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      The year was 26 ABY. The planet was Jakku. At a settlement called Niima Outpost, a Crolute named Unkar Plutt offered room and board to orphaned and abondoned children. No matter their age, the children had earn their stay and their food through various types of labor. 

     A room of 4 boys and 4 girls was waking up one morning to start a day at the moisture farms. Each kid took a different amount of time to get into bed and start changing. A 10-year-old girl named Rey, the newest edition to the group, took the longest to open her eyes. When she did, she saw several empty beds in front of her. She assumed the former occupants to each be inside a nearby changing room, and delighted in the realization that no one would catch her if she closed her eyes for another minute.

     She could only shut them half way before... "BOY!" Rey quickly sat up to see Unklar Plutt standing in the middle of the bedroom and yelling at a shirtless boy named Klip, who had apparently began to get changed right near his bed. "Use the changing room!"

"But t-they're full!" Klip was scared.

       "Then wait your turn!" Unklar Plutt spent nearly every moment of his life angry and wasn't about to break his streak. He turned his head to meet Rey's eyes. "GIRL! Get out of bed!" Rey jumped out of bed. She and Klip each visited a changing room once there were vaccancies. Once all the kids were dressed, they gathered in a tent outside to get breifed by their boss and owner.

     "MAKE SURE YOU GET EVERY SINGLE DROP!" Plut gave angry instructions for harvesting water from moisture collectors. "Today I have one more thing to go over before you kids start working! Klip here was about to get changed OUTSIDE the changing room when I caught him this morning." Klip looked embarrased.

      Unkar continued his lecture. "Everybody has private parts that you cannot let anybody see. They include butts, boobs, penises, vaginas, and balls."

Rey was having trouble following. The only words she recognized were "butts" and "balls".

"You all know where your butt is. Don't EVER let anyone see it."

       Rey's butt became more noticable to her as she sat on it. Her friend, Lana, tried to look at Rey to share a snicker, but Rey wouldn't have it. Rey kept looking at Unkar Plutt. She knew Lana wanted to laugh about the fact that poop came out of butts, but she was afraid of getting into more trouble.

      "If you're a boy, you have a penis between your legs and you pee out of it." Rey was intrigued. Even Lana couldn't help but listen.

"If you're a girl, you have a vagina between your legs. Girls pee out of their vaginas." 

       "A vagina?" Rey couldn't believe it. Was that really what it was called? She didn't want to look down, so she pictured it in her head. She always thought it looked like a miniature butt--not that she had ever seen a butt-- but she had felt her own.

     Unkar took a breath "NEVER SHOW YOUR PENIS OR VAGINA TO ANYBODY! Boys have balls right under their penis. Those are private parts too. Do not show your balls to anybody!"

That astounded Rey. Boys had balls attached to them?! How many? What color?

     "Girls. When you get older you will have boobs on your chest. NEVER SHOW YOUR BOOBS TO ANYBODY!" Unkar was out of breath.

     Rey thought she knew what Plutt meant. Whenever she would a big girl around the outpost or from other planets, she would see two protrusions on her chest. When would she grow her own?

     Rey couldn't think about anything else on the way to work. Boobs? Balls? Penises? Butts? What did they all look like. She only knew what a vagina looked like. She made a mental note to bring a mirror into the changing room with her so she could finally look at her butt.

     It soon became obvious that the other kids were thinking about the same things. As soon as the grown ups dropped them off and drove away, the boys gathered into a huddle. and the girls did the same a few meters away.

"Do you guys have vaginas too?" A brave girl named Gax asked the question.

Lana tried to hold in her laughter.

"Yea." Said Honx, Gax's sister.

Lana stopped laughing to answer. "Yea I have a vagina!" She started laughing again.

Rey was too embarrased to answer.

Gax noticed. "What about you, Rey?"

Rey met Gax's eyes and then looked at the ground. "Yea I have a vagina."

       "Ok." Gax turned to look at the boys. "Gra!" A boy named Gro, and the the rest of the boys, looked at Gax. "Do you have a penis?" Lana laughed.

"Yea!" Gro was just as brave as Gax, and answered immediately.

Gax: What does it look like?

Gro: A stick!

Lana: Woah.

Gax: How many balls do you have?

Gro: Two!

Lana laughed.

Gro: Do you have boobs?

Gax: No!

     Gro looked at Gax's chest and seemed disappointed. Lana laughed. Rey approached a moisture collector and started to work. She couldn't handle the talk about private parts. They could get in trouble. Besides, she knew it would get hot, and would look forward to some of the water occasionally spraying on her.

     It wasn't long before the other 7 kids got to work. They weren't the hardest working group, but their food and shelter depending on them doing a good job. Rey liked to watch ships leaving and entering Jakku's atmosphere as she worked. The former group reminded her of the ship her parents left on three years prior. The former group gave her hope that they had returned.

Lana wiped her brow as she worked next to Rey. "I'm so hot..."

"Me too..." Rey kept working.

       "I have an idea!" Gax stopped working and stood herself up. "We don't have boobs yet, so we can take off our shirts!" She ripped her shirt over her head and threw it in the sand.

"Gax!" Honx protested her topless sister's move. She could see that the boys were looking.

Gax rebutted Honx's subtext. "We don't have boobs yet so we can take our shirts off."

Lana stood up and took her shirt off. She burst out laughing.

"Ok!" Honx took her own shirt off. She had bronze skin like her sister. Lana had brown skin. "Woah that's so much better!

"Now you go, Rey!" 

Rey looked away from them. "No thanks."

"What are you looking at, Gro?" Gax addressed the stunned boys. "We don't have boobs yet!"

       Gro and the other boys ripped their gazes away from the girls, who had some fun dancing and waving their shirts about before they got back to work. Rey distanced herself from the rest of the kids until they were ready to be picked up. The other girls put their shirts back on before the adults arrived, as part of them knew that their lack of boobs wouldn't save them from being yelled at. 

      On the ride home, Rey reflected on the fact that day's dynamic had pretty much been status quofor her. Everything Rey ever did, she did alone. Ever since her parents left, she felt like she was never with anyone who was on the same page as her. She sat alone on the way back, exited the speeder last, and headed toward the barracks as the main group of kids made way for the main part of the outpost. Probably to play some more.

     Rey was ready to go to sleep. Perhaps her parents would be there to wake her up the next morning. She reached under her bed and grabbed her sleep uniform. She bet her mom would be surprissed to see the uniform she had been wearing each night for the last two years. It was all ripped and worn from the last several kids who used it.

    As she made her way to the changing room, she decided to distract herself by thinking of something else. 

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