The Bounty

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The Bounty
A Return of the Jedi What If fan fiction

   Jabba’s personal star yacht move through space heading toward Nal Hutta while on board a private party was going in the Hutt’s throne room.  Jabba was sitting on a smaller repulsor lift then the one he left on Tatooine.  Jabba’s smiles his two arms wrapped the slim body of a brown haired female human her body naked as the day she was born her long brown hair in a braid his one his hands cupping her breasts and kneading them as she sits on his stomach while his other hand rubs at her womanhood and then he pushes a finger into her as the woman gasps throwing her head back showing the face of Princess Leia.  She moans softly pushing on Jabba’s soft belly with her hands as his court laughs watching the show some of them having their arms around some of his other slave girls as his band play their music and they drink alcoholic beverages.  Bib slowly enters the throne room bowing to the Hutt smiling watching the human slave girl breathe heavily as the Hutt thrust his finger into her and work her breasts in a massage.
“Master, we are approaching Nal Hutta as scheduled and will be arriving in another hour.  I’m sure the other Hutts will be surprised about you returning so soon especially on a vacation.”
Jabba smiles looking up licking Leia’s neck his tongue rubbing her soft neck before he speaks his orange eyes looking at the Twi-lek.
“I usually don’t take too many vacations, Bib, and also I have a new slave girl I want to show them especially one as famous as this one.”
He smirks thrusting his finger into her causing Leia to let out a moan her face flushing as she gasps weakly her eyes closing for a moment.  Bib smiles reaching out and running one of his sharp finger nailed hands down her flat stomach.
“Yes the other Hutts will be surprised and want to know how you captured her.”
“Well I will tell them when we arrive and I hope Durga will be there I haven’t seen him for over 100 years and also from what I hear he has gain some power since Xizor’s death at the hands of my pet here.”
Jabba’s smiles removing his hand from her breasts and petting Leia’s hair as she moans in disappointment as Bib smiles walking off as one of the members of Jabba’s court whisper to another.
“I wonder how Jabba was able to capture her and tame her.
“You want to know well let me tell you it is quite a tale and since we have a hour it will probably take that long.”
2 Weeks Earlier

   Jabba reach into his bowl and pulls out a frog as he watches the man slowly pull out a collar showing it to him as he speaks softly smiling as he opens the collar speaking again.  The man was dressed in a brown robe with glasses and his gray hair fell to his shoulders his blue eyes look to Jabba as he spoke holding the collar.
“This collar has been improve, Master Jabba, and no longer shocks people I have taken out the shock system and added something else observe.” The man slowly shows where the collar connects and removes the plates inside of the collar showing barely visible holes he then speaks softly. “These holes are connected to a small bottle that can be refilled quite easily and you can put whatever you want in that bottle say a drug that can be absorbed into the skin quite easily.  This collar also has a back up air discharge system built for spice that can release the drug for the slave girl to sniff.  I actually have a new type of drug that when absorbed into the skin will make the slave girl well sensitive to touch and also lower her sexual inhibitions.  This drug is something else I have developed and I happen to brought enough with me to last for a few months.  The bottle inside the collar is already filled with said drug and so is the discharger with a very powerful form of spice that is similar to the drug.”
Jabba leans back speaking softly in Huttesse his droid looking at the man as he asks.
“Can you make more of these collars and the drug if it came down to it?”
“Yes, Master Jabba, but doing so requires money and that is why I came to you because you are the wealthiest person on Tatooine and also I need said money for supplies.”
Jabba puffs his Hookah for a moment before nodding as Bib steps forward reaching inside his robe and pulling out a bag handing it to him the man’s eyes bulge seeing the money inside as Jabba smiles holding up one finger.
“I do require that you leave the collar you have in your hand here.”
The scientist smiles handing it to Bib who slips it inside his robe as the scientist simply speaks stuffing the bag inside his robe.
“That is one of the reasons I brought it for, Master Jabba, I had a feeling you would want a collar early.”
The scientist bows and exits the throne room as Jabba nods his head for Bib to bring in the next guests who walk in carrying in a cross with a large cloth draped over it.  The court can hear muffled yells coming from the cross and see struggling under it as the two men stop each shouldering rifles and both of them dress in loose grey outfits with armor on their chest.  The only difference was one was had brown hair and the other black as they both bow.  The brown hair man spoke softly pointing to the black hair one.
“Master Jabba, my name is Derek and this is my brother Terek we are bounty hunters and we have brought you someone that is not exactly wanted by you but is wanted by the Empire.  We figured you might pay a higher price once you see who it is and what it is.”
Jabba leans forward looking at the cross interested as he speaks softly his pipe sticking out of his mouth as he holds up a pudgy hand.
“Usually I don’t buy bounties from the Empire I’m neutral in the war and their bounties unless it’s something I might like.  I’ll tell you what show me what it is and I’ll consider what to pay you.”
Terek smiles pulling off the cape showing a struggling brown hair woman her hair in braids around her head her brown eyes looking around in disgust as she tugs on the ropes holding her to the cross which cause her to be spread eagle also she notices something else and that she was naked as the day she was born.  Jabba’s orange eyes travel down the woman’s body lingering on her full breasts, moving down her flat stomach, flaring hips and womanhood before he looks back up to her face as he speaks softly once again.
“If I’m not mistaken this is Princess Leia Organa and she is wanted for 30,000 by the Empire.”
Darek nods his head as he smiles looking at her as Jabba moves his sled closer speaking softly licking his lips for a moment.
“Yes we caught her in a tavern in Mos Eisely when she arrived with some suspicious characters of course we set a trap for them and use the imperials even had some other woman walk into the trap that looks like her and captured the real one before she went to the trap.  We figure that you would pay better for her then the Empire.”
Jabba smiles speaking softly his eyes scanning her body again before he leans back puffing away as he looks at the two bounty hunters.
“You are quite right and she will make a fine addition to my slave girl collection especially with my vacation coming up but let’s see how much is she worth.  Can you please turn the cross around for a moment?”
Darek smiles slowly turning the cross over as Leia was turn over on her belly her eyes widening the cross moving with her showing her back down to her well rounded buttocks the only blemish on her smooth back was a birthmark.  Jabba licks his lips reaching up running a hand down her smooth back and squeezing her buttocks for a moment testing their springiness and softness.  Jabba nods releasing the buttocks before settling back his eyes closing for a moment rubbing his chin before speaking softly.
“I’ll give you 50,000 for her and also put you on retainer in other words anytime you find a bounty you think I will be interested in bring it here and I will see if I could pay you more for it.”
Darek and Terek begins to talk amongst themselves before they nod as Jabba nods to Bib who hands them each two bags of gold as Jabba waves Bib over speaking softly to him.
“Do you remember that collar we bought off that scientist I think we have our test subject right here from what I heard about Leia she fiery and will be hard to break.”
Bib nods looking at the struggling Princess as he rubs his chin for a moment as Jabba smirks speaking softly again.
“I want you to put that new collar on her and bring her back here also hand me the remote device when she comes back I also want her dress in something fitting for a Princess.  I’m sure Melina can find something in the dressing room also have her clean.”
Bib simply smiles nodding his head at the order and waving some guards to follow him the two guards grab the cross pulling it behind them as the Princess speaks in protest her voice muffled by the gag.  They walk down the hall toward a room which contains several slave girl costumes as well as chains. 

   The guards quickly untied Leia who stood and slowly back up removing her gag her brown eyes looking around the room when a black hair woman walks in through another door.  The woman was dressed in a tight red jumpsuit and carried what look like a pile of scraps of gold and silk.  She slowly placed the pile on a table before she sat down looking at Bib and nodding her head dismissing him.  Bib slowly hands the collar over to her whispering to her before he leaves.
“This is the collar the Master wants on her before she is brought back to him and also he wants her clean and dress in something befitting her status as a Princess.  I think he wants a sex slave and nothing else not a dancer this time around.”
Melina smiles taking the collar and laying it down looking at the Princess for a moment who was covering her body as Bib walks out of the room.  Melina slowly stands and walks over looking her up and down before speaking harshly.
“Lose the modesty in this place we learn that modesty is nothing here.  I also want you to remember something you are not a princess in this place you are a slave girl now and you belong to Jabba the Hutt.  That means your body belongs to him and he can do whatever he wants to with your body.”
Leia’s eyes narrow looking at the woman as she removes her hand from her breasts and slaps Melina across the face speaking angrily.
“I’m not some slut for some giant slug’s pleasure I’m a Princess and I will find a way to escape.”

Melina smiles rubbing her cheek as she grabs the Princess wrist who begins to struggle wildly finding Melina strong for her build.  Melina smirks pulling the Princess along behind her to the middle of the room she then nods to the guards.  The head guard pushes a button that lowers some shackles from the room and Melina quickly shackles Leia’s hands and then nods again.  The guard pushes the button as Leia is raised off the floor until her toes barely touches the floor.  Melina sighs walking around the Princess running her hand on the skin smiling at the smooth skin before she reaches up and undo her hair.
“I have to admit you have a beautiful body, Leia, it would be a shame to abuse it.  Jabba would be upset with me if I bruise it with whips but we have ways to make you see things in our way.”
Leia struggles feeling Melina’s hands rub her body and then she gasps feeling the hands cup her smooth buttocks and massage them as she gasps suddenly her eyes closing as she feels a finger work between the buttocks and rub at the small wrinkle hole.  Leia couldn’t help to moan a bit as Melina smiles slowly pushing her finger in as she leaves her finger in and moves around her.
“You seem to like being dominated by someone I think you will find yourself being dominated here a lot.  Jabba loves to dominate slave girls and you will his touch pleasurable.”
Leia shakes her head as she breathes heavily her breasts heaving as she struggles to fight the feelings from the finger in her as she answers softly.
“He’s still a slug and I will never submit you might as well take that blaster at your hip and shoot me.”
Melina sighs slowly walking over to the wall and pulling a hose out of a container on the wall and turns it on full power spraying the naked Princess with it.  Leia screams was loss in the spray of water as dust and dirt was wash off of her.  The guard pushes the button again and the chains slowly revolve her like she was a piece of meat as the water washes her back and buttocks as well as her hair. 

   Melina then turns off the water and a dryer suddenly turns on under her feet and above her as she feels hot air blow around her body dried instantly as were her hair.  Melina smiles slowly walking forward pulling some boots off a nearby stand and place them next to the scraps she then rolls the table over next to Leia.  She looks up and unrolls the scraps showing a loincloth and a top both made out of gold and silk also some hair ornaments as well as some ornaments for her arms.  Leia struggles seeing the costume lying on the table as she speaks softly.
“You have to be crazy if you think I’m going to wearing that slut costume you have there.”
Melina smiles slowly picking up the loincloth and begins to slide it up Leia’s struggling legs and over her narrow hips until it rested on right above her hips she then smirks softly straightening the loincloth so it falls between her legs.
“Well it’s either this or be naked with Jabba and I can tell you this Jabba doesn’t care the costume is just for decoration.”
Melina slowly pulls out a step ladder and stands on it with the two arm ornaments and quickly place them on the arms as well as putting the ear rings in the ears.  She then reaches into her pocket pulling out a small bag of makeup and speaks softly pulling out a brush.
“Now don’t move your face too much.”
Melina begins to work on Leia’s face putting on lipstick as well as some other makeup and then finally she zips up the bag and puts it back in her pocket.  She then reaches down picking up the top holding it up and showing it Leia.
“This is quite lovely most slave girls get a skimpy net costume or silk scraps that barely cover them but you get this thing.”
She slowly push the top to Leia’s breasts and then undo the strings and puts them around her back making sure it fit snugly before she finally begins to gather up the Princess’s hair and put it in a braid using the hair ornaments.
“There now you are missing two things the collar and the chain.  The collar will mark you as a slave girl and of course the chain will keep you close to Lord Jabba.”
She smiles picking up the collar and slowly snaps it around Leia’s slender neck.  The collar seems to be maid for her as one of the guard’s hand her a chain which she quickly snaps to the hook on the collar.  Melina gets off the ladder she then pulls the boot on Leia’s feet and nods her head as the guards lower Leia to the ground her booted feet landing on the floor.
“Ok let’s go and see Jabba and see what he thinks of you.”
Melina slowly undoes the shackles holding Leia’s wrists and Melina takes the chain dragging the Princess behind her as Leia gasps stumbling behind her.

The Bounty

Chapter 1


The characters in this story belongs to Lucas film and I am in no way is making any money off of them.


            Jabba and his court were having their usual afternoon party when Melina pulled the scanty clad Princess in behind her.  The partygoers suddenly stopped some of them hooting and doing cat calls at the skimpy clad Princess who was forced to kneel before the Hutt.  Jabba leans forward licking his lips looking at the Princess as Melina hands the chain over to him.  Jabba smiles and speak softly his voice coming out loud enough for his court to hear him.

“Well it seems that the great Princess Leia has finally learned respect for the truly powerful in the galaxy.”

Leia would have stood up and punched Jabba if it wasn’t for the vibro pike poking in her back as she clenches her fists suddenly she felt a sharp pull on her chain forcing her to stumble onto the dais right onto her stomach into Jabba’s blubbery flesh she gasps her body pressing against his as she looks up at him.  Jabba smiles keeping a tight grip on the chain not letting her get away as Leia tries to pull away from him her skin rubbing against except for the parts covered by the skimpy costume.  Jabba slowly reaches over with one of his hands and pushes a button on his arm rest.  The button releasing the hidden drug in the collar and it quickly seeps into the semi naked Princess’s skin.  While Leia was being prepped Jabba had the remote control put in his armrest he also talk to the scientist about how long the drug lasted and found out that the drug lasts for a month.


            Leia gasps feeling something cool slip between her skin and the collar she wore but quickly dismisses it as slime or drool from the Hutt as she struggles but then she begins to feel whatever it was between her collar begin to seep into her skin.  She gasps feeling something different happen her eyes closing for a moment as she moans softly her body beginning to get hot from need.  She looks up with glaze eyes again as she begins to relax it was then she felt the hot flesh against her own she slowly lays down flat on the dais without her legs hanging off of it.  Jabba smiles seeing the effect of the drug quickly take effect as the Princess lays down on stomach he slowly reaches down running his hand down her back to the top of her loincloth causing the Princess to gasp in pleasure and moan softly her face flushing.  Jabba continues to rub the smooth back delighting in the feel of the smooth flesh in front of him and the way it quivers in delight at his touch.  He has never come across a female humanoid that love his touch but it seems that this one does even with the drug Jabba can tell that the Princess’s body was relaxing and her sexual inhibitions was dropping.  Jabba slowly reaches down with his other hands and pulls the loincloth covering her buttocks aside showing her well rounded buttocks as Leia gasps in shock feeling the cool air on her buttocks.  Jabba licks his lips looking at the Princess’s smooth back leading to her well rounded buttocks he slowly reaches out and runs his hand down her back to her buttocks which he slowly begins to stroke and squeeze a buttock pushing a finger into between the tightly clench buttocks.  He smiles finding the small hole and begins to rub at it causing the princess to jerk up a bit as she gasps in pleasure her voice coming out.

“Please, Master, more please.”


Jabba laughs removing his hand speaking to the court pointing to the shivering Leia near his stomach as he guides his tail toward her mouth.  Leia immediately takes as much as the tail into her mouth as she can and begins to suck it her eyes close.

“It seems that Leia has finally come around to our way of thinking look at how she is acting.  I think she loves my touch now let’s see what happens if I touch her some more.”

Jabba smiles pulling his tongue from her mouth and slowly turns her over on her back he slowly push the halter up and off of her breasts smiling at the firm round orbs which was heaving with erect nipples he then reaches down pulling the bottom down and off leaving the costume in a heap near her.  Jabba smiles looking at the naked Princess as he reaches down with his hands and cup her breasts in his hands massaging them his fingers paying attention to the erect nipples.  Leia gasps in pleasure as she shakes her head her face flush feeling the hands squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples as she moans.  Jabba slowly guides one of his hands down her stomach to her womanhood and begins to rub her soft lips before he slowly pushes a finger in testing the tightness of her insides.  Jabba smiles slowly pulling Leia up near his mouth and flips her over on her stomach before pushing his tongue into her womanhood he begins to push in and out with it.  Leia gasps in pleasure as her hard nipples rub Jabba’s skin.  Jabba squeezes her buttocks as he moves her back and forth his tongue licking her insides as he moves his tail toward Leia’s mouth and slowly pushes the tip into her mouth.  Leia begins to suckle the tail moving the tongue back and forth in her mouth.  She moans getting closer and closer to cumming on the tongue.  Jabba suddenly thrust into her as hard as he can with his tongue as Leia suddenly cums hard on the tongue as she moans releasing the tail her laying on Jabba’s soft belly her eyes half close but still glaze over and rubbing the belly with her face.  Jabba slowly drinks all the honey before he releases the naked Princess’s buttocks as she moans softly resting for a moment as Jabba smiles rubbing her back and buttocks speaking softly

“You will make an excellent pet and sex slave.  You can relax now, little pet.”

Leia moans softly as Jabba pushes her onto the pillows on his dais as Leia reaches for her costume the slime and drool from Jabba drying quickly and falling off her body.  Leia slowly pulls on her costume moaning softly her eyes looking in need as she gasps weakly.  Leia moans falling asleep on the pillows her face flush as she puts her head on a pillow and feels someone put a blanket over her.


“And that’s how she was captured and joined our court as a willing slave girl to Master Jabba.  Everyday she becomes more and more addicted to sex with the Hutt and not just to him to anyone he tells her to have sex with.”

The man smiles watching Jabba push another finger into the Princess’s womanhood his last finger finding her clit and rubbing it causing her to moan louder as she lays back on the soft belly of her master.  Salacious Crumbs hops onto her belly his beak like mouth slowly begins to suckle at her erect hard nipples his tongue flicking them back and forth as Jabba laughs at both of his pets.  Leia looks up at her master her eyes showing that her mind was almost completely gone due to the pleasure of what he and Crumb was doing to her.

“And like clockwork he gives her a new dose of the drug every week when she begins to show her old personality actually she is supposed to be coming back around by the time we visit the other Hutts.  He wants to show them how he broke her completely but not the method.”

The other man laughs when they hear a cry of pleasure from the naked Princess who cums juices leaking out of her as Jabba pulls his fingers out and licks it before pressing it against Leia’s lips who licks it as well.  Crumb stops licking her nipples and hops down at her womanhood and begins to tongue at her womanhood licking up her honey.


End of Chapter 1


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