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The last thing Jill Darcy expected upon returning home after graduating was to end up moving back in with her godfather Cuda. But, times were hard, there were hardly any decent jobs in that town. Most of them required at least a year of experience, or was just pure manual labor, when it came down to it, she wouldn’t mind the latter all that much . 

Jill was no waif. She stood at about five eight.Black hair that came down to her waist, which was always tied up, a habit kept after playing sports all through school, on through college. She was definitely all for working outside, getting out some excess aggression all while being paid double than she would with a classic office job. But no, she was an education major with a minor in history. In her head, she reasoned, there would always be a demand for teachers. Everyone knew the people in her small town needed one. Several perhaps. Nothing but bible thumpers for as far as the eye could see. 

 In the meantime,she was all for getting her hands dirty. She took on a job as an overseer at the local steel mill, often wanting to  take projects into her own hands, but of course refrained, safety laws which she paid close attention to.

  She loved her Godfather, but that was one of the things that he always berated her about. Her tendency to roughhouse. Her brashness. She needed to behave more like a presentable young lady. She needed to stop hanging around with the boys, people will think your cheap. You’re not cheap are you Jillian? She had girl friends too. Her best friend  was a girl named Diane… whom she may or may not once thought she was in love with. If he knew half the things they would sneak out and do together, his image of both of them would be indefinitely tarnished.  But at the end of the day, Jill did all that she was supposed to do.She was mostly respectful to Cuda, stayed out of any major trouble and managed to graduate at nearly the top of her class and end up at the University of Pittsburgh 

One other thing  that she didn’t expect was for there to be  guest staying in the upstairs bedroom. Someone who she’s heard mention of before and never in a good light. His cousin Martin. The only times she ever heard his name was in hushed whispers, when he was talking to the men from church. Along side the name was mentions of devil, Nosferatu, cursed.. She usually stopped paying attention after that. Despite attending church with him and Christina, her mind always drifted elsewhere. Most likely to the soccer field. Or to what her and Diane would get up to later that night. 

Jill squeeze her eyes shut, hands finding their way to his head, which was currently buried between her thighs, entwining them into his dark brown locks. She was so close. His tongue swirled eagerly around her sensitive flesh, drawing her swollen clit between his lips sucking gently, causing her to to buck forward , he moaned in response. This was insane… Cuda could be home at any minute. And here they were on the living room couch. Him completely clothed, and her, panties lost somewhere in the couch, tank top pulled up over her breasts,jean skirt pushed up around her waist.

He moves lower alternating between dipping his tongue into her before dragging it back up over her slick folds lips encircling her clit. She  was rocking against him,desperate for more friction as he ate her up, occasionally pullling back, dipping fingers into her entrance, keeping her on edge, kissing her thighs. What was he thinking? Cuda could be home at any second.

 She couldn’t possibly believe that before her, Martin never so much as even touched  a woman. It sure didn’t seem like it with the way he had her pinned down to the couch by her  hips,lips moving over her flesh as though he wanted to devour her, the way he breathed heavily, moaning at her reactions, seemingly  turned on from just turning her on. 

They really only did...this one other time. Jill generally preferred being the more dominant one. She even considered giving head, a dominant act. After all she was controlling their pleasure right? When she knew what he wanted to do, she was a bit thrown. How do you like it? He asked, against her shoulder, fingers trailing down her hips. She tried to avert the question,but he was persistent..I wanna try it..  He didn’t pressure her, He just gave her that look, as his fingers traced lightly over her hip bone. That look that made her want to give him whatever he wanted

  He was an odd one, always so shy. But not with her… He was at first. But seemed to warm up to her within a week. She didn’t even how or when she decided she was attracted to him. It  was something  about the way he looked at her, when he thought she was not aware. It didn’t feel odd or off putting. He seemed fascinated almost. He eagerly listened to all her stories from college, He looked at her the way she looked at herself before she discovered a couple things called doubt and insecurity.

Martin.. I think im gonna… 

His fingers were thrusting into her now,  his tongue circling over her clit,  his other hand reaching forward squeezing her breast. She was panting, and so was he. Soon enough she was breaking, hips rocking against his face, him enjoying every minute of it, drinking her in, riding her orgasm along with her, as if it was his own. 

Hes pulling back now, lips brushing over her  inner thighs, kissing them , wiping  her arousal from his lips with the back of his hand. He lays his head on her stomach as she toys with his hair. If she could, she would stay like this with him forever. Henever made her feel insecure, or awkward, or ashamed when it came to being intimate. Part wanted to keep him locked away forever, keeping him all to herself. Protecting him… from who even knows what.

 There was the familiar sound of dogs barking in the neighbors yard… Cuda was home. They always barked as the man in white made his was down the narrow street to gates of the house. In  fluster of limbs and clothes, they made themselves presentable. She fished her underwear from the crease of the sofa shoving them into her pocket, pulling her shirt down completely. Martin dashed upstairs not before giving her a parting kiss. 

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