50 Shades of the Force

BY : NightCandy
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Fifty Shades of the Force

by NightCandy


Summary: Obi-Wan and Anakin's secret game of submission and dominance is discovered by an unwary Ahsoka, who wants to learn more. Bondage, punishments and orgasms ensue.


Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, Disney does. No money or profit is made.




The chill in the room heightened the tactile awareness of the Jedi Master contained within—an effect, he had no doubt, his former apprentice desired to create just for him. Anakin Skywalker was an impatient, rash man, but he didn't let those traits impair his attention to detail when it mattered. Despite his natural inclination to cover himself, Obi-Wan did not, though he had considered it. Anakin would have been all too pleased to find his master with his arms wrapped around himself to stay his shivering, glad for the opportunity it would afford him to admonish the older man. And sometimes Kenobi gave him that opportunity willingly, but he was in the mood to make Anakin work for the honor of rebuking his master.

In the silent bedroom Obi-Wan knelt with both knees on the floor, seated back against his bare heels, hands palm-up on his thighs. He was shirtless, his robe and tunics folded neatly on a chair nearby and his head bowed as he waited. He had been waiting just under an hour while Anakin debriefed the Council on a dangerous mission he had Ahsoka had just returned from. It had been a few weeks and then a little while ago Obi-Wan had received a rather curt command via comlink from his returning former apprentice in the form of a simple, “Be in my quarters,” and then Anakin had terminated the link without waiting for a reply.

The door hissed open and Obi-Wan shivered at the noise. He could sense a certain pensive desperation about Anakin and knew tonight would be fierce. The knowledge both made him tense and piqued his desire. The sound of Anakin's robe hitting the floor almost made him jerk, but he held himself strong and tamed the urge to censure his sloppy apprentice. Not here. Not in the bedroom. In the bedroom Anakin was the master.

Just out of view Anakin pulled his belt off and tossed it down, then started on his tunics, all the while saying nothing. Obi-Wan closed his eyes. His former apprentice was restraining himself, forming mental blocks and shuffling his desires into compartments with deliberate attention. He only did that when he was in the mood to revel in his master's pain, to take whatever he wanted without care for comfort or gentility—which of course he would never do, not fully, thus the need to get control of himself before moving. Still, Obi-Wan didn't kid himself. He was about to get worn out and he looked forward to it.

Anakin kicked off his boots and they hit the floor with two loud thuds. Obi-Wan's lashes fluttered at the harshness of the sounds. And then Anakin was at his side, reaching down, tangling his fingers into his master's ginger hair. “Did you miss me?” he asked in a deceptively soft voice.

“Yes,” Obi-Wan admitted, perhaps a bit more breathlessly than he had intended. He did not fear Anakin, but at the same time the anticipation of what was going to come had him locked in a bittersweet tension.

Gripping Obi-Wan's hair, wrapping those locks around his fingers, Anakin pulled him toward the bed slowly, making him crawl. Anakin sat down on the edge and let go, leaned back and said, “Show me.”

Obi-Wan swallowed and opened his eyes, taking in the vision before him. Anakin gazed back at him with those hooded bedroom eyes, predatory and ravenous. He was beautiful and Obi-Wan had missed him, had missed that look of sheer want directed at him. Leaning forward and without reservation, Obi-Wan pressed his mouth against the inner part of Anakin's clothed thigh and kissed him, even as his hands trailed up, seeking to find the zipper to open his leggings, fully prepared to worship at Anakin's feet all night if that's what he wanted. He fumbled a bit, awash in desire, but finally drew the offending barrier down slowly.

Before he could lean into Anakin's open pants his apprentice stopped him, once again wrapping his fingers into his master's hair. Obi-Wan looked up curiously at the smile playing along Anakin's lips. His former padawan drew the backs of his fingers down Obi-Wan's cheek as he said, “I missed you as well.” The admission warmed Obi-Wan. In this mood such affection was rare from Anakin and he rewarded it with another kiss to the younger man's inner thigh while Anakin pet him.

Again, his efforts to heighten the kiss were rebuffed. Anakin leaned forward and took Obi-Wan by the back of the neck, pressing his mouth down into his master's and forcing his lips to part. As his mouth was invaded by Anakin's tongue, Obi-Wan groaned and felt his cock starting to harden. His padawan held his head in place, his teeth nipping at a sensitive bottom lip, drawing him close as he whispered harshly, “Do you want me to fuck you, Obi-Wan?”

“Yes,” Obi-Wan breathed, running his hands up Anakin's powerful thighs, caressing on up to cup his hips. He didn't want Anakin to finish fast under the crass ministration of being sucked off. He wanted him to take his time and extract every ounce of enjoyment from tonight.

“Beg me,” Anakin entreated and watched in pleasure as Obi-Wan began raining kisses down his thigh, inner calves and to his ankle.

Obi-Wan pressed his forehead against Anakin's lower leg and obeyed, saying, “Please. Please, Anakin.” He kissed the skin just above his apprentice's foot, on the inner side and whispered, “I need you to fuck me.” And he did. He hadn't realized how much his body had strained for this moment while his apprentice was gone. Of course he had had passing fantasies, had even relieved himself a time or two, but it was nothing compared to having Anakin touch him. Not to mention the worry that his apprentice might never return.

That thought reverberated between them; their master/apprentice bond had never been dissolved. Their game of submission and dominance fell away for a few seconds as Anakin drew Obi-Wan back up, kissing him fully on the lips. “I'm alive, Master. I came back.” For a few precious seconds they lingered against one another, just enjoying that fact, then Anakin leaned back again and asked, “Did you touch yourself while I was away?”

The question caught Obi-Wan off guard and he stammered, “I...well, I...” Anakin's smile told him it was too late. He nodded his confession and bowed his head, waiting for reprimand.

“Of course you did,” Anakin murmured, those fingers tracing lazily lines through his master's hair. “And you came without me, didn't you?” Obi-Wan could only be honest and concede the truth. Shaking his head, Anakin said, “I'm going to enjoy punishing you for that. You know you're never to come without my permission. You know that.”


“I'm sorry, Anakin,” Obi-Wan breathed, bending so his forehead touched the floor at Anakin's feet. “I...”


At that moment the door hissed open, thoroughly surprising them both out of their play. Anakin's head whipped to the side first, then Obi-Wan looked up into the startled blue eyes of his padawan's padawan, who was covering a gasp with her hands to her mouth. “Oh, oh, I...I didn't know...I didn't think. I...” She gazed down at Obi-Wan's unusual position, then flickered her gaze to her master. “Master? I...” They had both been so wrapped up in each other than neither of them had felt her coming.

Anakin hissed a breath, then motioned her in, saying, “Sit down, Ahsoka.” He looked back at his master and said, “Obi-Wan, kneel.”

Humiliation colored Obi-Wan's cheeks and he was tempted to stop this here and now, but his body wasn't cooperating with him, instead obeying Anakin's command. He again sat back on his knees, palms up and head bowed, ashamed to admit to himself that her curious gaze only fueled his fire—and Anakin's, he could sense.

“Why are you acting that way?” Ahsoka asked in a soft, confused tone. “Why is he obeying you like that?” It was nothing she had ever seen before. Yes, Anakin was the master here, in the bedroom, but outside they resumed their natural roles as Jedi. She was startled to her core to find her usually sassy grand master debasing himself at anyone's, let alone Anakin's wishes.

Ahsoka had sunk down onto Obi-Wan's clothes in the chair. Anakin moved close enough to touch her hand and despite her uncertainty, she did not recoil. “What we talk about here stays here, understood? You know sexuality isn't barred a Jedi,” he said, half in statement, half in question. Had she nodded? Obi-Wan didn't turn his head to see, but there was no verbal reply. “This is Obi-Wan's gift to me, his sacrifice to help me channel my, well, my darker emotions. I've fought angry. You know that. This helps me to release that energy in a safe place, to let it pass through me and turn it into something else.” Which was pleasure. Yes, Obi-Wan allowed Anakin to degrade him, to use him, to express the dangerous passion contained within himself. He did it gladly if it kept Anakin from falling. “Do you understand, Ahsoka?”

For a moment the young girl was silent as she gathered her thoughts. Obi-Wan could sense her conflict and something else, something much worse than if she had judged them poorly. His heart started to pound in his chest as he considered what he was feeling in her. “I think so, Master,” she replied a little shakily. “I mean you're not...you're not forcing him to, to...”


“Snips, it's me,” Anakin replied a little quick, then sighed at his own impatience. “I don't do anything that isn't invited, isn't ultimately pleasurable. I would never do anything to truly hurt him or either of you. You know that, right?”

“Of course, Master,” she replied, but sounded a little relieved all the same.

Another moment passed and then Obi-Wan's breath caught in his throat when Anakin said to her, “You're curious, aren't you? I mean more than just idly. I can sense...”

At this Obi-Wan did turn to look at them, noting the thoughtful look on Anakin's face, the flush to Ahsoka's cheeks. “Anakin!” he growled, a little wary of the direction this was heading. She was of age, but just barely.

“She has needs. She's old enough to decide if she wants to play the game, Master.” Instead of admonishing him, Anakin leaned close to Ahsoka and asked her, “Would you like to see me punish him?” The lust in his eyes made Obi-Wan's body react. Hell, the soft, bashful way Ahsoka raked her eyes down his form made him react and he had to steady himself.

Biting her bottom lip, Ahsoka seemed to consider the question and her eyes met Obi-Wan's with a gentility that touched him.“Not if he doesn't want me to.” She was beautiful and sweet, and Force this couldn't be right...


“Obi-Wan?” Anakin asked in a deep, hungry way that made his master flush.


Obi-Wan bowed his head again, afraid of the answers in his own heart. He could only say in reply, “If it pleases you.” It was what a submissive would say, not what Obi-Wan Kenobi would say. Right now he was almost afraid of what Obi-Wan Kenobi wanted to say.


“No, no. None of that,” Anakin replied impatiently, but not without care for his master. “You tell us what you want. This is about us, not just me.”


He knew that, of course. He trusted his former apprentice. Anakin's respect of his wishes and his own affection for both of them moved Obi-Wan to say, “If she wants to see, I have no objections. Understand, Ahsoka, I care for you both. My concerns are only for your well being.” She had seen him grovel at Anakin's feet, for Force sake. She might just as well learn the true nature of what went on instead of building an incorrect understanding in her own imagination.


“Thank you, Master Obi-Wan,” Ahsoka said and he could feel a little touch from her in the Force. It was gentle reassurance mingled with her own embarrassment at catching them in a private moment. Her attitude was not that of a child, he could sense, but the sureness of a child become a woman and he returned her mental touch, proud of her for her understanding, her lack of judgment on them. Strictly speaking, it was questionable at best for a master/apprentice pairing to engage in sexual pairings because of the dangers of attachment. She would be within her rights to disavow them for such a relationship, but instead she only sought to understand.


Anakin got to his feet and wandered to the dresser behind Obi-Wan, opening a drawer. The tinkling of chains made Obi-Wan tremble. “Arms up,” Anakin ordered and his master obeyed, scarcely able to breathe, scarcely able to believe he was about to be punished in front of his grand padawan. It twisted him with desire and protectiveness both and he could sense the same mix in Anakin, but where Obi-Wan was overly cautious, his apprentice threw caution to the wind.


A cuff clapped over Obi-Wan's wrist and an automatic locking mechanism tightened to the size of the limb it captured. A bar separator, he presumed, and wasn't disappointed. The other wrist was cuffed and his former padawan ordered him to his feet. Beside the bed a hook hung from the ceiling and Anakin jerked his arms up, fixing the bar to it and swiveling his master so that Ahsoka would get a side view.


When Anakin's fingers curled into the rim of his leggings Obi-Wan closed his eyes as another wave of humiliation nauseated and enticed him at the same time. His padawan was slow to push the clothing down, baring his erection for Ahsoka to see. Obi-Wan moved to step out of them, but his apprentice slapped the side of his ass and said, “Let them stay around your ankles.” Of course. He meant to play the shame card fully in front of her. Obi-Wan shuddered at the thought.


Again Anakin went into the drawer, fishing around until he fount the implement of his choice. Would it be the belt? The riding crop? Would it draw blood? Obi-Wan was tense, his hands fisted, yet he was also very visibly aroused. When Anakin struck his back with the whip, Obi-Wan cried out harder than he might have if he wasn't horny out of his mind due to the circumstances. “Why am I punishing you?” Anakin asked, tracing Obi-Wan's side with the hilt of the whip.


Obi-Wan forced himself to breathe and answered softly, “Because I spoke out of turn.” The whip hit him again, across the lower back and he jerked his head back, shoulders clenching. He had known that, real concern for their sake or not, he was going to suffer for having interrupted their conversation.


Anakin paced a circle around him, eyes hard and hungry as he passed before his master's vision, all the while the hilt of that whip circumnavigating his belly and sides. “And?”


And? Force, what had he done? He searched his mind, then again cried out when the whip struck his shoulders, hard. Letting a low moan escape his throat, Obi-Wan inhaled several deep breaths before saying, “I g-gazed out of turn.” Another stripe of pain and pleasure. Obi-Wan's eyes fluttered shut and a bead of sweat trailed from his hair down his neck.


“And?” Anakin asked, still pacing, slapping his palm with his weapon. “What else requires my correction?”


Obi-Wan's head drooped forward and his hair fell into his face, tickled his cheek as he tried in his pleasure filled haze to recall what it was Anakin wanted to hear. And then it hit him and his skin reddened at what he had to say in front of Ahsoka. “I...I touched myself...while you were gone.”

The whip fell across his ass this time and he moaned hard, almost losing himself. He was adding voice to his panting and his sweaty hair was blocking his vision. A thrill passed through him from nipple to navel as he imagined Ahsoka's face. Force, he couldn't let himself touch her mind. He just couldn't.


Suddenly Anakin's hand was against his ass and Obi-Wan shuddered, having a hard time mastering himself. “You see how much he enjoyed this?” he asked his own apprentice, rubbing his master softly. “You see the pleasure he took from this?”


“Yes,” Ahsoka replied, her voice strained and whispered. It was desire choking her and Obi-Wan didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


Anakin sat down on the bed, again near Ahsoka. Obi-Wan peered through his hair at them, watching as his apprentice took her hand, rubbing softly. “You took pleasure from it too, didn't you?” Oh, Force...


“Yes.” Her voice hadn't changed, held no fear or true shame, just a polite russet blush as she looked at Obi-Wan's naked body through her lashes.


“I could give this to you,” Anakin said and Obi-Wan looked at them both unabashedly, punishment or not. His former apprentice looked into his eyes, seeking permission, seeking any manner of condemnation or unhappiness, finding only nervous tension. “It would only be here, in the bedroom. Nowhere else would I expect such abasement and it must be for your pleasure as well as mine. I would never ask anything of you that you couldn't give. Do you want this?”


Ahsoka swallowed hard, her eyes carefully measuring Obi-Wan's. “I don't want to come between you,” she replied, asking them both.


Holding her gaze for a long moment, Obi-Wan considered telling her no, not if it stripped her of her innocence, changed her, but he realized that had been done the second she opened that door. Should he mourn that? Part of him did. The other part of him enjoyed what he saw in her gaze, the affection, yes, but also the way she devoured his nudity and the way she rubbed her master's hand in return. She was hungry, too, awakened by them. When, he did not know, but it was there. “You won't,” he assured her, sealing their fates to this strange course.


Ahsoka turned toward Anakin, bright eyes wide and all together lovely. “Do you want me, Master?”


Bringing her hand to his lips, Anakin kissed her soft orange skin and smiled as he said, “It pleased me to see you enjoy this, to feel what you felt. But you must always be honest with me, both of you,” he said this with a slight glare at his master. He then rested his hand on her thigh tentatively, which made her shiver. “And don't call me 'master' in here. In here we're just Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka. Out there we're different people.”


“Yes, Ma—Anakin,” Ahsoka replied, shaking her head a little at her lapse.


Anakin touched her chin softly, drew her face up to look at him. “Never forget this is about us. All of us.” At her nod, he leaned in and gently pressed his mouth against hers. The emotions Obi-Wan sensed in them reminded him of the first time with Anakin. It had been new, frightening almost and exciting at the same time. Obi-Wan could sense the same ruefulness in Anakin that he had felt in himself that first time, the same guilt and yet desire to please. Could they weather this, all three? He didn't know, couldn't see into the future to divine it, but knew it was too late now. All they could do was protect one another from one another, and the irony made him laugh darkly.

Anakin made a face at him, then turned back to Ahsoka and asked her, “Have you ever been with anyone?” Ahsoka blushed so prettily when she shook her head. Obi-Wan felt like he shouldn't enjoy that as much as he did, but he had never been blind to her developing beauty, inner and outer. Apparently, neither had Anakin. Touching her bare shoulder, Anakin went on, saying, “We'll go slow. Right now all I want is for you to take your clothes off. If you're not afraid.”


“I'm not afraid,” Ahsoka replied, taking a deep breath before the plunge and then standing. Surprisingly, she didn't try to hide herself from either of the men with her as she pulled her red gloves off and tossed them aside, then reached for her belt.


Anakin watched her with naked lust as she disrobed and when she stood before him, her hands fidgeting together nervously, he let his eyes roam for a little bit before taking a bite. Her nipples were a dark rust color and when Anakin closed his hand over one of her breasts, dragging his thumb up over it, Ahsoka inhaled sharply. Her back arched naturally toward his touch and she bit her bottom lip in pleasure as he fingered the upraised skin.


Flattening his other hand to the small of her back, Anakin drew her forward and pressed his mouth to her belly, cupping the other breast and kneading them both. Ahsoka's toes curled a little and her eyes shut as a little moan tickled the back of her throat. Her master trailed his tongue up, leaving a chilly trail, and then he took one of her swelling nipples into his mouth. Each time he nipped her flesh Obi-Wan knew it, could recognize it from her tiny jerks.


And then suddenly Anakin swept her into his arms and stood, turning to lay her on the bed in full view of Obi-Wan like a feast. Ahsoka watched her master as he pushed his pants and underclothes down to the floor and stepped out. His erection was full and thick, intimidating to an untried woman and Ahsoka drew the sheet beneath her into a tight fist as her master knelt with one knee between her thighs.

But instead of going straight for his desire, Anakin reached down and caressed her leg softly, his aura radiating gentility and reassurance. His fingertips trailed up her inner thigh. Togruta had hair neither on their heads, nor on their genitals, so her soft pussy was bared for them to see fully with only two white stripes painted halfway down thighs on the same path Anakin's fingers had taken. He smoothed the backs of his fingers down her outer lips and Ahsoka shivered at his touch, breathing audibly in anticipation.


When his fingers entered her folds she arched back, moaning softly. Did a Togruta woman have a clitoris like a human did? Sensing his master's curiosity, Anakin looked into his gaze with smoldering eyes and smoothed his thumb up the apex of her womanhood, causing her to dig her feet into the bed in sheer gratification. Apparently they did. “Do you want me to fuck you, Ahsoka?” he asked her, still looking at his master.


“Yes,” Ahsoka groaned and when he touched her entrance, she threw her head back with a moan. Slowly, deliberately he pushed his finger into her tightness and she writhed beneath his touch. A second finger made her gasp and grip the pillow beneath her head. His exploration had a twofold purpose; to draw out her wetness and to stretch her in preparation for penetration. Obi-Wan could sense a mix of pain and pleasure as she started to rock against her master's hand. Finally, shaking and tense, in a small voice she begged him, “Please.”


Anakin gently drew his fingers out, coaxing her arousal along the way. With a wicked smile he left her there and moved to where Obi-Wan still hung, reaching his wet fingertips out and touching his master's bottom lip with a lingering sweep. It left behind a soft slick of her wetness that they both tasted when Anakin bent in, kissing him, gathering the moisture with his tongue and assaulting Obi-Wan's with it. Obi-Wan throbbed in pleasure at the salty taste and the possessiveness he felt from his former padawan. He wanted to be on that bed beside Ahsoka, waiting to be fucked like her, but he knew Anakin wouldn't allow it yet. Obi-Wan was to watch and desire, to long for release until the last moment.


Trailing kisses up to Obi-Wan's ear, Anakin hissed so only his master could hear, “If you come, I'll spank her.” Obi-Wan shuddered as his padawan then pulled away, once again kneeling on the bed, giving his master a parting look of warning.


“Relax,” Anakin whispered as he lowered himself onto her smaller body. He was heavier than she was and held himself just enough to keep from crushing her beneath him. Then took his cock into his hand and directed the head of his erection to the small entrance between her legs. As he had promised, slowly he pressed forward and Ahsoka whimpered at the new sensation, her voice caressing the air as he traveled deeper inside. When he was as far as he dared go, Anakin stopped and opened his mind to Obi-Wan, letting him sense secondhand how tight and hot her body was. She was trembling and making soft mewling noises, sweet noises that Obi-Wan wanted to kiss away, but couldn't.


Cupping her cheek, Anakin nuzzled against her and asked her if she was all right. Her nod gave him the permission he needed and just as slowly, he pulled his hips back, then moved forward, just a little faster this time. “Ahh!” Ahsoka moaned hard and Anakin stroked her cheek gently. Her legs hugged at his hips and Obi-Wan could see a fine sweat sheen glistening on her skin. It was beautiful.


Anakin dipped down, kissing her dark lips, tasting her cries as he pulled back and drove in again. Then again. His hand still on her cheek, he pushed down until the other side of her face was flat against the pillow, saying, “Look at Obi-Wan.” Ahsoka's eyes were tightly shut in sensation, but at Anakin's command she opened them a fraction to take in Obi-Wan's desire-hazed gaze. Anakin rocked into her hips again, making her lashes flutter, and said, “He enjoys seeing me fuck you.”


From the looks of it she had no qualms about having him watch her get fucked. Ahsoka didn't shy away from meeting his eyes, even as Anakin jerked against her, causing her to cry out. Her fist tightened around the pillow cover and she tentatively reached her other arm around Anakin's waist, holding him close as he set a pace she could handle. When he came, he came hard and groaned into her throat, a sound she seemed to drink in as her legs fell open and she closed her eyes.


His hair was sweaty and mussed when he finally recovered enough to pull out of her and prop himself up on his elbow at her side. Rubbing gentle circles around her belly button, Anakin looked down into her face with a pleasured daze and asked, “Are you okay?” Ahsoka nodded and tentatively reached up, smoothing his hair out of his face. Anakin pressed his forehead against hers and rested a moment, just enjoying their closeness and Obi-Wan was reminded again of their first time.


After a few blessed minutes, Anakin opened his eyes and looked at Obi-Wan with a calmer, less desperate thirst. “Obi-Wan will make you come and then he'll finish inside you. Would you like that?”


A thrill passed through Ahsoka and she raked her eyes down Obi-Wan, replying, “Yes, Master.”


He let the appellation go for the time being and nodded to his master. “Free him.”


As Ahsoka rose from the bed, Anakin remained where he lounged, curiosity and anticipation highlighting his appetite for their obedience. She stood in front of Obi-Wan unashamed of her nakedness and reached up, uncuffing one of his wrists. Tired from hanging, he had to grasp her shoulder to keep from falling forward. Ahsoka tenderly touched his cheek as he steadied himself, then reached to undo the other restraint.


When they both turned Anakin was grinning, head rested on his palm, as he motioned her to lay back down with his free hand. Ahsoka obeyed and laid beside him, surprise widening her eyes when he shoved her chest to the mattress and slapped one side of her ass. Then, pinning her beneath his chest, his mouth inches from her ear, he said, “That's for touching him without permission.” Cuddles came after the main course. Obi-Wan knew that and Ahsoka would learn. She shivered beneath him, her cheeks colored a bit by his sudden correction, but she only looked more aroused, not affronted.


“I'm sorry, Ma-Anakin,” she assured him coyly and he kissed the back of her shoulder, then drew her back onto her back.


Looking up into Obi-Wan's eyes, he commanded, “Pleasure her with your mouth.”


At that Ahsoka looked a little embarassed and murmured, “Let me just...” as she reached for a tissue on the nightstand. Anakin drew her hand back and smirked at Obi-Wan.


Of course he wanted his master to taste both her arousal and his padawan's climax. Another humiliation for his indiscretions. A smile tugged the corners of Obi-Wan's lips as he knelt on the bed, looking at the savory innocence before him. It wasn't that bad of a punishment, to his reckoning.


With the politeness of a gentleman, Obi-Wan parted Ahsoka's thighs and bent down, pressing tender kisses along her slick skin. She trembled beneath his kiss, twitched at the tickle of his beard and then drew a hard breath when his tongue met her soaked pussy. He tasted her wetness and the familiar salt of Anakin's semen, and wondered if he would even have to finish inside her. The eroticism of the situation was quite effectively burning through his careful discipline and he might just have to apologize to her for Anakin's spanking her if he came outside her.


Pressing onward, trying to gather the remainder of his restraint and concentrate as if this were a vital mission, Obi-Wan found out for himself that indeed a Togruta woman did possess a clitoris. He probed against it gently with his tongue and was pleased by her voice hitting the air. He had known both men and women, and Obi-Wan Kenobi knew just what to do with each. He cupped his mouth around that precious little bundle of nerves and sucked her skin, relishing the sensation of her squirming beneath him.


He felt Anakin pull her thigh wider and Obi-Wan himself shoved the other down to the bed, both men caging her open for the feast. Someone's hand tangled into his hair and Obi-Wan moaned softly against her, nuzzling her sweet flesh before lapping at the apex of her desire again. Ahsoka tried to rock with his kiss, but Obi-Wan held her hips still as he tongued and sucked her wetness. When he slipped his tongue inside her entrance he felt just how tight she was and could feel his control winnowing away.


He started to thrust his tongue against her in earnest and her body began to buck despite being pinned down. She moaned hard as her pelvic muscles began to tighten and when Anakin urged her, “Let it happen,” Ahsoka threw her head back and whimpered in the most hardcore pleasure she had likely ever felt.


Obi-Wan did not give her time to recover. He moved, ravenous, climbing up her body and impaling her on his need, not harshly, given her relative innocence, but not without a certain air of desperation. Reaching beneath her, Obi-Wan wrapped his arm around her back and held her against him as he thrust into her still contracting entrance. The sensation quite literally took his breath away. He gave a tenor groan and then almost stopped breathing as he caressed the insides of her body with his granite cock, starting to spurt his pleasure inside her, even as Anakin had wanted.


The realization and sensation of Anakin's pleasure was the final push that sent Obi-Wan down a hard turn into bliss. He moaned against Ahsoka's ear as he emptied into her, then fell against her body. Some indeterminate count of minutes passed before he became aware of her hands smoothing along his sweaty sides and Anakin's palm pushing his ginger hair out of his face.


Still breathing heavy, Obi-Wan pulled himself out of Ahsoka's body and laid down on her other side, quite certain General Grievous himself could enter the room and he could not rise to save his own life. He draped his arm along Ahsoka's midsection and laid his head down, breathing, “Welcome home.” That was quite the understatement, but he was a little sleepy just now.


“Best welcome ever,” Ahsoka whispered back, closing her eyes.


Anakin laughed at that and kissed her on the shoulder, then pillowed against it. “I think we can top that.” Leave it to Anakin to want more. His padawan only laughed again when Obi-Wan used the Force to tug that lock of hair where his braid had been.

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