Going Bad, Feeling Dead

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Going Bad, Feeling Dead


Anakin Solo let the cold water of the shower cascade over his pale, emaciated body. The numbing effect it had was a welcome sensation compared to the hell he had been through the past few weeks. He had no idea why he thought coming out to an abandoned mining facility in the middle of nowhere was a good idea. No idea why he decided to stay even after enduring endless hours of sadistic training by someone who was unquestionably a disciple of Sith teachings.

There were times where it was only because the Force was sustaining him that he was able to survive. Times where he had begged for death, wished for an end, if only to stop the pain and suffering, both physical and mental.

“I don’t wish to hurt you, Solo. But for you to properly appreciate what I have to teach you, I must tear down all the preconceptions, all the lies the Jedi have told you. To truly live again, you must first cast aside the person you once were. Cast aside the life constructed around falsehoods and ignorance and be reborn. Only when you have reached rock bottom, have suffered like no other and felt pain on unimaginable levels will you begin to understand that peace is a lie.

His hand curled up into a fist and he pounded the tiled wall of the shower once, gritting his teeth as ghostly pain shot through his body. From the Force Phantoms whispering hurtful truths and lies, to the sub-zero temperatures outside the living quarters and prisoner-like rations, it had not taken him long to break. He supposed he should be proud that he lasted a full week before giving in. Or, maybe he should be disgusted about how weak he had been.

Even though he had known the Force Phantoms had not been real, hearing his brother’s voice reveal things that Anakin had long tried to deny burned deep in his soul. Hearing Tahiri call out the flaws he knew he had, tell him that she had grown tired of his hero-complex and death wish, repeatedly shattered his heart. Seeing his dad’s expression, feeling his anguish and rage after Chewbacca’s death, ‘You left Chewie to die,’ broke him even more. Ghostly images of those who lost their lives on Myrkr, questioning why he had lived when they had died for his suicidal plan. Over and over again, familiar faces would visit him, their whispers mocking, taunting, accusing. The worst part was that a part of him felt like he deserved it.

He was only eighteen years old. Who was he to think that he could make a difference in the galaxy? Whatever possessed him to think that he could escape the shadow of his grandfather’s legacy?

And that had only been the mental torture.

He had almost become inured against physical pain; frostbite, Sith Lightning, sheer exhaustion, torn muscles, and everything imaginable. His lips twisted as he ran a hand along a healing lightsaber wound on his upper thigh. He had even learned how to ‘embrace pain,’ turn his pain and agony into strength. Tap into that rage deep within him to warm him even when the atmosphere around him should have frozen him to death within seconds. It had been pure instinct, driven by his mind’s need to survive.

The pain, the suffering, was just the price he had paid, however. In return, Brisha Syo, if that was her real name, had begun divulging Force-techniques that Luke Skywalker would never have approved of in a million years. The art of Sith Lightning, of Sith Fire, Force Rage, mental domination, and so much more. She had also reveal the philosophy behind her teachings, the Sith Code and the history of the Sith as told by their holocrons. They were lessons he’d never have received had he stuck with what the Jedi Academy had taught.

What had made things slightly bearable was the fact that he was far from alone in his misery. Was not the only one to ‘die’ and be reborn.

Alema Rar, a Jedi Twi’lek his age had followed him out to the asteroid, to the Home, and became a participant in the same sadistic teachings.

Anakin remembered something Brisha had said after that first week about his companion. Something that still stuck with him even after everything he had gone through.

Your companion is already broken, you know that? She’s died so many times and come back each time, more different and warped than before. The things she has endured, the pain she has felt, she will make an excellent Sith. Already she embraces that part of her, her pain and passion her driving force. Take away that hatred, take away that which burns deep within her, and she is nothing but an empty shell waiting to be filled. She only lasted two days you know, before giving in. Before her mind broke once more. She’s so used to having a master that all I had to do was…push the right buttons. So fret not, Solo. The fact that you’ve lasted this long is a testament to the full life you drew upon. The fact that she broke so quickly was a testament to how empty hers was.”

Anakin pulled himself from his flashback, the showing having cut off and leaving him dripping wet and shivering. He supposed he should count himself lucky that the asteroid actually had working water-showers instead of sonic-showers.

He toweled himself off and entered the almost nihilistic bedroom he had been allotted. Comprising solely of a single wardrobe, a plasteel chair, and a king-sized bed with dark blue sheets, it was illuminated in a faint blue light by a single glow-panel in the ceiling. There were no signs of its previous occupant, no personal mementos left behind. It was as cold and uninviting as the rest of the asteroid. And it had been his only sanctuary during his stay. He was far from a prisoner of the place, and a part of him wondered why he stayed. Why he voluntarily endured the hell he had been put through.

It was necessary, he reminded himself. For what, he wasn’t sure yet, but the Force was telling him that he couldn’t leave, not yet. He felt mildly guilty for dragging Alema into the mess as well, but she had made her choice. Could just as easily leave, but decided to stay.

As he finished toweling off his messy dark hair, he threw the towel to one side of the room. It was then he realized he wasn’t alone.

There, lying on his bed, was the object of his previous thoughts. And she was completely nude. His mind registered that last fact belatedly, and he forced himself to look at her face rather than her very attractive body.


He made no effort to cover himself up. Their time on the asteroid, and the fact that they had little in the way of wardrobe—much of which ended up being destroyed in their training sessions anyways—meant that they had seen each other in various states of undress. Of course, completely nude was something else, and he blushed slightly as his body responded to the visual stimulus.

“Solo,” Alema grinned, but it lacked the spunk and confidence he was used to seeing. Her eyes deliberately flickered to his stiffening member. “Very nice.”

He folded his arms in front of his chest and raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing in my quarters?”

Alema slung her legs over the side of the bed and stood, placing a hand on one canted hip and giving him a very clear view of her everything. He couldn’t help but look her over once more. She was taller than Tahiri by a good fifteen centimeters and her very well proportioned body was a deep shade of blue. Her firm breasts stood out proudly on her chest, slightly larger than a handful, and capped by darker blue nipples erect from the cold of the room. Her stomach was flat, with slight musculature. His eyes tracked southward to her sex—hairless like all members of her species were—and her long, fit legs. Her voice drew him back to her face and saw that she was smirking knowingly. “I had enough of the gloom and doom and decided to live a little.”

Something about her voice was off, and he could definitely feel fear and uncertainty radiate from her despite her confident demeanor. “What do you… mpfff!”

Anakin found himself cut off as Alema spun him around and pressed her lips to his. His eyes widened for a second before the warmth of her lips and the feel of her warm, naked body became much more desirable than the cold and pain of weeks past. Abandoning further thought he returned the kiss with full force, cupping her face to hold her in place. The bond they had forged on Myrkr and made even stronger from their shared torment, flared to life as both delved into the presence of the other. Needing something to cling to when everything else had been stripped away. Needing a reminder that they had both died and were in hell together.

Eventually the need for oxygen caused the both to break apart, both breathing heavily as they gazed knowingly at each other.

“Don’t say anything, Solo,” Alema breathed out, green eyes tearing up as she likewise framed his face in her hands. “Don’t you dare say anything. I don’t care about the past or the future. This is the present, and for now at least, you’re mine.”


Alema cut him off with another searing kiss, pressing him back against the wall and molding her nude form against him. He groaned against her mouth, the alien heat of her body branding his frontside, her hands running up and down his body with frantic fervor. His tongue dueled with her own, passion and desire being used to soothe desperation and despair. He reached around and gripped the taut globes of her ass, pulling her to him. His cock was now trapped between their bodies as both writhed in their heated embrace.

It felt good, wrong, but oh so good.

Alema pulled back, placing a single finger against his lips. “Not…a…word.”

Anakin nodded obediently and felt relief course from the blue-skinned teen.

“Let me take on your pain, Solo,” Alema whispered softly in turn, her green eyes haunted as she held his gaze. “Can’t have you going to pieces and I’m a nobody anyways. The two of us shouldn’t be hurting if I can do something about it. My mom, she always said a kiss made everything better. So that’s what I’m going to do, Solo. I’m going to kiss you…”

Before Anakin could ask what she meant, she began to kiss her way down the column of his neck and to his chest. His cock twitched and bobbed as she licked and lightly bit his nipples, her fingertips grazing his torso. He followed her progress, breathing raggedly. Finally, she was on her knees before him, looking up at him with an expression he had never seen before in the normally outgoing, bold teen. He didn’t need their bond to recognize it. It was worshipful adoration; or more perversely, the expression of a pet eager to serve their master.

Before he could stop her, Alema bent forward and engulfed the head of his cock in the warm wetness of her mouth. Anakin groaned, resting his back against the durasteel wall, his hands reflexively going to the back of Alema’s head. There, he felt her thick, heavy lekku and was reminded once more that she was not human. He squeezed the base of her lekku as her tongue swirled around the head of his cock, and that caused Alema to moan.

Use me, Solo. Use me! Alema’s thoughts echoed in his mind, desperation, a manic happiness following her words.

Her mouth felt so good, the pleasure a much needed change from the nonstop suffering, and Anakin obeyed with a groan of surrender. He gripped the back of her head and pressed his cock further into her mouth. Alema’s lekku twitched and shivered under his grip, the Twi’lek never looking away from his face as his cock disappeared between her lips inch by thick inch. Looking down at that sight, Anakin swore out loud.

Use me, master, Alema communicated, her eyes filling with tears as his cock bumped up against the back of her throat. Use me.

Her tongue continued to caress and work his cock, the hot warmth of her mouth and the suction like pressure as her cheeks caved in sending jolts of pleasure through his spine. Anakin panted and nodded, smiling weakly in turn. Gripping her head in an even firmer grasp, he began to saw his cock in and out of her mouth. He let his eyes close in turn, moaning aloud.

He couldn’t help it. After weeks of feeling powerless at the hands of their Sith instructor, the knowledge that he had control over another, that that control could feel so good, only spurred him on. He pulled Alema’s head all the way forward, her nose pressed into his pubic hair. His cock throbbed as it pushed its way down Alema’s throat, her throat in turn convulsing around the intruder. Her hands gripped the tops of her thighs, but she didn’t fight her new position. He kept his cock buried in her throat for several long seconds, feeling nothing but content pleasure radiating out from the Twi’lek on her knees before him and the blinding pleasure she was giving him. His hands curled around her lekku as her throat continued to milk him, stars exploding in his mind. Anakin’s cock swelled as his orgasm pulsed through him.

He gripped her lekku almost painfully as he shouted out her name. “Alema!”

Hips bucking and twitching, he emptied himself into her mouth. Despite the tears streaming down her face, Alema dutifully swallowing every last drop.

When his cock was spent, he sagged against the wall, breathing heavily, trying to regain his senses. And as he did, the realization of what he had done sunk in.

“Oh Force, Alema,” Anakin said in horror. He glanced down at the Twi’lek, who was massaging her throat and wiping away her tears. “Alema, I’m so…”

“Solo, if you apologize, I’m going to do something about this,” Alema cut him off hoarsely, grabbing him by his ballsack. “And believe me, it won’t feel nearly as good.”

“But I…”

“I wanted to make you feel good,” Alema whispered, smiling at him and shaking her head. She released him and stood, absently resting a hand on his chest. “Wanted to have you live a little. This place, the lessons. Brisha is doing everything in her power to make sure we go bad. To make sure we feel as dead as possible. I’m not going to let that happen. What happens on this asteroid will stay between us.”

Though he was sorely tempted, the reminder of a life outside the asteroid caused him to hesitate. “Tahiri…”

“We’ll just tell her that all we did was kiss,” Alema said coquettishly, her green eyes soft and vulnerable. “You did enjoy using me right?”

Anakin exhaled and nodded, his eyes closed in thought for a moment. He had to admit that Alema was a very attractive girl, that maybe in another life, if things were different. Brisha Syo’s words echoed in his mind once more, the lessons he had endured flashing by. Pain, despair, he’d go insane if that was the only thing he’d feel for the rest of his time on the asteroid. There was no question he was in a bad place mentally. If no one else would know, was he truly a bad person to pass up on this chance for relief and comfort?

“Anakin?” Alema questioned, looking to him anxiously.

Anakin opened his eyes and regarded the other teen. “What happens here stays between us.”

“Yeah,” Alema’s lips split into a genuine grin.

Anakin pulled her against him and kissed her once more. He didn’t care where her mouth had been moments before. All he wanted to do at the moment was feel something other than the coldness of the room. Feel something other than the emptiness Brisha’s teaching had created.

Yes! Alema cried out in his mind as she returned his kiss, her own arms wrapping around him.

He walked her back to the bed, and they both fell into it locked in a passionate embrace. Their bodies writhed against one and other as both sought comfort in whatever form they could take. Hands explored, lust and pleasure radiating out from the duo.

Alema broke the embrace, moving to straddle him. Smiling, breathing heavily, she rested a hand on his chest and leaned forward. Anakin’s gaze greedily drank her in. It was then, up close, that he noticed something he had missed previously. Something that cooled his ardor considerably.

Like a switch had been flicked, he flipped her back over so that he was on top. Blue eyes piercing and inquisitively boring down on the naked teen beneath him.


“Thought I said no talking,” Alema quipped, though sounding nervous.

Anakin let a hand caress her face before trailing it down her torso and gently cupping one of her breasts. Still holding her gaze, his thumb traced the edges of faded scars at the very base of the breast he was holding. Alema shivered at his touch, seemingly shrinking into herself.

“That wasn’t your first time someone used you like I did, was it?” Anakin whispered softly.

Alema finally looked away, a small whimper escaping her as she shook her head.

“I’m sorry,” Anakin murmured.

“Told you not to apologize either. You’re very bad at following instructions,” Alema said petulantly, still not looking at him.

Anakin shifted until he was lying down next to her. “Alema…”

“It’s in the past, forget it.”

“If I know Brisha, she made it so that it’s not so far in the past anymore.”

Alema said nothing, her eyes squeezing shut to stop a stray tear. She flinched when she felt Anakin put an arm around her, but tried to force herself to relax. Anakin began to pull back, and in a panic, Alema quickly rolled herself into him.


“Alema,” he whispered hoarsely. “Tell me, what can I do to make it better?”

“Just hold me right now,” Alema whimpered, pressing her forehead into his chest as her lekku twitched in distress.

Anakin wrapped an arm around her once more, pulling her into him. He felt hot tears streak down her cheek and splash against his bare skin. Her pain was palpable, a tangible darkness that made him feel sick and even more guilty for doing what he had done.

“No, I’m supposed to be making you feel better,” Alema quivered, reaching for his wilted cock. “It’s what I do best, make people feel good. I’m good at that.”

  Anakin gently brought her hand back to herself and hugged her tighter. Through their bond he tried to siphon away as much of the darkness and misery as he could. Only to find, to his surprised horror, that the more he took, the more she seemed to have.

“No, no, no,” Alema sobbed softly. “You’re supposed to be all good and light. I’m supposed to be the one going bad.”

“Shhhhh,” Anakin murmured soothingly. He felt tears of his own prick at the corner of his eyes. “You’re not bad, Alema. Your heart is in the right place. You try to do good wherever you can. I’m so sorry for bringing you out here.”

“I wanted to come,” Alema objected between sobs, hands clutching onto one of his in a desperate grip.

“Because I was doing something stupid and you wanted to make sure I got out of whatever mess I’d land myself in.”

Alema just shook her head and nuzzled him. “You are so taking me to a tropical paradise after this, Solo.”

Anakin laughed a dark, dry laugh despite himself. “Will do.”

They fell silent for a moment, Alema’s grip never loosening as she battled her own demons. Despite her protests, Anakin continued to siphon her pain and anguish. His rage at the injustices of the galaxy growing with every passing second. And just like Brisha had taught them, he transformed that rage back into his own strength, using it to fortify the broken Twi’lek curled up against him.

“Numa and I, we were taken when I was five…no six, it was right after my birthday,” Alema broke the silence in a soft whisper. Anakin could feel her pull the Force around her as if it could insulate her against the darkness of the asteroid. “The slavers, they torched our home, raped our mom right in front of us. Numa and I, we were taken to a speeder. We never saw our mom after that.”

All Anakin could do was continue to rub her back, sharing in her pain, lending what strength he could.

“We were lucky, I guess if you want to call it that. Because we were sisters, we were sold as a set package. Our first master, he was an older man. It was the older slaves who taught Numa and I how to dance. We loved it. We got to dress up, look pretty, and move about a stage with people applauding us. At the time, we had no idea what some of the older dancers had to do off-stage. Anyways, we served him for about a year. But then he made some bad business decisions and had to sell off most of his slaves, me and Numa included. Our next master…” Alema trailed off, trembling as her eyes glazed over and grew distant. “He enjoyed little girls. In the daytime we would dance for his guests. At night…he was me and Numa’s first…everything.”

Anakin held her tighter, letting out a breath of anger. “I’m sorry.”

“It hurt so much,” Alema said, barely audible as the traumas of the past resurfaced. “The more we cried, the more he hurt us. We quickly learned that we had to pretend to enjoy it if we didn’t want him to be so rough. We found shelter in dancing. If we were on stage, he couldn’t touch us. Eventually, he grew tired of us and sold us. By then Numa and I were well versed in how to pleasure a man.”

“Whatever happened to this master?”

“We tracked him down with Daeshara’cor and killed him. But that was much later. By the time our second master sold us, we were nine going on ten, and Numa and I were beginning to develop in obvious ways. It made us an even more desirable commodity and he got a high price for us. Our next owner was a woman. She got off watching Numa and I dance, both on stage and in the bedroom. She wasn’t cruel though, let us keep some of the credits we made dancing so we could afford an occasional snack or trinket. By the time Daeshara’cor found and freed us, we had three other owners. It was always the same though. We would dance for them and then either warm their beds or the beds of their friends. Numa and I got really good at making sure they enjoyed their time with us. Probably because we were Force-sensitive and instinctively reading their wants and desires.”

Anakin kissed Alema’s forehead, using his free hand to tenderly caress one of her lekku. “The scars on your breasts?”

“When Numa and I were twelve, it was our second-to-the-last owner,” Alema reflexively reached down to cup her chest. “He was a mean bastard who had a sick imagination for his punishments. I’ll just leave it at that. Daeshara’cor, Numa, and I got him too.”

“You’re a survivor, Alema,” Anakin murmured.

“Sometimes I wonder why,” Alema said in return, the fire and light in her eyes completely dimmed. “Why it was me who lived and not my sister. Why she and I lived and not our mom. Why, if the Force is supposed to be this all powerful guiding force, it guided me and Numa, and thousands of other kids into the hands of a bunch of child-raping schuttas. Did you know that I can’t have any babies?”

“I didn’t.”

“The same master who left these,” she gestured to the scars on her breast. “He sterilized me and Numa. Didn’t want us getting pregnant. Maybe it was for the best. I’d be a terrible mom.”

Anakin had no idea what to say to that. Hearing Alema’s past, feeling her pain, it made him feel more than a little ridiculous about his own worries.  Instead, he just held her, continuing his gentle caress of her lekku.

“I’m a terrible Jedi,” Alema emitted a small hiccupping laugh. “Try so hard to follow the rules, but that hasn’t gotten me anywhere.”

“When you didn’t follow the rules, you ended up on an asteroid with a deranged dark sider and a hopeless kid deluding himself into thinking that it was a good idea,” Anakin pointed out.

Alema laughed again, nuzzling his chest as she did. “Damned either way, huh?”

“Alema,” Anakin searched for the right words. “I…you’ve been through more than anyone our age should have gone through. But you are not a nobody, not worthless, and you are definitely not anyone’s sex toy. You told me not to apologize for earlier, but I am. Every single guy you’ve been with used you like I did, and there is no way I’m going to be counted among their number.”

Alema pulled back and looked at him with watery eyes. “Anakin, you don’t have to…”

Now it was Anakin’s turn to silence her with a kiss. But unlike before, there was no primal passion, no wanton lust or emptiness to fill. It was gentle, slow, and full of loving warmth. His free hand tenderly caressing her cheek as he broadcasted his emotions, unshielded, towards her. Eventually he pulled back, keeping his hand pressed up against her cheek.

Alema looked at him in wonder, her expression one of someone unable to process what had just happened.

“You’re very important to me, Alema Rar,” Anakin whispered softly, pressing his forehead against hers. “You’re the only thing keeping me sane on this rock. The only reason why I have the strength to continue doing this. Use the Force and feel our bond, Alema. There is more there than just what was forged on Myrkr. You are strong, Alema. So much stronger than anyone I know.  Your ability to spit at the darkness and then dive head-first into it without a second’s pause, I envy it.”

“I can only do that because I have nothing else to lose,” Alema murmured back.

Anakin cupped her face again. “Then let me give you a reason to pause, if even only for a second. You know, so I can get caught up and dive into that darkness right along with you.”

He kissed her again with the same tenderness and care as before. Alema mewled against his mouth and melted into him, seeking his warmth, his light.

“Shhh,” Anakin breathed against her lips, surrounding her with his Force presence. “Shhh…I’ve got you, Alema. No one’s going to hurt you while I have you.”

Alema’s head bobbed, her green eyes shining. Gone was the tough-acting teenage girl who didn’t care about what others thought about her. The fear, the pain, the anger that she carried with her, all of it was being held at bay. All that was left was a frightened little Twi’lek girl who just wanted a place to belong, someone to love her.

And love her Anakin did.

With the utmost care he rolled her over so that she was beneath him once more. He then began a trail of kisses down the column of her throat, punctuating each kiss with a loving caress through the bond they shared. Alema’s hands gripped the top of his head as his mouth began to venture lower. He placed gentle kisses on each of the scars that ringed her breasts, avoiding the rest of her breasts and nipples entirely. He continued his trail ever lower, going down her right leg on the outside, and back up on the inside, before giving her left leg similar treatment. He bypassed her mons, though he was sorely tempted, he knew that now wasn’t the time. Instead, he slowly kissed his way back up her torso. Each of her lekku received attention next, Alema gasping softly at the intimacy of the act. He ended his journey with an almost playful kiss on the tip of her nose and again pulled her to him.

Alema clung tightly, her eyes closed as her heart raced within her chest. “And I thought I didn’t have any more firsts to give.”

“Your mom is a wise person. Kisses do make everything better.”

“If they’re given by the right person,” Alema nodded in agreement.

“So the next time you’re about to dive headfirst into darkness?”

“I’ll wait for you and Vong Girl. We’ll all go bad together.”


“You really think she’d let you dive in with me, without her?”

“Good point.”

“I do have a small problem though, Solo.” This time a small smile appeared on her face.


“You came. I haven’t. The attention you paid to my lekku just about drove me insane. If you don’t do something about the problem you created, I might have to get desperate.”

“And we can’t have that,” Anakin smiled the same roguish smile he had inherited from his father.

“Yeah, you kissed me pretty much everywhere. Made things feel so much better. But you definitely missed a spot or two, or three.”

“Now that is definitely a problem I can fix.”

Anakin once again kissed down the pale blue column of her throat, resisting Alema’s hands impatiently trying to guide his head to more needy parts of her body.

“Solo, I swear, if you don’t…augh!” Alema’s head whipped back as Anakin’s mouth engulfed one of her throbbing nipples while her other nipple became trapped between two of his calloused fingers. Blazing heat raced through her, and she involuntarily arched against him. She shuddered as she felt his teeth gently graze the hardened, dark blue nub, as his fingers rolled her other nipple firmly between them. He definitely was a multi-tasker.

Anakin smiled smugly at her and switched breasts, her saliva slickened nipple now being pinched and rubbed, while its opposite now had his warm mouth soothing it and his tongue flicking it.

Alema groaned softly. “Yes, just like that, Solo. Don’t stop.”

Their eyes met, and Anakin winked at her playfully. Alema blearily regarded him through the haze of desire racing through her. Before she could ask what he had in mind, she felt him work the Force around her body.

Alema’s entire body bowed sharply as she felt a firm, yet gentle pressure engulf her sensitive lekku. “Anakin!”

Anakin replaced his mouth with his opposite hand and absently toyed with her quivering breasts as he kept his main focus on the very responsive tendrils of nerve and muscles that emerged from Alema’s head. Having a very sexy and sensual girl like Alema coming undone beneath him had his cock durasteel hard once more, but he was having too much fun making her feel good to care for the moment.

Alema, for her part, continued to writhe against him, her body bucking up and down as Anakin massaged her lekku with the Force. His name was leaving her lips in breathless gasps, green eyes wide and unseeing. She was once again completely helpless. The only difference was, this time, she didn’t mind it at all. The pulses of Force energy working her lekku shot straight down her spine and into her aching sex. Already worked up by his earlier kisses and attention he had paid to her breasts, Alema briefly wondered if she’d cum just from having her lekku stimulated. She felt his hands leave her breasts, and immediately replaced them with her own hands, pulling at her nipples in time with the oh so pleasurable squeezing of the entirety of her lekku.

And then she cried out again as Anakin’s hands held her hips down and he gave her the most intimate kiss of all.

Anakin was breathing just as heavily as Alema was. Her lust and desire was radiating through the Force, her nude body contorting invitingly. Despite wanting more than anything to make her feel good, to negate the lifelessness that surrounded her, with the very sexy teenage Twi’lek splayed out before him, his own needs were becoming increasingly harder to control. He could only imagine what it would feel like to take advantage of all the Twi’lek was offering him. To once again claim her, control her. He had no doubt that the pleasure that would accompany it would be great.

He shook those thoughts away and briefly examined the pink, glistening opening, playfully blowing on it to cause Alema to groan aloud. There was another reason why Twi’lek were so desirable, apart from their natural beauty and very erotic implications of their lekku. The clit of a Twi’lek female, like the human female, was at the top of their sex. But it was angled downward so that any and every penetration of their sex would rub against it, making them very responsive lovers as well.

Though he had initially received the ‘Talk’ at eleven years of age, as well as basic anatomy lessons at the Yavin Temple, Anakin remembered the more ‘advanced’ version of the ‘Talk’ his dad and a few of his dad’s associates from the past had given him on his fourteenth birthday. This advanced version had involved a few drinks, as well as lessons on how to please women…of many different types of species. Human, Zabrak, Twi’lek, Zeltron, Chadra Fan, and more. He had learned about erogenous zones and techniques to maximize the pleasure of his lover for each. Given the amount of alcohol consumed that day, Anakin was surprised he remembered any of it.

With a wry smile and shake of his head, Anakin then began to put those lessons to good use. He kissed all around Alema’s sex, feeling her hips try to rise up against his hands in response.

Anakin…please, Alema’s thoughts flashed through his mind.

Taking mercy, her pressed his mouth to her sex and let his tongue gently penetrate her, swiping upwards as if licking a frozen treat. The upwards motion swiped against the button of her clit, and Alema’s hands moved from her breasts to the top of his head in a spasming motion, holding him in place. He repeated the shallow penetration, the slight tanginess of her sex coating his tongue and imprinting itself in his memory. He could feel the heat radiating from her, the need pouring through their bond.

Aaaanakin, Alema’s thoughts stretched out.

It only took a few more swipes before the blue Twi’lek arched once more, crying out as a powerful orgasm rippled through her.

When the grip on the back of his head subsided, Anakin kissed his way back up her quivering torso until he was eyelevel with her once more.

“Hey,” Anakin said with a smile.

“Hey,” Alema returned almost dreamily, reaching out to caress his face.

“We alright?”

“Better than alright,” Alema murmured, once again molding herself into him. “First guy to give me an orgasm that powerful.”

“You’re good for my ego.”

“And you’re too good for me,” Alema responded in a quiet voice.

“I thought I said none of that.”

“It’s true though. You’re strong enough that you don’t need me. Probably are making yourself even weaker by worrying about me. If I wasn’t here…”

“I’d have gone mad or left,” Anakin cut her off. He called upon their Force bond and once more snipped away the darkness threatening to consume her.

Alema only pressed herself against him even more at that, trying to disappear inside of him. “How can I be the strongest person you know when a stupid rock like this place makes me like this?”

“We all have our weak moments, Alema. When this is over, when we go back to the rest of the galaxy, you’ll look back on this place and realize that it made you face your fears. And that you beat them and that you’re still here while the bastards who hurt you are long dead.”

Silence followed his statement, Alema digesting his words, but at the same time keeping herself hidden in Anakin’s Force presence. His work-roughened hands continued to add to her calm, running along her back, her lekku, giving her a physical anchor in the storm that was life. Conclusion reached, she hugged him tightly and then met his gaze.

“We don’t have to go back to them, you know,” Alema murmured, before resting her head against his bare chest as she listened to his heartbeat. “We can make our own destiny, our own path. The Sith lady is teaching us all sorts of things we can use to survive.”

“Alema,” Anakin breathed out softly, a hand gently caressing one of her lekku. Her flesh was hotter than a human’s, the tendril of muscle and nerve twitching beneath his hand as it betrayed her hopeful anxiety. “Our friends and family are still out there fighting.”

“Your friends and family maybe,” Alema whispered, her eyes fluttering shut in pain. “You have a brother, sister, dad, mom, aunt, uncle, and who knows how many Jedi and others back there waiting to greet you with open arms. Ready to show you how relieved they are that you’re okay and still a good little hero. I…I don’t have anything, anyone.”

“You have me.”

 “Only here, on this dark side hell-hole of an asteroid, when you’re at your weakest and most vulnerable,” Alema answered, her pained green eyes flickering open and full of tears. “The moment we return, you’re hers again. And this, what we have, would have just been a dream, something that Vong Girl will only ever know as a stolen kiss. A nightmare where I wake up and find myself alone once more.”


The Twi’lek teen pressed on, keeping one cheek resting on his chest as she absently rubbed the arm wrapped around her. “If we could get away together. If I didn’t have to give you back. If I could have what Vong Girl has…If, if, if…I just realized another first, Hero Boy. You’re the first guy I’ve had in my bed that didn’t have to pay any credits for the pleasure of my company.”

“Alema.” Anakin felt her pain and distress ripple through the Force and wanting nothing more than to make it go away. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t just leave everyone he loved and everything he had known…could he?

Sensing his thoughts, Alema hugged him tightly, the tears now flowing freely as the tough-girl-on-the-verge-of-being-a-fallen-Jedi persona that she exuded shattered under the dark side aura of the asteroid. “Just…come away with me. Please. Don’t make me go back to being alone. Being in a galaxy without Numa, or Daeshara’cor, or anything good in my life. I’ll do anything, be anything you want. Don’t make me be alone again.”

“I can’t,” Anakin said hoarsely. “I can’t, Alema.”

 “I know,” Alema sobbed softly, her lekku twitching in distress. “I know, but a girl can dream right? Can imagine that glowing heroic Jedi sweeping down to save her from everything bad in the galaxy.”

 “I’m sorry,” Anakin said miserably.

 “Don’t be. You wouldn’t be the guy I was crazy for if you had dumped everyone and ran,” Alema tried to laugh but it came out in a choked sob. She wiped at her eyes and her emotional barriers began to rise once more. “Just…give me anything you can then. I know you’re Vong Girl’s…but can a part of you still be mine too? Just a tiny part. I promise you won’t even know I’m there.”

 “I can do that.” Anakin nodded once, continuing to rub her back and lekku. “I promise, Alema, no matter what happens in this galaxy, in the future, you’ll still have that part of me.”

 “And I promise to…”

 Anakin placed a finger on her lips, his tear-reddened eyes staring kindly down at her. “Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep, Alema.”

 Alema’s promise died on her lips, and she nodded in silence, burrowing herself back against his chest. “No matter what happens, at least I’ll have this night. Thank you, Anakin. Thank you.”

“I haven’t done anything.”

Alema let out a short laugh and squeezed her eyes shut as more tears escaped. “You definitely are a Dummy.”




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