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"There's a legend around here. A killer buried, but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake, a death curse. Jason Voorhees curse. They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived. Some have even tried to stop him... No one can. People forget he's down there, waiting..." the TV set hummed in the night. Sandra sat in front of it, waiting for the events of Friday the 13th: Part 7, when suddenly she heard a knock. The door opened and her mother peeked inside.

“Sandra, dear, do you know what time it is?”

“I know, mum, I was already going to bed,” Sandra said.

“Well, do it then,” mother said. “You have to get up early for studies, so please, do me a favor and go to sleep right now.” Saying this, Mrs. Wilkins closed the door and returned to her own bedroom.

Sandra sighed and turned off the TV set, looking at the clock in her phone. It showed thirty minutes after midnight, but she did not really feel sleepy. Watching horror movies was her favorite pastime at nights. She was always aware of all the news in horror movie sphere and has already lost the count of how many movies she has seen already. With a bit sorrow in her heart, Sandra had to admit that the further, the worse products come out in the light. Of course, there were several good things that were included in her collection of favorites, but there weren’t that many. This was the reason for her preferring the good old classics. And her number one favorite was Friday the 13th. Sandra loved the whole franchise, but at the same time agreed with many critics about most of this franchise’s movies being not that good at all. Of course, comparing to the newer films, the old slashers looked pretty cheap, but it failed to kill her love for them. Sandra couldn’t explain even to herself her strange fascination with the main antagonist of Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees. Every time she saw a day that happened to be Friday the 13th in the calendar, her thoughts momentarily were about him, and she called them “days of Jason Voorhees”, although she herself wasn’t superstitious and didn’t believe in such things like black cats or that going under the ladder brings bad luck. The same could be said about Friday the 13th. That was absolutely normal day, just like any other, and to Sandra, the fear of it seemed totally irrational. She and a few of her friends loved to freak each other out on this day by watching one or two movies of the franchise and telling fictional stories, based on Jason’s legend. And it was a good basis. As far as Sandra remembered, Jason is pretty much the only horror movie character that has his own full legend. It could be well told by the campfire despite being just a movie legend. But it was more than enough for good fun of giving creeps to her friends and herself. Often she found herself even believing that every Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees rises from the lake and goes searching for victims, but then quickly dismissed it as silly, fictional story and laughed at her own thoughts.

Sandra sat on her bed, removing the annoying locks of her auburn hair from her face and stuck them behind her ears, yawning. It was sometimes unbearable to be in a situation like that when you are somewhat sleepy and know that you have to wake up early the next morning, but at the same time energy puffed and puffed out of her. It’s like being between the two fires. It was May now, and luckily, the studies in college would be over in June, and that meant freedom till the fall. That made Sandra happy, at least then she could do whatever she pleased without worrying about getting up early and thus not getting enough sleep at night.

Surprisingly enough, Sandra slept well despite seeing dreams about Camp Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees. Others would consider such dreams to be nightmares, but Sandra was already used to them and they did not frighten her. It was only normal for her to see something like that, considering her obsession with horror movies, especially with Friday the 13th. The morning passed as usual, repeating the same ritual every day – out of bed, dressing up, breakfast, teeth washing, and leaving home for college. This bored Sandra a lot, and the horror movies she watched served as a second life-supporting system. But May ended fast, although sometimes it seemed that whole eternity has passed, and the first day of June has finally come. Saying goodbye to the college till the fall, Sandra and her two best friends, Laurie and Debbie, walked slowly along the pavement until finally they stopped at a café for some ice cream, as the weather was nearly as hot as in Sahara desert.

“So, Sandra, any plans for nearest days?” Debbie asked.

“No, no plans yet,” Sandra replied. “You know, I don’t usually make plans in advance. If me and my mom decide to go somewhere, in most cases it’s a spontaneous decision.” She looked at both her friends who exchanged glances, and their lips stretched in a sly grin. “Come on, girls, I can see that you want to tell me something. Confess what you are up to.”

Debbie and Laurie looked at each other again and then Laurie spoke:

“You sure haven’t forgotten that this year, in June, is Friday the 13th?”

“Yes, of course, how can I forget?” Sandra smiled. “And an interesting coincidence that the 13th of June, which is the birthday of Jason Voorhees, happens to be on Friday. And that is his exact birth date – Friday, June 13th.”

“Yup, we know that,” Debbie nodded.

“So, what about it?” Sandra was now intrigued.

“Well, we’re planning to organize a trip to the nearest lake with tents and barbecue on that day,” Laurie explained. “On Friday the 13th, that is. Two more couples want to join the company, Rod with Julie and Billy with Kim. But it won’t be just some usual camping trip. We bring laptops with us and make a Friday the 13th movie marathon when the night falls. And we want to invite you to join us as well. That would be fun!” Laurie and Debbie laughed merrily. Hearing Laurie’s monologue, Sandra’s eyes began shining with joy.

“Well, what are we talking about? Of course I will go with you! You don’t need to ask me twice. I’ll bring my laptop as I have every Friday the 13th movie downloaded.”

“Nice,” Debbie smiled. “I hope your mom wouldn’t mind?”

“I think not.” Sandra shook her head. “We are now free of studies, and she always supports me having fun with my best friends. Besides, she considers the belief in Friday the 13th to be a total bullshit. So yeah, I think there will be no problems. Oh, by the way, to which lake are you planning to go?”

“Swartswood Lake,” Laurie said. “It’s a really nice and picturesque place. People often go there fishing or to paddle. And it’s not that far from us.”

“Yeah, and I’ll take our big tent from home, three people fill fit there perfectly,” Debbie added. “I’ve gone camping with my parents many times when I was younger, and we slept in it, so it’s sort of a family tent. The others will have their own tents, and the tree of us will have the big one.”

“Okay then,” Sandra said, finishing her ice cream. “What about the time of departure?”

“We don’t know that yet,” Laurie said. “We’ll decide closer to the day we go.”

“Fine. I’m going to wait for that day impatiently,” Sandra giggled happily. The girls then paid for their ice cream and drinks and said waved goodbye to each other, leaving for their homes. As Sandra arrived home, a pleasant smell of freshly cooked lunch reached her nose. Mother was in the kitchen, preparing steak and mashed potatoes. Sandra dropped her bag in the living room and went to the kitchen, not forgetting to wash her hands before that. Mrs. Wilkins didn’t hear her coming, so when she turned around and saw her daughter standing behind her back, she looked startled.

“Oh God, Sandra, you startled me,” she sighed, smiling. “Well, come and sit down, we’ll going to have lunch in a moment.”

“It was fine, mum,” Sandra replied. “I went with Debbie and Laurie to have some ice cream afterwards. You know, they are inviting me for a camping trip to Swartswood Lake next Friday.”

“Really? That sounds nice,” mother said, putting a pan with pieces of meat and a bowl of mashed potatoes on the table. “Who else is going?”

“Two more couples from our course are joining. They want to take tents with them to spend the night there after having barbecue. Debbie plans to take her large family tent for three people, thus she, Laurie, and me could sleep there together. The others take their own tents. I hope you don’t mind if I go with them? Besides, spending time outdoors with friends is a nice recreation, so we all can take a rest from studies.”

“Very well, dear, I have no objections,” Mrs. Wilkins agreed. “I would do the same if I were you. If I had to choose what to do on summer holidays, I would prefer to spend good time with friends outdoors.”

“Oh, thank you so much, mum,” Sandra gave her mother a loving smile. “You know, I’m going to take my laptop with me as well. As the day we go happens to be Friday the 13th, we plan to make a movie marathon in the evening.”

Mrs. Wilkins smirked and shook her head.

“Christ, those movies again… To be honest, I can’t comprehend why you like them so much. I remember seeing a few of them in the eighties, years before you were born. Kinda boring… and silly, if you ask me.”

“Well, yes. If we look critically, those movies are far from being good,” Sandra agreed. “But these are good old classics nonetheless. Nowadays no one takes them too seriously, not mentioning someone finding them scary. So yeah, what we are going to do is watch and make fun of them.”

“I see. Alright then, if you were asking for my permission, you have it. You’re free to go. I hope you have good time there, by the lake,” Mrs. Wilkins smiled and began eating.

“Thanks, mum. I love you very much,” Sandra giggle, coming to mother and hugging her from behind. Then she returned to her place and started enjoying her meal.

Time passed quickly, although as Sandra was impatient for the day to come, it seemed like eternity to her. Laurie called her the day before and announced that the time of departure was 10:00 a.m., and she will drive. Sandra packed all the necessary things into her backpack and put the laptop in its bag, putting also the headphones and the adapter in the backpack, although she wasn’t sure that they would need them, but she decided to take them for any case.

Setting her alarm clock on 9:00 a.m., Sandra fell asleep quickly this time. Tomorrow will be a great day, and she would be in full energy to enjoy it.

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