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He was counting upon the car to hit him so that he could finally be free of all this but of course not. The bloody cunt won't even let him die in peace. Just when the car is at a distance of fifteen feet from him, another car appears speeds towards him out of nowhere from the opposite direction.

He stares at it, finally realizing that it belongs to Kathryn.

She has always been a rash driver and he has always preferred to be the one on the driver's seat when driving to school, if they are even unfortunate enough to go together.

The car hits Kathryn's car instead and Sebastian stares, completely helpless and shocked as Kathryn's car is thrown off, rotating until it finally stops on the corner of the street, upside down.

Even as Annette reaches and stands beside him, asking whether he is injured, his complete attention is on the driver's seat where Kathryn is sitting upside down, her head resting limply on her shoulders.

A few minutes earlier, he was walking, completely unaware of the world around him, too immersed in Annette and how he has lost her forever and how he wishes she would give him a second chance.

After all something is better then nothing.

Now when she is in front of him, her hands on his cheeks as she looks into his eyes and tries to catch his attention, he can't really ignore the dread that is settling in the pit of his stomach. He doesn't want Kathryn to die.

Kathryn is a dangerous and a selfish bitch but that's nothing new. He has always known this.

He would be called a hypocrite if he despises her for that since they are two of a kind.

He knows why Kathryn did this and still he can't forgive her. She has crossed a line this time. He realizes that anything remotely related to love that he had felt for Annette or Kathryn has vanished.

It's a relief because finally he can live again, the way he had before he returned to this god forsaken place, before he returned to Kathryn.

He takes out his mobile and calls for the ambulance.

As a crowd begins gathering around her red car, he rushes towards her ignoring Annette's calls. One particular sentence catches his attention though.

"Just let her die. It's not like she doesn't deserve it." He spends the next few seconds staring at her. Surely if she has read his journal with an objective mind, she would know that he had felt more then hatred for Kathryn and even if he doesn't now, he can't exactly let her die.

He does not grace her with an answer and continues running towards Kathryn's destroyed car.

By now, Ronald is there as well, trying to open the door. It is locked and Sebastian speaks very coldly, "Get away. "

Ronald, being delusional, glares at him and snarls, "Keep away from her. You hit her and yet she-"

"Christ! I don't have time for this. You are completely delusional if you think that I will ever hit girl, leave alone her. Now get aside before I throw you away." He demands slowly and dangerously and shoves Ronald away before taking the duplicate key from his pocket and unlocking the door.

He despises Ronald because Kathryn slept with him. In fact he despises each and every guy she has slept with.

She is arrogant, bitchy, horny, sexy and a complete and utter nut-case but he wants her. She is the only one who wouldn't let him fuck her.

He hates it when she sleeps around and throws it on his face. She would shag a million and one boys but never him and when finally he dumped Annette, she rejected him. In retrospect, he cringes when he studies his submissive behaviour, his bloody wet eyes.

He behaved like a school girl crying over her crush.

What else had he expected from her.

He drags her unconscious body out of the car carefully so that the glass does not pierce her skin. Her forehead is bleeding and so is her nose. She has orchestrated this whole thing. She set Ronald after him and he will never understand why she chose to be his knight in shining armour after almost driving him to his death.

He places his ear on her chest and is relieved to hear her heart beats and he places his finger beneath her nose. She is still breathing. He doesn't want her to die. She has been a constant in his life, an annoying, over bearing, complicated and selfish constant, but a constant nevertheless.

"Fucking bitch." He sneers at her closed eyes and strokes the strands of hair that are lying on her forehead. She still has that bloody rosary around her neck. He hates it. She takes cocaine and he has tried to get her off it a million times but she, being a stubborn bitch, doesn't listen to him. He will take care of this once she recovers today even if it is the last thing that he does.

"Sebastian." He hears Annette whisper softly in his ear and wrap her arms around his neck. He disentangles her arms and replies coldly, "Leave me alone Annette." Ronald has left, probably to Cecile or Kathryn's mother.

"Sebastian please listen to me." She whispers urgently and the crowd around them disperses.

"No. Leave and kindly return my journal to me." He speaks and that is that. No matter what she says, he doesn't budge. His complete attention is on the most beautiful and dangerous girl he has ever met.

At last, Annette leaves and throws his journal towards Kathryn. He is shocked because this is the last thing that he expects from her. She has always been a quiet and a matured girl but jealousy changes a person perhaps. He can hear her sobbing as she runs away. He is surprised by how little he cares.

When the ambulance finally arrives, he is relieved and is in half of a mind to yell at them for not arriving early. But Kathryn's injured body has his complete attention right now. It's strange how death changes perspective because he really doesn't want her to die.

Most of the times when he returns home, he finds her in his room, sprawled over his king-size bed, looking utterly ravishing. She lays on his bed, her legs spread, wearing clothes that show her breasts off and still does not let him shag her.

She dresses this way too manipulate him and he airways gets manipulated.

He has considered moving out and living with his father many a time but she has not let him take that step. But now, he thinks he would, after she wakes up.

No matter, how enticing she is, he wants to stay away from her mind games and insanity. He thinks as he looks at her body laid on a stretcher in the ambulance. The problem is that she doesn't let him stay away.

"We are there Mr. Valmont." The driver speaks emotionlessly and he mutters, "Okay."

In the matter of minutes, she is in the OT and he waits outside for her. He has still not communicated with her mother. Explaining the woman will be a bitch. She will see through the lie and then Kathryn will be very cross with him. So he waits for his stupid bitch of a step-sister to make a recovery so that he can finally take his leave.

It's going to be a long day. He sighs.


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