Docter's orders

BY : Cerberous1096
Category: 1 through F > 10,000 BC
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Doctor Aphra watched in shock as Darth Vader effortlessly destroyed the B2 battle droids that had been in the process of arresting her. Seeing her chance Aphra tackled utani xane knocking the triple zero personality codex from his hands. Diving after it Aphra was just barely able to catch herself before she tumbled over the edge of the balcony they were on. 

Pulling herself up she was confronted by Darth Vader standing menacingly in front of her the echo of his breathing equipment sending a chill down her spine.

“Doctor Aphra I have use of you.” Said Vader before turning away and heading towards her ship. Aphra glanced around hoping to see a way in which she might be able to escape, seeing non she resigned herself to her fate and followed after Vader's billowing cloak.

Arriving at her ship Aphra asked why Vader was interested in her.

"I have recently come across several droids you had upgraded and reprogrammed. I was impressed." Said Vader in his deep voice the room echoing with the sound of his breathing. Aphra was surprised that Darth Vader of all people had come to her for Droid work.

"Why thank you Lord Vader I'm guessing these droids would be of the combat kind?" Questioned Aphra wondering what the commander of the entire imperial army would need of her. 

"Yes, I need forces that can operate outside of the imperial military. I also require your help with regards to P0-RN." This startled Aphra seeing as the poorly named P0-RN was a pleasure Droid designed to fuck women. For a brief moment, Aphra contemplated Vader bent over in front of the Droid but quickly pushed the thought aside as too ridiculous.

"Why do you require a pleasure Droid for my Lord." Asked Aphra a little scared to hear the answer. 

"Upgrades." Said Vader flatly as the was a clicking sound before the where of a motor as Vader's codpiece moved to the side and a large prosthetic cock sprang forward. "I find that this is inadequate."

Aphra could just stare wide-eyed as the massive ten-inch cock stood before her. While Aphra tended to lean more towards girls than she did guys she couldn't help but lick her lips at the sight of the large toy. And that was what it was an advanced sex toy with sensors attached to it so that it could send back the feeling of touch but other than that it was just like any other fake cock you could by at any number of sex shops throughout the Galaxy.

"So you want me to build you an upgrade for that?" Said Aphra still in shock at having one of the single most powerful individuals in the Galaxy presenting his cock to her. "Well, I will need some time to. come up with some ideas, but I'm sure we will have you pleasing sluts in no time." Said Aphra as she squared down in front of Vader. "Know I don't mean to be rude but I will need to familiarize myself with this if I'm going to upgrade it." 

"Understood." Said Vader before to Aphra's shock one of his massive gloved hands clamped onto her head before jerking her forward and shoving his cock inside of her mouth. Aphra yelled and sputtered around the cock in her mouth as Vader's iron grip began moving her head back and forth as he forced more and more of his cock into her mouth. Realizing that she wasn't going to be given a choice in the matter Aphra began trying to relax her throat as Vader continued to push forward. In a short while, Vader had all ten inches of his cock shoved down Aphra's throat as she gagged and choked her hands gripping his wrist as she futilely tried to make him let go of her head. Aphra's eyes began to roll back as her face turned red as she struggled to breathe. Darkness began to creep in on the edge of her vision before Vader pulled her off of his cock allowing her to gulp do breathes of air sweet glorious air.

Before Aphra could yell at him for his impromptu face fuck she was lifted into the air not by his hand but by some invisible force field she floated in front of him but couldn't feel anything holding her up.

"Is this the force are you using the force on me?" Questioned Aphra thought instead of replying Vader just waved his hand causing her clothes to tear free of her body leaving her floating naked in front of him. "Kriff your going to use the force to fuck me aren't you?" 

"You talk too much." Said Vader as he used the force to drift her closer to his cock. Aphra hung floating face up as Vader positioned himself between her legs his massive cock pointing menacingly at her pussy. 

"I talk when I'm nervous and being floated into the air with magic as someone prepares to fuck me with a massive cock makes me nervous." Rattled off Aphra as she looked up fearfully at Vader. "Your bigger than anything I've ever had down there before be gentle." He wasn't. Vader slammed into the base with on large thrust as he speared the small girl. Using the force be began guiding her back and forth, Vader was not really fucking Aphra as much as he was standing still as she was slammed back and forth onto his cock. Aphra's hair flew around her face as she was propelled back and forth by the force, her breasts jiggling every time her hips slammed into Vader the dark lord of the sith standing unwaveringly, the only movement he made being with his finger as he flicked it back and forth in time with Aphra's movements as he guided her with the force.

Aphra was so delirious from being manhandled like a rag doll, that she nearly didn't notice as Vader raised his other hand making a slight pinching motion she gasped as she felt something close around her clit. Aphra threw back her head and screamed as she began to cum her clit being played within ways she had never thought possible as Vader used the force to work it in ways no fingers or tongue could ever do. Aphra struggled to regain her breath after cumming as Vader showed no sign of slowing down, continuing to slam Aphra back and forth along his massive cock. Aphra had barely begun to recover before she could feel another orgasm beginning to build within her.

Before she could cum for the second time though Aphra was slammed against Vader only this time she was held in place his cock completely inside of her as it began to pump cum inside of her. Vader never so much as moaned as he came inside of Aphra. Aphra groaned as she felt herself being pumped full of cum, the feeling of the hot thick fluid filling her was amazing up until she realized that she doesn't take birth control and that Vader was currently pumping something that felt an awful lot like cum inside of her.

"That's not cum that you just shot inside of me right?" Said Aphra as she stared up at Vader's intimating black mask. "I mean that's a fake cock so it's shooting out fake cum right." Aphra gave a half-hearted smile as Vader continued to stare down at her.

"No the prosthetic is attached to what remains of my testicles, that is my semen." Said Vader as he used the force to pull Aphra off of his cock. Visions of her pregnant with a little Vader growing inside of her filled her head.

"Are you well enough acquainted with my cock to design improvements for it?" Questioned Vader as he kept her floating in front of him.

Aphra rolled her eyes she had obviously meant that she needed to examine the mechanism for the cock not get fucked by it.

"No, I think we will probably need another go" Said Aphra sarcastically as she closed her eyes. 

"Very well." Replied Vader as he used the force to flip Aphra over letting her legs drop as he floated her back in front of him. This time Vader did not go for Aphra's pussy instead he used the force to spread her ass cheeks before he jammed his cock into her asshole.

"Fuck" screamed Aphra as Vader's large cock plunged into her asshole. Vader showed no sympathy as usual as he started back with the same brutal pace he had fucked her with earlier. Aphra's breasts were swinging under her as she was slammed back and forth on Vader's cock her tight asshole clenching and spasming on the cock as she felt herself rushing towards another orgasm. Aphra had never been much of a fan of anal but the fact that she was being manhandled by someone as powerful as Darth Vader really got her going.

Aphra came hard when she felt the force once again begin to play with her clit, though she also felt it pushing into her pussy as it seemed to seek out and attack her G-spot pushing her over the edge and causing her to scream as she continued to cum over and over again as Vader continued his work. Aphra came over and over again as Vader continued to fuck her his massive cock plunging deep into the archeologist's asshole as the dark lord of the sith broke her completely. Finishing inside of her Vader blasted her asshole full of cum though instead of holding himself inside and pumping her full as he did with her pussy Vader just continued pounding her as he continued flooding her asshole.

"That should be satisfactory for you to design me improvements." Said Vader as he dropped Aphra onto the floor leaving the girl there leaking cum as he strode out of the room returning to his ship.

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