An unusual plan

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“I’m sorry, I must have misheard you... You want me to what?!”

Oh, you heard him. Tony isn’t one to stutter. You just couldn’t believe he actually had the balls to suggest this. To you, of all people.

“We need you to go undercover… As a stripper.” “Yeah, I got that part, what I don’t understand is why I have to do this. Why can’t Nat do it? She’s way more… bendy. Besides, I’m just… well…” You’d been working out with Steve lately, and it showed, but you never had enough self-confidence for something like this. Not only to dance nearly-naked in front of strangers, but knowing those strangers were well armed assholes who would like nothing more than to cut you to pieces. These guys were bad on a whole new level. We’re talking human trafficking, drugs, guns, and state secrets. With the right amount of money, these guys could get you anything.

“Come on sweetheart. We finally caught a break and we –“Tony shoved more of whatever he was snacking on in his mouth and made some mumbling sounds. “What was that? You need my help?” You laughed. Your relationship with Mr. Stark was unusual to say the least. You were like siblings. Perverted, childish, petty siblings who constantly tried to one-up each other and never wanted to ask for help because you knew the other would hold it over them forever. “Look, I know he won’t say it but we really do need you for this to work,” Banner finally spoke up. He usually let Tony do the talking but he knew if they were going to talk you in to this, it was going to take more. “This is our chance to find out where that deal is going down. This is going to save lives. You’ll be a hero. Everyone will-““NO!” You practically jumped out of your chair.

“If I do this, I don’t want anyone to know. I mean, I’d just rather not have everyone know.” Your face grew red. You honestly didn’t care if most people knew. Everyone does weird things undercover. You do what you have to do to get the mission done. You only cared about what Steve Rogers thought. That’s why you worked out so hard with him. You cared what he thought about you and you can imagine that a man as old-school as he is would probably be disappointed in you for this. You loved his innocence. He was so respectful and sweet. He was your best friend, and secretly, you loved him. If he were to see you like that, you’d never be able to look him in the eye again. “Promise me, both of you, that this stays between us.” You were trying to not let them hear the desperation in your voice. You never told anyone how you felt about him. That didn’t stop them from teasing you both about it. You thought there was no way he could feel the same way about you but to everyone else, you could almost cut the tension with a knife.

“Ok, we promise. Besides, everyone’s on a different mission anyway. They’ll be so far away from you, they won’t even know what happened.” Tony’s smile was just a little too big for your comfort. Somehow, you knew you were going to regret this.

The Avengers tower was empty. Everyone had been away for two days now. You hated when it was quiet but that made what you were about to do a little easier. Tony was right, this is a good plan. There’s a party happening tonight. Some hush-hush location. Thanks to some of Tony’s … shadier informants, we were alerted to a meeting between these assholes and someone with too much money for their own good. We didn’t have a lot of details or time. No way we could wire the place or get some kind of trap set up. The easiest way was to send someone in as a dancer. They can get close to the party guest without raising suspicion and no one is ever looking at a dancers face. You’d be able to get in there, get the information, and get out without anyone knowing who you were.

You had about two hours to get ready for this. Tony was setting you up with a friend of his who works for a high end escort and entertainment company that hires girls out for these parties. Tony had mentioned he put a box in your room and told you to be ready by 8. You were not ready for what was in this box. You knew you wouldn’t be wearing much but this was a joke! Thankfully he included a long black coat to keep everything covered on the way to the car. You had hoped you would be able to get out of the tower without seeing anyone but Tony wasn’t about to let that happen. “Knock em dead sweetheart.” He handed you a tiny ear piece and a contact lens that would allow him to see what was going on in case you needed back up. Not like you had anywhere to put a gun, after all.  You gave him a small nod as you head out the door.

As your car pulled up to the back of the hotel, your heart began to race. You’d been undercover before. You knew how to blend in and work a role. Something about this one made you nervous though. “Alright, you need to walk in, check in at the desk, and Abby will help you get ready. She’ll be wearing red.” Tony’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts and you headed inside. The guy at the desk looked like he couldn’t care less about the half-naked women walking around him. You debated going back to the car when a tall blond woman approached you. “Hi! You must be my replacement! I’m Abby. Let’s get you ready. You’re up in 20.” She ushered you in to room off to the side and quickly shut the door behind you. “Tony sent you, right? We need to get you ready. I’m putting you in the VIP room. That’s where they’re set up. Are you ready?” Abby suddenly looked concerned. “Please tell me you can dance.” You hadn’t actually thought about it. Your blank expression gave you away. “Shit. Ok, let me give you a couple of pointers.” You were surprised at how easily you took to this. You’d never danced on a pole before but thanks to Steve pushing you so hard in your workouts, you could actually get away with this. “Before I head out there, do you know who they’re meeting with? I hate not knowing what I’m walking in to.” You were putting the final touches on your makeup and making sure your very tiny outfit hadn’t shifted. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen her before.” You were a little surprised at that information. You weren’t expecting a woman. You almost poked yourself in the eye when Tony finally spoke up. “You look like you’ve done this before.” Shit, you forgot he could see what you could see and you were looking in the mirror. “Like what you see?” You could hear Banner laughing in the background. “Actually…” “Oh shut up.” You finish putting the final touches on your lipstick and blow him a kiss. “Just don’t worry if you can’t see them while you’re dancing. The lights will be pretty bright but I can clean it up on my end and let you know who we’re dealing with.” You let out a big sigh. This was as good as it was going to get. “Alright, Abby, let’s do this.”

As you stepped out and on to the stage, you were immediately disoriented by the bright lights. It only took you a moment to pull yourself together and get to it. The music started slow as you began circling the pole. The lights dancing off the sequins on your outfit. You made a mental note to kill Tony when you got a chance. The tiny bits of fabric that only barely covered the most important parts were made to look like the American flag. You knew Tony did this on purpose. This was his way of giving you shit about the super soldier. You knew Steve would never approve of the flag being used in this manner. You pushed the thought of him out of your head. You needed to focus. The lights kept moving and you couldn’t get a good read on anyone’s face, not that anyone was looking your way anyway. “You need to get me a better picture. Make them look at you. Trip or something.” Tony was right. You were running out of time and you needed those pictures. As you swung around, you let your hand slip. It gave you exactly what you needed.

Everyone turned to look at you as soon as you hit the floor. Your plan worked perfectly. Too perfectly. You really did misstep and unfortunately, your head hit the pole on the way down. You could hear Tony and Bruce yelling at you, asking if you were ok. Before you could figure out which way was up, you were being scooped up by big, strong arms. “Why don’t you escort her back, make sure she’s ok. We can finish up here.” You could hear the woman laugh while she ordered her bodyguard to help you up. Your head was spinning but you tried to keep your feet under you as he set you down. It wasn’t happening. Those heels were hard to stand in to begin with. You felt him drape his jacket around your shoulders before he picked you back up. You were trying to pull yourself together. You hated feeling like this. It made you vulnerable. Where was Tony with that back up?? You tried to focus on who was carrying you but you couldn’t see his face. You began to panic as you felt him head out the door. Where was he taking you? Would Tony be able to track you? Could you use your shoe as a weapon if you had to?

You start running through all the possibilities when you feel a sudden calm come upon you. You knew that smell. You’d know it anywhere. Your fear was suddenly replaced by the heavy weight of anxiety in your chest. “Steve?” It was almost a whisper. He gently put you in the front seat of a car. The ride home was silent. Neither of you said anything. By the time you got back to the tower, you were feeling much better. Unfortunately that also meant you feeling very ashamed of yourself right now. The one person you wanted the most NOT to see you ended up having to save your ass. He pulled the car in to the underground parking. You had to remind yourself to breathe as he put the car in park and turned the engine off. He just sat there. He never even looked at you. You wanted to say something, anything to break the tension. “We should get inside before you catch cold.” His voice sent shivers down your spine. Talk about cold. You followed him to the elevator, your shoes clicking loudly on the concrete. You knew it was a long ride up. You silently begged him to say anything. Yell, be angry, and tell me I was a disappointment to him. Anything.

You were only about half way up the tower when it suddenly came to a halt. The lights cut out. Steve tried the emergency phone. “It’s dead. Looks like we’re going to have to just wait.” His voice was short and to the point. He still wouldn’t look at you. You let out a deep sigh and decide to kick your shoes off. No point in suffering longer than you have to. “Steve, I… I just want to say that I-“”You what? Hm?” He finally turned to look at you. “You’re sorry? You could have gotten us all killed. You almost blew our cover! What were you even doing there?!” He stepped closer to you with each sentence, forcing you to back in to the corner. “What if something had happened to you?! Do you have any idea what that would do to me?!” That last sentence made your heart jump. “…What?” “I mean, we would all suffer if you got hurt. You’re important to the team.” He was stuttering. A light blush crosses his cheeks as he tries not to look at you again. “No. Try again.” You stepped closer to him. You could feel the heat coming off his body. “Why won’t you look at me? Steve? Am I really that horrible to look at?” You were teasing him. You could hear his breathing change. It felt like time had stopped. The tension was so thick and it felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room. You almost couldn’t take it before he finally broke. You’ve never felt such need in a kiss before. His lips pressed hard against yours. His big hands slide across your ass as he pulls you up to wrap your legs around his waist. He pressed you against the glass wall of the elevator. You never wanted to stop but your lungs were screaming for air.

You giggled, “I thought you were mad at me?” “Mad? I’m furious. Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” He brushed his lips against your ear as he pushed his coat off of you. “Do you have any idea what this little outfit has done to me? I almost lost it the second you took that stage.” His hands were surprisingly soft as he tried desperately to undo your top. You let out a soft moan. “Wait, wait.” You pushed him back, “Is this what you actually want?” You searched his eyes for any hint of hesitation. “Oh sugar. I have wanted this for so long. Watching you work out every day…” He finally felt that ‘pop’ of your top coming loose and smirk slowly crept over his face. “Watching you work up a sweat…” In one quick motion, he had your top off and tossed over his shoulder. His lips trailing down your neck. “Those tight pants that you can just barely see through...” He groaned as he pushed his hips against you. You could feel his erection pushing through his pants. “I have to take cold showers every day because of you.” His voice was like electricity in your veins. You wanted him right now. You reached down to start undoing his belt as he pulled his shirt over his head. To look as his body was like looking at art. It was perfect. As soon as his shirt was off, his lips were right back on yours. You had to be dreaming. You must have hit your head harder then you originally thought. There was no way you were this lucky. His kiss was hot and desperate. He spun you around as he tore off the bottoms to your outfit. He didn’t even bother to untie them, he just ripped them off in one swift motion. You didn’t even try to stop him again. He pushed forward, your nipples hard against the cold glass. You could hear his pants fall to the ground behind you. “Steve, please. I want you so bad.” You’d barely finished your sentence before he slides a finger in to you. You can hardly hold yourself up. Thank God he’s got you pressed up against that glass. The cold against your front and the heat from his body pressed against your back made for a very interesting sensation. He rubbed small circles around your clit. “Tell me what you want sweetheart.” You moaned and pushed your ass against his huge erection. He pulled away from you, licking his fingers, and he smiled. “No, tell me what you want. I want to hear it.” “Please?” “Please what?” You looked up. You could feel your embarrassment show on your face. “Captain, I need you. I want you to take me. Fuck me. Make me yours.” He pushed himself against you again. “You’re getting closer…” He licked his lower lip and you could feel his cock twitch. You knew he wanted it as badly as you did. You did the only reasonable thing to do in that moment. You dropped to your knees.

He thought his brain was going to explode the second he felt your lips wrap around his dick. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He had played this out over and over in his head. He had awoken to a sticky mess more times than he could remember, dreaming of this. And somehow, it was still better than anything he could have imagined. It didn’t take him more than a minute to figure out he wouldn’t make it very long if he let you keep going like this.

You were just getting the hang of it when he pushed you back. For a second, you were afraid you’d done something wrong until he reached down and pulled your legs out from under you. He wanted you on your back and you were more than happy to give in to him. He stopped for a moment and just took it all in. Your body spread out before him like a teenage boy’s wet dream come true. You pushed yourself up to catch his lips with yours. That kiss seemed to draw him back to the moment and he started kissing his way down your chest. You knew where he was headed and as much as you love to watch that happen, you just had a deep need to have him inside you. You pulled his face back up to yours. “Please, Cap. I need you. I don’t want to wait anymore.” That was all he needed. He pressed himself in to you, slowly, giving you time to adjust. You question if the noise he made was even human. “Oh fuck, you’re so wet.” He desperately fought to get those words out. You stopped. Did he just swear? He started to move and completely lost your train of thought. He felt so good inside of you. You started to push against him, silently begging him to go faster. He picked up the pace and you lifted your hips each time to match his thrusts. You dug your nails in to his back as he pushed harder and faster. You could feel the desperation in his movements. He wasn’t going to last much longer and neither were you if he kept this up. You could feel the knot building in your stomach. “Oh God, Steve, I’m so close. Harder.” He gave it everything he had and you could feel him getting close. His thrusts became more erratic and his hand tightened on your hip, pulling you to him. He was practically panting in your ear. His moans were the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard. You screamed out his name as you came. It was like every nerve in your body exploded all at one. It was the most mind blowing orgasm you’d ever had and it just kept hitting you, wave after wave. Feeling your muscles clamp down around him pushed him over the edge. You lay there together for what feels like forever. You could feel his heart pounding through his chest. It was the perfect moment…

… To be ruined by Tony. He coughed a couple of times. “Hey soooo… I probably should have mentioned this sooner, but the cameras still work.” You both looked at each other with a look of pure horror. The pranking would never end. “I just want to know if you want a copy? I can just email it to you I guess.” Tony wasn’t alone. You could hear laughter in the background. Steve tried the best he could to cover you but it was no use. Before he could even get his pants back on, the elevator had started moving again. You wrapped yourself in Steve’s jacket the best that you could. Once the elevator finally made it to the top floor, you both tried to make a run for your bedroom. Too bad you didn’t make it very far.

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