Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
Category: G through L > Kaiju Eiga/Japanese Monster
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Disclaimer: I do not own Godzilla, nor any of the characters included in this story. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


This is a fan-made Godzilla erotic and action story that features monsters from all across the Godzilla Universe and beyond. Many new fan-made kaiju created by the author will also be introduced to enrich and expand the story. 

The body structures of most monsters will be made to appear more human like for this fanfiction. Godzilla for instance (we'll be using the latest 2019 Legendary model), will be less fat and more muscular, have longer arms and less elephant-like legs, and have a more upright standing posture compared to the monster in films and other media. Note that facial features would remain the same. 

This fanfiction follows its own story, with no relevance to any of the timelines created by Toho Studios or Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers.

All monsters and characters in this fanfiction are the sole properties of their rightful owners.


~ BurningGoji54


Prologue: Let Them Fight! 

Godzilla. King of the Monsters. Following his awakening back in 1954 by American atomic bomb tests in Bikini Atoll, endless strings of kaiju around the globe have begun to emerge after 65 million years of deep hibernation. Many conflicts have brewed between man and monster, and Godzilla took it upon himself as the alpha kaiju to get the Titans back under control. He is responsible for establishing a more or less fragile peace between the Titans and the humans in this new world that they have arisen to, allowing each other to coexist around the planet.

But a major menace has emerged from the darkest depths of the Milky Way Galaxy, which greatly endangers this stability. A highly advanced, planet-plundering, monster-wielding alien civilisation called the Xiliens led by Commander X have made themselves known to Earth. This Commander seeks nothing more than to enslave the humans, pillage their resources, and have the planet incorporated into their expanding empire. Earth has been subject to numerous invasions by such extra-terrestrials in the past, but this is unlike any other.

The sheer size of the Xiliens' kaiju army is unlike anything Godzilla has ever seen before. Most of the monsters he finds himself up against were even once in league with the King of the Monsters - brainwashed or deceived into serving the Xiliens instead. After strategically ambushing military bases across the globe, the Xiliens have managed to deplete the humans' fighting strength. Thus, with their safety and Godzilla's sovereignty under threat, the two must put whatever differences they have aside and work together to defend their planet against the foul invaders.

At first attempting to fight the enemy monsters off by himself, the alpha predator finds that for the first time in his prehistoric life, he is well and truly outgunned and overpowered. But luckily for Godzilla, he has a befitting solution to this dilemma. The atomic monster has called upon all of the Earth's most resilient defenders and his closest of friends to aid him in this struggle: the tenacious Anguirus, the fiery Rodan, the fearsome King Caesar, the heroic Jet Jaguar, the determined Baragon, the athletic Gorosaurus, the wise Manda and the soaring Varan. Their good-hearted intentions to protect their home have made them immune to the evil Xiliens' devious mind tricks.

Though the most faithful of them all, is without a doubt the Goddess of Peace herself: Mothra. She is always at Godzilla's side in times of hardship, and whenever he wants it, the beautiful Kaiju would always be there to let him smash her to smithereens. For what is a King without his Queen?

Godzilla has already dispatched all loyal kaiju to do battle with the Xiliens'. To name a few Anguirus is in Java fighting Kumonga, Rodan is in Oslo fighting Kamacuras and King Caesar is in the Steppes of Kazakhstan fighting Titanosaurus. They've just about got their sides covered but their hands are getting full, and this is with human military support. What's worse, the Xilien Commander has sent more kaiju reinforcements down to Earth, to regain the lost ground. It is about time for Godzilla himself to return to the battlefield and re-settle the score.

In this 20-part fan-fiction, we shall see the fearless Godzilla fight his way to retain his crown as the King of the Monsters, and how he always seems to have a little bit of fun along the way!

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