, then she fingered her pussy. “Hmmm!” She hummed with pleasure. “I can feel it enter inside me. The cum of so many different women, some I don’t even know. It’s all over me, drenching my body, even entering my holes. This is the most wonderful bath ever.”

 The handmaidens were surrounding her, lifting their dresses and freeing their fat cocks. They began stroking them while watching their queen bath in the seed.

 “That’s it girls, jerk off for me. Give me even more cum. Rain it all over my body.”

 The women panted as they kept stroking. Padme grabbed a champagne glass that was kept nearby for her and dipped it into the cum, filling the glass up. Then she brought it to her lips and drank it down. “Oh so delicious. I want even more. Hurry up and cum all over my face and fill up my glass with even more of your sticky, seed.”

 The handmaidens began ejaculating, spraying their cum all over the bathing queen. Padme made sure to aim her glass at the gushing seed, catching a lot and filling it up. She drank it down as even more semen rained down on her.

 Those handmaidens stepped away and even more came forward and began jerking off.

 Padme enjoyed her bath, getting bukaked by the multiple futanari women, Sabé eventually joining them. She let it soak her skin, even dipping her head beneath the semen to get fully coated in the sticky, fertile seed.

 “Being queen is truly the best.” She said as she drank another glass and felt another huge rain of semen land on her.


 Author’s notes: So this was supposed to be a May the fourth special but man, the holidays really snuck up on me this year. I was planning on doing a valentine and Christmas special too but those never worked out either. Anyways, here’s a late star wars story for May the fourth, hope you enjoy.

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