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Barb rested her face on her crossed hands, plotting her next move. Having just gotten off-stage moments ago after giving a customer a lobotomy with her heel, she considered how best to gain access to the "package" she was there to rescue. Silently considering her options as her fellow dancers prepared to get on stage, her attention was arroused by the arrival of Sharif, the club owner. She feigned indifference as he approached her and rested his hands on her shoulders.

"Very well done. They loved you." Sharif lauded, admiring Barb in her emerald green gown through her vanity mirror. "I'd like to talk to you, about coming my office." Sharif quipped, throwing a wink at Barb's mirror for good measure. As he admired the view Barb's full bosom afforded him as he hovered over her, Sharif silently tensed at the possibility of orientating Barb to her new job properly, a slight bulge beginning to press against his trousers. 

"Sure thing, big boy." Barb responded, forcing Sharif to summon every small ounce of dignity he had on his way out of the dressing room, almost causing him to slam into the wall holding the dressing room's neglected swing door. Once outside, Sharif braced himself against a metal food cart. Once he collected himself, he briskly moved to his office, with all the speed his morbidly obese frame would allow.

Barb took Sharif's exit as an opportunity to prepare for her mission. As Barb removed her robe in order to change for her second job, she could almost palpate the silent envy of the dancers sharing the room with her, as they snuck glimpses into their mirrors of her flawless body. 

As Barb jiggled herself into a little black dress, she caught a glimpse of the chinese dancer she'd been introduced to sneaking a peek, and her blushing at once she noticed she was caught. Barb, though tougher-than-nails, smiled at the gesture. She would never pass up a good compliment, so long as it didn't start or end with babe.

Finished with changing and getting a look at the clock on the wall, Barb erratically grabbed her purse and headed off, but not before exchanging vapid pleasantries with the other dancers, cursing herself all the while for not minding the time. 

As she burst through the dressing room door almost knocking it off it's remaining hinge, she avoided the hard left to Sharif's office and instead stayed deadset on her prize. Silently reminding herself to get control and embarrassed by her complete lack of espionage, Barb found the large Freezer at the end of the kitchen and decided it was a good place to start her search.

Sharif anxiously paced around his office for what seemed like an eternity. After readjusting the the lone picture on his desk and the frame that it came with, he again triple-checked to make sure there was enough room for a grown adult to kneel to the right side of his swivel-chair. Growing impatient, and could anyone really blamed him, he wiped the collected sweat from his face with his kerchief and walked out to find what could be taking that angel so long.

"Shit. Locked." Barb thought as she turned from the Freezer door, setting her purse on a prep-table in order to find the best tool to recover her assignment. But Barb's inner airhead was once again playing sabotage, as Barb's decision meet her brother drink-for-drink the night before instead of doing any real preparation was catching up with her fast. This combined with her choice of fashion over function was turning this into a no-good-very-bad day for Barb to take on a job of this caliber.

Sharif's ears perked at the sound of heels echoing across the club's kitchen floor. He checked his watch, 830. As he personally wrote the schedules, he knew there were only 3 dancers on now, and those two dingbats were be about to do an inter-racial lesbian show on stage. That left only one possibility; His suspicion correct, Sharif approached his obsession.

"Shit. Perfect timing." Barb once again stupified by her luck, snuck the perfect lockpick for the breach back into her purse, at the sound of Sharif's deliberate footsteps.

 "What are you doing here?" inquired the half-pint club manager, after what seemed to Barb like an eternity of silence. Once again, Barb began fumbling through her outfit-matching purse, looking for any way out of this situation. Running her finely manicured hand across her Beretta, Barb decided against drawing any more attention to herself than she'd already done. Feeling her pack of cigarettes, she nervously grabbed them and blindly reached into the pack. 
"This better be the right one."

"Looking for a light; got one?" Barb felt herself get sick at the sound of her own terrible delivery as she spun around, certain she'd already be getting shoved in the freezer if Sharif wasn't so preoccupied with her tits. 

"I...I don't smoke." Sharif said as he padded his own suit pockets, just in case he absently stuck a book of matches in one of them. He locked his gaze to Barb's perfect lips as she brought the Stuyvesant to them. Briefly, Sharif wondered why Barb would go with such an obscure brand.

"Mr. Sharif! Mr. Sharif! I hear noise,  I not Know what Happen..!" Barb silently thanked the interruption to her own incompetence, after having tongued the cigarette butt to find it was one of the 19 other regular smokes she had in her pack. It seemed the need to take mental vacations from her own decisions tonight was beginning to become non-stop.

"Ahh, Furio, there is no need to worry, I was only just discussing this young lady's charming performances PERFORMANCE, Yes I was telling her how delighted I was..."

The sound of several pairs of business shoes approaching saved Sharif from his mindless babble, but caused all 3 to feel a sinking sensation in their stomaches. Sharif, like Furio, drew his hand into his suit, but wondered what Barb could be reaching for in her purse...

"Allright Sharif, let's hurry this up so I can..Ohh?" Mr. Santo paused mid-sentence to admire the dancer he'd just done a healthy amount of studying on stage minute before. "Well, if it isn't Doctor Dancer." Mr. Santo began to approach Barb, his 3 henchmen standing back, weapons in hand.

 "Y'know, that was quite the lobotomy you performed on my friend earlier to finish your set. Why, I bet you couldn't recreate it if you tried, could you doll?" Barb locked eyes with Santo, wondering just how she was gonna get out of this with her skin on her back. 

"Mr. Santo, I assure you, there is no way she would knowingly attack.." Santo silently cut off Sharif's forced apology, not wanting to smell anymore of the shit Sharif had for breakfast. Waffing the air around him, Santo never took his sight off the woman of the evening. 

"Tell you what, uhh Miss..."

"Wire." Barb concluded, wondering if it was even necessary.

"Yeah. Hey Sharif, what's say me and Miss Wire here use your office to discuss her behavior this evening." Santo grinned, fully aware he would get his way.

"B-But Mr. Santo...The Package! I tell you, tender as Tuscan...."

"Yeah, Yeah you already said all that!" Santo belted over his shoulder, suprising everyone but Barb at the rise in his tone. "..And there better not be a hair out of place on her head." Mr. Santo turned his attention back to Barb.

 "Ms. Wire, allow me..." Barb, paralyzed by Santos' gaze, forgot about her plan moments before to shoot her way out. And as Mr. Santo lifted her purse, she watched the last hope of that plan sail off. 

"Please, ladies first." Mr. Santo gestured to Sharif's office as Barb stepped off, feeling Santo hurry her by pressing the small of her back. At that moment, Barb realized she had forgotten her lucky panties in her hurry in the dressing room; the last vestige of her relationship with Axel a testament to her poor planning, and rushed execution.

"Fellas, keep Sharif company for the time being." Santo winked at his henchmen, as he closed the door behind him and Barb"

The sound of the door slamming behind her caused Barb to freeze halfway in the office. Attempting to control her breathing, she equally felt and heard Mr. Santo's presence pass along her right, gingerly fiddling through the contents of her purse.  Knowing her ass was cooked, she silently hoped that he would just put one between her eyes instead of the torture she felt him to be capable of.

"Gun, Lockpick, pack of cigarettes..." Santo narrated, as he sat down in Sharif's chair, looking through the contents of the purse. "What the fuck is this? Is there a dart in this one?" Santo discarded the phony cigarette into Sharif's trash can as he stood up to address his one-woman audience. "Allright Miss...Wire...if that even is your real name.."

Barb tried not to show relief at that last statement. Apparently she wasn't as popular as she long thought.

"What's say we cut the crap." Santo continued. "We both know that the Hammerhead would pay you head and shoulders more than this two-bit joint could ever hope to. Not only that, but you're plenty times less likely to end up with a bullet in your skull."

Barb couldn't disagree with that statement. Sharif's unkept club was only outdone by his filthy office. "What a shithole." Barb silently observed.

"Knowing that, complete with all the...James Bond shit you have in here..." 

Santo once again picked up Barb's purse, zipping it closed as he approached the would-be hero "..makes me think you're not just some regular dancer are you lady? No, you're some kind of Super-lady, out to rescue that kid in that freezer." Barb felt the end beginning to come.
"Let me listen Furio!" Sharif ordered to his flunky, attempting to jockey for position against the Heavy pine door to his own office.
"Well, don't worry. I'm not a monster. A hired professional, rather. That kid, she's gonna be just fine." Santo made his way back around Sharif's desk  "What you should be concerned with now, is why I don't tell my boys out there to cut your pretty little head off."
"Oh please, please please I'll do anything!" Barb paid little attention to her dignity flying off, as she hopped up and down, pleading in front of Santo. Back to the wall, Barb went with the one option available to her that felt the most natural. With no further encouragement, she shed her tough-girl exterior and channeled her inner ditzy blonde.

"Now that's a start, Sugartits, but i'm gonna need a concrete offer here. Words don't mean a whole lot in a town like this. Now how bad do you really want to walk out of here? I need a serious offer!"


"Can you make out what's being said?" Sharif asked Furio. 

"No Sharif, nothing!" 

"Hey, get in line!" One of Santo's guards ordered.


"Ok hotshot. Serious offer?" Barb replied.

"That's what I said, doll-face." 

Barb made her way over to the right side of Sharif's desk, in the open space between Santo's chair and the wall.

"What's say we play a little game, Santo; I win, I get to live, and keep the girl."

"What kinda game...." Santo was cut off by Barb kneeling on his thighs, hovering over him and lowering the straps on her dress.

"First one to come...LOSES." With that, Barb pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her tits to Santo, pressing them together.

"So what do you say, big boy; Do we have a deal?"

Santo looked up from Barbs perfect orbs to look her in the eye, while throwing his tie over his left shoulder.

"Game On."


Outside, Sharif bit his lip, still unable to clearly make-out the discussion, but certain that it could only be headed in one direction.

"Mr. Sharif? Your lip, it is the bleeding!"


Back inside, Barb, still kneeling on Santo's thighs, held his face up to hers as she began to passionately kiss it. Feeling his member brush against her left knee, Barb briefly considered that the night could be going much worse. After all, had this been Colonel Pryzer, she'd already be a corpse.

"So we have a deal?" Barb questioned, pulling Santo's lips from hers to get an answer.

"Oh yeah, we got a deal all right."

"Good. Now remember the rules. First one to come..." Barb paused to lick Santo from his chin to his nose. 

 "..loses the girl."


"Furio, please, go grab Minka and tell him to fetch me a band-aid." Sharif asked of Furio, hoping only to gain Furio's space listening in on his office.

"What...Now?.." Furio questioned his boss.

"Who signs your checks FURIO?!" Sharif hissed at his underling.

"At once...Mr. Sharif." Furio begrudgingly mumbled. As he walked away, Sharif eagerly pressed his ear to wear Furio once had.


Barb forcefully yanked at the knot on Santo's tie as she continued to kneel on his seated thighs, leaving an indian burn on the back of his neck. Once the tie came undone, Barb began undoing the button's on Santo's navy blue shirt one button at a time.

"You know something Santo, I hope you really enjoy this.." Barb told the mobster "because I just don't think you're gonna last too long."

"Oh yeah?" Beamed Santo. "What makes you so sure doll?"

Barb energetically pulled the bottom of Santo's shirt out of his pants, undoing the last two buttons.

"Want me to suck your dick?"


"Can you make out what is being said?" Sharif desperately asked Santo's henchmen.

"Oh yeah.." Santo's taller henchman replied with a grin. "It's getting good in there now."

"Please.." Begged Sharif.  "can you let me listen?"

"What do you want me to do, lift you up to the door?"


"Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah, you really wanna be a hero, don't you?" Santo growled as he gazed down at Barb, kneeling before him holding his cock in her left hand while licking it like a popsicle.

"Mmmmm you like that handsome?" Barb quizzed, knowing full well the answer.

"Oh Yeah. I knew when I saw you on that stage, I'd have you." Barb and Santo briefly exchanged grins, before Barb took a serious face, and shot a wad of spit on Santo's dick.


"Man, sounds like a party in there.." Santo's shorter guard offered.
"Yeah, Mr. Santo always gets what he wants." 

Sharif turned away at the sound of this, closing his eyes. "So close. So very close."

"Mr. Sharif, Iam having the band-aid you request."


>Gug Gug Gug Gug Gug<

This was the sound of heaven to Santo, as he watched Barb's perfect face bobbing up and down on his erect shaft. 

"Oh suck it honey."

At the sound of this, Barb, still grabbing hold of Santo's cock, slowly deep-throated Santo's dick from top to bottom, coughing at the finish and gasping a breath of air as she pulled her lips off, looking up at Santo as she quickly jerked him off. Once she caught her breath, she once again took him in her mouth, and began to quickly run the length of his rod.

"Yeah, that's it sweetcheeks. Work that little mouth."


"Mr. Sharif, they are sounding of the, how you say? Sex in your office Mr. Sharif!"

"Sharif massaged his temple at his subordinate's stating of the obvious, as Santo's guards snickered at Sharif's office being made into a makeshift bordello. 

"Yes Furio. I know."


After another round of vigorous dick-sucking, Barb once again pulled herself off to catch her breath.

"What's say you get up here and give us a litle ride?" Santo urged to Barb, slapping his thigh in the process.

"Yeah daddy? You want me to ride it?"

"Yeah, I want you to ride on it." Santo replied, as Barb stood up.

"You know, a guy like me can make a girl like you very happy." Santos beamed, as Barb began to mount him.

"Yeah, let's just see how long you can last big boy."

With that, Barb hiked up the skirt of her dress, and spread her sex open, as she began to take Santo inside her.


"Mr. Sharif, are you still bleeding sir? I bring the first aid kit!"
Sharif angrilly looked over to see Minka there, clutching a dusty aid kit, attempting to open it.

"No you imbecile! Go back to the club! What do I pay you for!" Sharif yelled, as he chased Minka back to his hired duties.

"Man, this girl sure knows how to work." Santo's larger guard exclaimed.

With that, Sharif bent over and continued to massage his temples, dumbfounded at the timing of his situation; surely, had Santo not arrived, that would be him in there at this moment.

"Yes, absoloutely." Sharif assured himself.

"Mr. Sharif, perhaps you require aspirin for the aching of head?" interrupted Furio.


"Uhh...Uhh...Uhhh...Fuck.Yeah. Uhh...Oh God.." Santo exclaimed as he looked skyward gripping Barb by her hips, bouncing her off the length of his cock. Barb, enjoying herself plenty as well, dug her nails into Santo's shoulders. Wanting to bring an end to this soon (she had a schedule to keep, after all.) Barb began to sprinkle kisses on Santo's lips and side of his face.

"Ohhh yeah honey, do your work." Santo roared, as he slowed down to let Barb grind herself around the length of Santo's stiff. Before long, Barb took to bouncing on Santo, certain his end was near.

"I...Wonder..ohh!..who's gonna....uhh...cum...first!" Barb teased, realizing she may be enjoying this a bit too much, considering the stakes in the game. Still, Barb conceeded that enthusiasm would work best if it wasn't forced, so enjoying herself here would just be part of the job.

"Uhh...oh yeah fuck me...fuck me daddy."

Santo knew he would never last if this kept up. As consolation, he figured he would go out with a bang.

"Yeah, let's get you on that desk."

"Ohh?..!" Barb exclaimed, shocked as she Felt Santo pick her up. Wrapping his left hand under her ass, Santo cleared Sharif's desk with his right, and firmly lowered Barb on top of it. grabbing both of Barb's legs, Santo began to fuck his prize with all his might.


"What was that?" Thought Sharif, as the sound of lovemaking in his office momentarily stopped.

"Sounds like your stuff breaking, hah!" Santo's taller guard opined, seemingly reading Sharif's mind.


"Uhh..Uhh...oh yeah baby...harder...Oh God...Daddy!" Barb felt herself begin to wrap in pleasure at Santo's filling her with every pump. Barb used to love it when Axel would finish like this, taking her like only a man could. 

But deep inside, she knew she had to snap herself out of it. Too much was at stake. 

As she closed her eyes and felt her tits bounce with every pump, she realized she had to end this soon. Business would "come" before pleasure, and somehow, she trusted Santo at his word. She didn't want to know what would happen if he came out the victor.

Barb grabbed the collar of Santo's shirt, using it to sit herself up. She then laid a few pecks on his mouth, while she wrapped her legs around him. letting go of his collar, she rolled a strand of his hair around her finger and beamed him a devilish smile. It was time for Barb to launch her exit strategy.

"Wanna fuck my tits?"


"Hey why'd they stop?" Santo's taller guard questioned.

"Maybe they're done?" The smalled guard offered.

"No, it sounds of the Mr.Santo is the very happy. I can hear him." Furio interjected.

Sharif continued to massage his temple, hoping to expell the thought of Santo enjoying his dancer. This was a terrible thought to Sharif, and Sharif didn't like it. 

Not one bit.


A single voice of reason was echoing in Santo's head not to take Barb's offer, knowing that it would be his end and putting him at a loss of Half a million, in Canadian no less. But as his carnal urges smothered his last reasonable thought, Santo backed himself out of Barb and began to stroke his dick.

"Is that a yes?" Barb teased, perching herself on the edge of the desk, relieved at her luck.

"Oh-Oh yeah. Yeah. Let's do it."

As Barb pushed Santo back into his chair and began to kneel again, she considered that maybe her implants had finally paid for themselves.


"Mister Sharif! Is much squeaking of chair! You wanting the listen?" Furio innocently inquired. He recieved no answer from his boss, and only muffled snickers from Santo's henchmen.


Barb dribbled her spit down the center of her enormous juggs, rubbing them together teasingly in front of Santo's full erection.

"Yeah, you wanna fuck my tits? You wanted to fuck my tits all night didn't you..."

"Oh yeah. Oh Fuck yeah Let me fuck those titties.."

 Santo almost enjoyed how doomed he was. As Barb lowered her huge tits on either side of Santo's dick, she knew victory was a foregone conclusion, but that she had to take it now while the iron was red-hot. Softly, at least at first, Barb pressed on her perfect rack, gently bouncing them against Santo's throbbing member, devouring it in-between her surgically enhanced bosom. Still, she wondered if she would be able to blow him and tityfuck at the same time...


"Mr. Sharif, perhaps tea for the aching of head?"

Sharif was still having trouble blocking out his lackey's voice. He only wished he was his other head that was aching.


"Yeah, you like that? You like those titties?" Barb could feel Santo's throbbing through her tits, and she knew he only needed a little more encouragement.

"Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. Oh GOD Yeah" 

"Yeah, you wanna come? You wanna come? Gimme that FUCKING CUM" 
Barb demanded, slapping her tits down hard on Santo's thighs with every bounce. It was time to end this.

"Oh yeah Here I cum..Oh, here it Comes!" 

"Yeah Baby gimme-gimme do it baby, come on those huge titties!"

With that, Barb sealed her victory.

"Ohhhh! OHHH!" Santo exclaimed, as he felt the first shots of spunk shoot up between Barb's gorgeous breasts.

"Ohhhh there we go....There we go.Good Boy..Good Boy....that's right, I want every drop." encouraged Barb, seeing the seeds of victory planted all over her chest. 

"MMM I want all of it."

Not wanting to seem like a sore winner, and to maybe remain in Santo's good graces, Barb once more wrapped her hands around Santo's shaft, licking the excess cum running down it, and them deepthroating his dick one more time to make sure it was clean. Barb then ran her finger over her chest, pulling the cum off her tits before licking her finger clean.

Santo: "That was amazing."

"Glad you enjoyed yourself, honey; but remember your part of the deal..."

With a heavy sigh, Santo turns toward his gaze to the door "Johnny. Rocco! Give Mr. Sharif the money." Santo turned his attention to Barb.

"You're lucky i'm a man of my word."

Hurrying with the girl in hand, Barb ran to the underpass to notice the couple anxiously waiting.

"Here's your little pride and joy" Barb exclaimed, thinking of what it took to get her here.

"What took you so long...Anyway, nevermind that. Thank you. from the bottom of our hearts."

"Cut the shit" interrupted Barb "Where's My Money?"

"Yes well" the father retorted, approaching his daughter and Barb "It seems that..."

"It seems that WHAT" Barb hollered.

"Well, terribly sorry, but is there something on your lip..."

Barb, immedietely realizing what it could be, blushed at the father and mother before quickly accepting the reward, and wiping her lip as soon as she was out of sight.


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