There ain't no party like a Gungan Party

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There ain’t no party like a Gungan party


The official and formal celebration was winding down, the great and the good of Naboo mixing with their Gungan rescuers and the members of the Imperial Senate, who’d played no positive part at all. The Jedi had already left;  once the cremation was over they taken Anakin back to their ship to return to Coruscant. Padme wondered if she’d ever see him again, she didn’t think so. She smiled, remembering the innocent young boy and then dropped him from her memory to glance at Jar Jar Binks.


She smiled as she saw his tongue flick out and gobble one of the few uneaten delicacies, he had no panache or manners and he could be as clumsy as a drunken Jawa, but if all the Gungans were heroes, Jar Jar was in a league of his own – he had turned a rout into a victory (even if accidentally) and had been instrumental in destroying the droid army; more than that he was one of her select band that had followed her into her brief exile. Walking over to him she slipped her arm through his, “This party was a bit boring.”


Jar Jar tried to look polite, “Notsa mysa thing,” he admitted, “But others enjoysa.”


“A few of us are going to have a bit more of an informal celebration in my apartments,” Padme smiled at him, “Come along.”


“Mesa be glad too,” the Gungan replied.


Padme smiled happily, keeping her arm locked through his as she glanced round the room, her three most favoured and loyal handmaidens, Sabe, Rabe and Eirtae had taken their cue from her and had found the Gungans Lyonie, Tobler Ceel and Roos Tarpal, like Padme slipping their arms through the Gungan’s crooks and gently, but persuasively escorting them from the hall – like Jar Jar they had all played heroic parts in the Nabooian liberation.


The guards opened the main doors, letting them leave, if they had any views on four teens leaving arm in arm with the Gungans they said nothing – perhaps if they’d defended the palace more heroically they would have been the ones leaving to another party with the Queen and her Handmaidens.  The corridors to Padme’s private chambers were mostly deserted, most of the palace’s inhabitants and workers were either still at the party or had retired for the night. It meant every word spoken seemed to reverberate down the empty cavernous passages, so at most the four teens murmured a few words, pointing out a statue of a famous Nabooian or commenting on a picture they passed along the wall. Three of the Gungans responded in kind, wide beams across their face suggesting they had an inkling of where this was leading too. Jar Jar talked more loudly, seemingly not noticing the others quietness as he gazed in awe at the wealth and riches, telling Padme how he never thought a poor working class Gungan like him would be wandering around the palace on a tour escorted by the Queen. Padme smiled at his words, not minding his gauche naivety – it just made him more endearing in her eyes.


They didn’t walk fast so it took them quarter of an hour to get to the main ball room to Padme’s room. She buzzed in her code and the door slid open. In the middle of a large room was a pool, half a dozen metre square with half a dozen chaise-lounges around it and some tables with wine and some nibbles on them, other sets of doors led to her sleeping quarters, bathroom, study and wardrobes. She disengaged herself from Jar-Jar, “We’re just going to get out of these heavy formal robes and into something more comfortable. Why don’t the four of you make yourselves at home? – we won’t be long.”


She led the Handmaidens into one of the rooms, where the clothes they were changing out of were laid out. First the Queen got out of her heavy formalwear, Sabe folding up the dress as Eirtae removed the diadem and untangled it from her hair and Rabe cleaned away the white make-up so Padme’s skin could breathe again. The Queen stood naked in front of the mirror admiring her teenage body as she saw her Handmaiden’s behind her stripping out of their formal robes and standing as nude as she was.


It took them a lot less time to change into their new ensembles, each of them slipping into a pair of light shoes and nothing else. Once they were ready Padme made a quick inspection, making sure that the three young women were as pussy shaved as she was and there make-up was fresh and natural looking – she wanted everything to be perfect for the heroes of Naboo. Satisfied they were ready, she said, “Let’s start this party,” as her Handmaidens nodded excitedly and eagerly, as ready to begin as she was.


Opening the door she led her troop into the main room. The four Gungans were relaxing on the chaise-lounges, three of them sipping wine from golden goblets as if born to it, Jar Jar flicking his tongue around a piece of fruit as he tried to pull it off the platter. They all looked round as the four naked teens entered, Lyonie, Tobler and Roos looking at each other and nodding as if it was what they’d expected, Jar Jar dropping the fruit in shock. It was to him that Padme slowly walked over, swinging her hips sexily and her face lit with her most come-have-me-smile. Her three Handmaiden’s approached the other, grinning, Gungans. Padme had left it up to them who they chose, she’d only put in one condition; that Jar Jar was hers.


She sat down on the chaise-lounge, right next to Jar Jar. Her hands moved up his thighs to his package, rolling over it as his eyes almost popped. She smiled as she felt it strength under there – few Gungans were below eight inches and most were ten (a few even made twelve) – Jar Jar was definitely a tenner she decided as she slipped her hands round again, the massive member trembling at her touch. She brought her hands higher over his chest and under the waistcoat he was wearing, “I think you may be overdressed,” she murmured as she began to undo it.


“Mesa thinkso too,” Jar Jar nodded, his eyes still goggling as he looked down at her chest. Her handmaidens were stripping the other Gungans, Roos already naked as Sabe undid his pants and he ripped off his top. Padme pulled down Jar Jar’s waist coat, leaving his orange skin exposed. She leaned forward and ran her tongue over his chest, it felt like there were tiny little wrinkles in it which creased against her tongue; she liked it.


Her hands moved down to his meat again, stroking it with one hand under his pants as her other started to undo them. “Yousa beautiful,” he said, getting what was happening at last.


You couldn’t call a Gungan handsome, “You’re so sexy,” she replied instead. It was true, especially as she pulled down his pants and his large member was exposed – at least ten inches long, she might have put another inch on it for luck. “Lovely,” she purred and slipped her hand around the beating organ, feeling the blood pump and stirring as she moved. “Ohhh,” she moaned again as Jar Jar large tongue slurped round one of her tits and then the other, slipping round the flesh and over the nipples, making the teat harden with his wet touch. His large hands gripped her side, pulling her closer. She didn’t resist, coming nearer to him so that her mouth could press at his beak in a rough approximation of a kiss.


Her hand went up and down his monster penis and she smiled as his tongue licked skilfully round her titties, she imagined more than one Naboo maiden who lived near the swamps had felt the lithe muscle wrapping round a teat and pleasuring it. She kissed him again and then stepped back, turning round and kicking off her shoes. “I’m just going to have a quick dip,” she giggled and skipped over to the pool jumping in. Within a few moments her fellow teens had joined her there, the four young women giggling and playing in the water which was just up to their tits. Queen Padme smiled at the four heroes still on the pool side, “Join us?”


Jar Jar and the others quickly divested themselves off the clothes, the four Gungans jumping in the pool with even bigger splashes, sending watery waves over the giggling humans. They swan over to the women, standing up in front of them, their bodies sleek with water. Padme didn’t waste any time in pulling Jar Jar against her and bringing her mouth up at his, kissing him passionately. He opened his mouth and his long tongue shot out, muscling open her lips and take control of her mouth.  It was so hot that Padme almost fainted with lust, her body pressed against Jar Jar. She could feel his erect cock straining forward and her hand went under the water to massage it. The Gungan broke from her, “Mesa like that,” he said in his high-pitched voice.


“Mesa like it as well,” giggled the Queen as she rubbed the large organ. She stood up and kissed him again, as his strong large arms held her waist. Around her the Handmaiden’s made out passionately with the other Gungans, their naked bodies pressed together in water as they kissed and fondled. Padme moaned in pleasure as Jar Jar’s tongue went for her titties and for the next few minutes she continued to stroke him as they swapped between kissing and titty licking.


Then she took his hand and led him up the steps to the tiles that surrounded the pool. “I want to suck that big fat dong,” she explained and the Gungan’s smile got so wide his face almost split.


Her Handmaidens were giggling as they led the other Gungans out, lining them up as if on parade on the side of the pool. The Queen and the Handmaidens all dropped to their knees in front of the Gungan, taking the massive cock in their hands and feeding it into their mouths. They were so gigantic that Padme’s jaw ached as she fought to get it in, but it was worth it for Jar Jars grunts and moans of appreciation, his large hands resting on her as she battled with his dick. Her head moved back and forth, her jaw straining and her cheeks aching as she battled to take it. The room was filled with slurps and grunts as the others also sucked the giant Gungan rods.


Padme’s hands went round the back of Jar Jar, grasping his firm and muscular buttocks and using it as a grip to pull herself forward. The Gungan grunted in excitement and worked his hips, pushing his member into her mouth deeper and deeper, so it was pushing at her throat. Padme had never had anything so big, but she wasn’t regretting it and one hand moved to her snatch to rub it vigorously as she slurped the Gungan dick.


To one side of her Roos had leaned down and picked up Rabe. From the corner of her eye Padme could see her handmaiden being held upside down, still sucking the Gungan’s cock, while he lapped her pussy. The Queen popped Jar Jar out of her mouth and smiled up at him, “That looks fun,” she giggled.


“Mesa hold you up,” said Jar Jar. She stood and he gripped her, the muscles in his arms bulging as he held and twisted her so that he was holding her head down, his strong hands holding her round her stomach. The blood rushed to her head, but despite the precariousness she felt safe in his arms and opened her mouth to take his cock again. Even as her lips were closing round his meat his strong tongue was pushing at her sex, forcing aside her other lips to enter her. The teen shuddered in pleasure as the muscular tongue dug at her, making her wet and sticky as her juice flowed. The two of them pleasured each other’s sex organs with their mouths, grunting and moaning as they licked and slurped, their sounds merging with the others as all four teens were held upside down to suck their Gungan partner’s cock as the Gungans in turned licked their cunts clean.


The blood pumped through Padme as fast and powerfully as she ever felt, her head seemed to be throbbing and if she didn’t know better she’d have thought it was expanding and contracting like a balloon. Being upside down seemed to magnify the pleasure and she sucked the huge dick with relish as orgasms rolled through her like a lightsaber through metal. Cum dripped from her pleasured pussy, the tiny droplet being lapped up by Jar Jar with a speedy pleasure, as she sucked him deep.


“Oh, that was so hot,” she said as he righted her. She reached on his chest and pushed him back towards the Chaise-lounge; the naked Gungan did as she instructed landing on his back. The Queen moved to straddle him, introducing her wet pussy to his massive meat. The huge Gungan cock spread her sorely as she went down it, but she didn’t mind the ache, the pleasure that came with it was worth the pain. On either side of Her Sabe, Eirtae and Rabe were lying down the other Gungan’s and clambering on board. The four young women started to ride the Gungan heroes, rewarding them for their bravery with sweet  young pussy.


The four teens rode the Gungans harder and harder, their naked boobies moving  as they jumped the cock. The Gungans replied in kind, driving their thick rods up the juicy pussy, slamming them balls-deep into the soaked sex-holes. “Oohhhh,” groaned Padme as the thick dick, filled her and pleasured her, “Ooohh, yesss, fuck, yes.”


Around her the other humans were gasping out in pleasure as well and the room was filled with their orgasmic cries and moans. The Gungans gripped the teen’s waists, slamming up and in, all of them smiling broadly as they were well ridden.  The girls were flushed with pleasure, their skin red with ecstasy and wet with sweat. “OOoohhh, yessss, fuccckkk, yessss, pleeaassee.”


Padme pushed herself off Jar Jar, her pussy stretched and soaked. He frowned for a moment unsure why they were stopping.  She smiled as she helped him to stand and then got back on the chaise-lounge on her knees; she reached her hands round to her butt spreading the cheeks open, “I want you to take me in the ass.”


“Mesa want that,” Jar Jar nodded enthusiastically. His cock was soon sliding into her anus; if it had been tight when he went in the front it was even tighter at the back and he grunted with effort as he shoved and pushed, his hands grasping her sides.


“Oooh, give it me up the ass,” Padme moaned, “Shove that big Gungan dick all the way in.”


Her Gungan lover grunted and thrust, ramming his massive dong down her tight asshole and making her cum with every thrust. She squealed in pleasure, as around her the Handmaiden’s too moved to their hands and knees to reward the Gungans with their butts. The four Gungans were soon all in, pumping away and grunting as they rammed the assholes deeps, their huge penises stretching the tight holes and making the young women cum loudly. The room reverberated with their cries of ecstasy and the sound of Gungan flesh smacking at the round human butts.


“AAAhhh, yesss, ooohh, yesss,” Padme squealed in pleasure. Jar Jar grunted and drove his big whopper down her ass as deep as it could go. She’d never had anything so big or so pleasurable down there and she came explosively, her cries loud and passionate. “Ahhhh, yesss, Jar Jar don’t stop.”


The Gungan continued to pound in time with his fellows, filling her back-hole. His strong hands gripped under her stomach and his flat chest bounced against her round ass cheeks. Her titties jiggled under her as her body rocked. “Aaahhh, harder, Jar Jar harder,” Padme squealed.


Nearby her Handmaidens were orgasming from their sex, collapsing in heaps as the Gungans spent their seeds in the teen’s butt. Padme was proud that Jar Jar was still going, though she knew it couldn’t be much longer. Even as she was thinking it he grunted, “Mesa going to cum.”


“Ohhhh, yesss, in my ass,” the Queen called out and seconds later felt his warm sticky spunk blasted into her asshole.


She dropped down satisfied and an exhausted Jar Jar lay beside and on top of her as he tried to get his breath back. A saying came back to her from her childhood, one she’d never really understood until now and she repeated it, “There ain’t no party like a Gungan party.”


“Thatsa right,” confirmed Jar Jar.







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