The Emperor's Slave

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Disclaimer: Star Wars and all the characters belongs to Disney and lucasfilm which is now owned by Disney. I will not receive any monetary benefits from this story at all in this work is purely fiction.

I had just turned 11 and I was by far the shortest kid in my class, I was only 4 feet and 7 inches tall and weighed a measly 50 lbs. Despite my really short stature, I was one of the most athletic kids in the school and I was one of the fastest runners in my classroom. I was on the school's wrestling team and I also beat the odds and actually won several games against much bigger students. However, when I was wrestling against my best friend Robert, who was much bigger than me and stronger, he knew my secret and exploited it like hell during the wrestling competition. Along with being extremely skinny, being so skinny cause me to be really ticklish since my nerves were extremely sensitive since they were not covered a lot of skin and hardly any fat. During one game, he beat me by tickling me to unconsciousness and I was laughed at for Days by my classmates and other students around the school laughed at me as well calling me a tickle toy. 

I had and older brother and sister who would tickle torture and I love tickling so much, while they did it to the point where I nearly passed out, I found tickling more fun then riding in roller coasters And I also got a hard-on from the tickling.

Four years back, The day after my 7th birthday, my older twin sister and older brother tickle tortured me like usual, and I was tied down to my bed in the spread eagle position. The reason they did this, was because we had a tickle fight and it was two on one and I lost. During the fight, it was my skinny little body against two big people. I lost the fight as expected since it was not only two on one, but I was so small versing two big people and because I lost, I was going to get "punished" by being tickled tortured in only my underwear while tied up.  This had never happened before and they usually only took off my shirt at most during tickle wrestling fights when they would pin me down and tickle my feet my ribs my stomach and my sides. 

Now that I was tied to my bed, and blindfolded for the first time in my life, my brother and sister had all sorts of tickling accessories to use on me. The tools ranged from their fingers to a simple toothbrush to coarse hair brushes which would tickle like hell and items that I have never seen before and didn't know what they were called.

The tickling began really gently with my brother Jack and my sister Jessica, the JJ Squad as they would call themselves began gently tickling my feet by slowly running their index fingers from the base of my heel to my toes and back down again, earning girlish Giggles from my lips

Then, the tickling began to increase and I was being tickled like crazy and before I knew what was happening, I began to get a hard-on. I just refer to myself as it "feeling funny down there" aa I have never masturbated before and I did not know why I was feeling the way I was, but I liked the way I was feeling.

Then come the real torture began as my older brother and sister each got their horse brush and tickled me like crazy on my feet after the oiled it which made the tickling that much worse. 

After tickling my feet non-stop for 15 minutes and after I nearly passed out, Jack and Jessica put their brushes down and they began tickling my legs working up from the base of my feet to my knees and to my thighs. After they reached my thighs, they began to tickle my hips and torso like crazy and I was laughing so hard I began to cry. After they tickled my hips torso and chest for another 20 minutes, they what the back down my chest and abs and they each gave me seven to eight raspberries into my belly button which drove me insane!

From there, they went down and tickle my hips again and once again began to tickle my thighs after tickling my hips for another 10 to 15 minutes and now about an hour had passed since they began to tickle me and they were tickling my thighs and then they began to work on my inner thighs and torso with my brother tickling my inner thighs and my sister tickling my torso.

After my hard-on reach its biggest level ever, I was praying that my brother and sister don't notice it. After about 10 minutes of tickling my inner thighs. Then, I felt my brother's finger Glide over my tent in my Underpants and then he said, looks like someone is a little bit excited. Then, I heard my underwear being snapped off by a scissor and all of a sudden, my face became red hot from blushing due to embarrassment. 

Then all of a sudden, I felt a ticklish feeling unlike anything I've ever felt before and to my surprise, this extreme tickling was coming from the very tip of my penis. And then, I felt my brother hand and my sister's hand both touching my penis and I felt a wet substance being put on my penis and I knew that lotion was being put on for some reason. 

Then, I felt my sister's hand grabbing my shaft pumping it up and down while my brother was rubbing the tip of my penis with his palm really quickly which tickled like hell while holding just Under the Tent of my penis with his other hand and the combination of being masturbated and tickled cause my first orgasm ever and even though it was so intense that I nearly fainted, it was a dry orgasm due to my really young age. That was the first of many sexual experiences that I went through over the next four years, yet I was still a virgin as I never stuck my penis in a girl's pussy, nor did anyone take my anal virginity either. 

Going a few years back, starting around age 3, I had an extreme fear of thunderstorms. The reason I was so scared of thunder and lightning was of my extreme sensitivity to loud and sudden noises, which thunder was.

The reason for my sensitivity to loud noises was because of having Asperger's Syndrome which cause my brain to develop differently and my brain perceived sounds with much more sensitivity. When I was around 3, my mom would notice that I constantly cover my ears all the time whenever a fire engine or an ambulance or a thunderstorm occurred. In addition to that, I would zone out to eye floaters and I would just focus on them for long periods of time and I would put myself into what I realized was a meditative trance. When I closed my eyes, I noticed something that I could not understand what it was called, but As I Grew Older I found out it was called visual snow. Sometimes if I focused on the visual snow enough, I could make myself go into such a trance that everything would feel weird and almost a vibration type sensation would occur and even the visial snow would seem to vibrate at that moment as well. 

I would get so distracted by the visual snow and the eye floaters, that I rarely made eye contact with people, also I found people's face is kind of intimidating as I would always get overwhelmed by their emotions. My mom took me to see numerous specialist, and a diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified was given to me at around Age 3 and 1/2. When my mom took me to get my hearing tested, my eardrums we're so sensitive to noise, that during the test it was found that I could hear sounds as low as -20 decibels, which is well above what is the minimum of human hearing, which is 0 decibels. Also, I was found to have a hearing sensitivity to the point where I could hear high-pitch sounds up to 25,000 khz. That was why thunderstorms scared me so much.

Besides Thunder, weather fascinated me a lot and I would stare out the window and see how the weather changed and because I live near LaGuardia Airport in New York City, I would watch the planes by my apartment from the North and then turn around as aircraft climbed. They would initially start by coming in from the north then turn to the east and then go back to the north and do wla 270 degree turn and they were flying West. I became really fascinated by planes and I often dreamt about planes and flying. I lived near Kew Gardens at the time growing up. I lived with my mom my dad and my two older siblings, we live in a two bedroom apartment on the 5th floor at the time. 

At age 4, I went to an early intervention School to learn how to speak and write and somehow, around Age 4 and 1/2 I knew how to speak, and by Age 5 I knew how to read as well. In my special education kindergarten class, my teacher realized how much I enjoyed weather and how well I can read despite having a disability and being only 5 years old. Knowing this, she presented me a weather book where I learned all things about the weather and how things worked.

That's where I discovered about lightning and how dangerous it was and also that Thunder was actually the sound of lightning expanding the air so quickly that a sonic boom occurs, which is the sound of thunder. I feared lightning so much after reading the book, that just like because of not liking Thunder, just as I did at age 3, I would hide in closets during thunderstorms. 

My fear of thunderstorms still did not Abate by age 8, but my knowledge of meteorology increased exponentially. By age 6 I wpuld spend hours watching The Weather Channel and the local on the eights, which had the Doppler radar for the area.

By age 7, thanks for spending my leisure time on the computer doing nothing but research on the weather, instruments of weather measurement and Doppler radar, I came across the website Weather Underground, where I used their radar and I love that site so much because I could zoom in to my location and see precipitation where it is real time and even see how intense the precipitation is by color code chart which explained what the radar signature meant.

By age 8, I was already visiting computer model websites and I vastly increase my knowledge of how meteorologists forecast the weather. It sure made things easier since my next door neighbor was a meteorologist and we would spend hours on his porch talking about the weather and which computer model he like the most. I met him when we moved out of the apartment I grew up in when I was 4. 

My neighbor, brother and sister all tried to get me over my fear of thunder and lightning. But it didn't work, as I was scared everytime a thunderstorm occurred. About a month after my eigth birthday, in the middle of August, there were forecasts for severe thunderstorms, so I chose to sleep in my parents' bed, which because of my extreme phobia of thunderstorms they were okay with despite being 8, and having an IQ of 170. 

That night, I had a really bad dream that I was being stalked by thunderclouds, then in a sense of foreboding, in the dream , lightning  was  striking in almost a direct line coming closer and closer to me  and the lightning bolts were chasing me. Then, the lightning bolts were all striking around me with thunder booming constantly and I said it, please don't strike me, I don't want to die!"

Then, in a deep voice the thunder boomed, little boy, you must be punished for being scared of me for no reason, I had no intentions of hurting you ever, but because you hurt my feelings by being so scared of me, I will now do whatever I want with you!"

Then, the lightning bolts all began striking me all over my body. Then, for a brief moment I thought that the lightning bolts were done and I had learned my lesson. However, I realize I could not be further from the truth and what I saw scared me even more. In front of me don't lightning bolts all coalesced into this giant 10-foot man made entirely of lightning bolts and behind me was another person that was at least 10 ft tall made of nothing but electrity. 

I saw both entities approach me and the first one grab me by my ankles and the one behind me grab me by my wrist and I felt like I was being carried and then instantly, I felt and saw myself being hooked down towards a Restraint of some kind. As they were carrying me I was getting shots of them constantly and it hurt quite a bit Then, one of the beings said, "Now little boy, you will learn that if you fear something too much, your fear will come true. You will know suffer for what you have feared all these years as now, I will make you fear of dying by lightning come to fruition, bye bye, little boy. 

Then, giant sword made up of nothing but lightning materialized right in the electrical being's hands. Damn it, he twirled it around in his hands a few times and then it was pointed straight down at me and all of a sudden he thrusted it down I felt this giant stabbing pain in my chest, my eyes flashed open and quickly sit up. Yet for some reason, I realize that I was stuck for some reason in that I couldn't move. I wanted to say, "What is going on, why am I stuck?"

All that came out was "mmmppphhhhh mmmmmm."

I realized that once again I was spread eagle tied and there was lots of tape covering my mouth. 

Just like in my dream, I heard the voice, but it sounded somehow familiar little boy, you must be punished for being so scared of thunder and lightning, what better than making your worst dreams come true!

When the lights came on, I realized that I was completely naked and that I was spread eagle tied to the X table in the basement. Even though I had a few sexual experiences with my older siblings, I was not once tied to that X table before, and I always what it was for, I guess now I found out. 

In front of me stood 4 people all dressed in black and all of them had emblems of a giant lightning bolt on their chests.I didnt know what was going to happen, I was both excited and started for what was to come. 

All of a sudden, a blindfold was put on me, and simultaneously I felt a hand caress, tickle and fondle my concave stomach. Then, all of a sudden, I felt powerful zaps on my body and I realize that somehow I was getting electrocuted once again. This was the first time in my life I had ever been Zapped in real life. Then, I Heard a Voice say, he's scared of thunder and lightning, he's scared of us, let's show this skinny little boy what a good time looks like. The electrical sensations then occurred all of my body. My feet, my stomach, my nipples, neck, feet, arms all got zapped as I was simultaneously having the guts being tickled out of me. 

My blindfold was then taken off and I saw little wand type features with little bolts coming out of them as they were near my body. Finally, all the devices, were over my dick that's good probably over my very skinny and scared little body as my body was being caressed, electrocuted and tickled till insanity. 

All bolts begin then striking me someone taneously on my penis right next to the most sensitive part of it, just below the head, and sensation was so intense, that in a few seconds, I released in a huge mind shattering orgasm, that was so intense that despite being only 8 years old at the time, some cum came out the first time in my life. That was the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life at that time. To my surprise, I was kept there for another 4 hours being tortured non-stop, in the end I had about 15 orgasms in the four hours and I passed out numerous times during the torture, but I came to you to smelling salts all the time. At the end of the whole ordeal, my mom and dad revealed themselves to me and so did my brother and sister, which I did not surprise me at all as I expected this to happen one day. 

Yeah, my family was pretty weird, but I really enjoy being tickled and molested all the time by my older brother and sisters, and I got really excited when my dad and my mom joined in on the fun. Between the ages of 8 and 11 come I had at least one or two sexual experiences per week and most of them involved a lot of tickling, shocking me and bondage.

For my 11th birthday, me and my family had a binge watching day where we watch Star Wars all day long from episode 1 The Phantom Menace all the way through episode 7 the force awakens


After that, me and my family had a binge watching day where we watch Star Wars all day long from episode 1 The Phantom Menace all the way through episode 7 the force awakens. 


I am a huge fan of Star Wars and I would always Daydream of ending up being there in real life and how I could stop Order 66 from ever happening. 

A few nights later, I went to bed and I woke up in a very unfamiliar place, yet it all seems familiar to me at the same time. After walking around for a few minutes, I realized that I was in Coruscant right next to the Jedi Temple and the first thing I did was walk right up to the temple up the steps and the temple guards there sensed my pure energy and when they asked me to State my business, I requested an audience with any member of the Jedi Council that I had some important news about the survival of the Republic and to my surprise I was let in most likely due to my young age and the pure energy of the Light Side radiating from me. 


The council member I got was not any regular council member, I got an audience with Grand Master Yoda and Anakin Obi-Wan and Mace Windu while the other Jedi Masters were out fighting the separatists. 


I said to Master Yoda, I come from an alternate universe where your world is actually a work of fiction."


Master Yoda then surprised me by saying, "Young boy, surprised by this I am not, a great disturbance in the force your arrival has caused."


Yoda then continued, a major shift towards the light side this young boy brings. Tell us what you know, now you may."


I bowed to Yoda amd the council, as I then began to say, "Masters, Palpatine is a Sith Lord, in fact he is Darth Lord Sidious, the Sith master who you have all been searching for this entire time, he is manipulating both sides of the war towards the goal of creating and turning the Republic into the Galactic Empire and he is using this war to obtain emergency powers in order to consolidate his power to achieve that goal."

I then turned to Anakin and said, "and Anakin, he will get to you and try and teach you the way of the dark side and you will fall and become his Apprentice if you do not stop your friendship with him. He will plant horrible Visions into your head and then tell you the best way to stop that events from happening is to learn the ways of the dark side. Also, Anakin I know a few years ago your mother was killed by tusken Raiders on tattooing and she died in your arms telling you it was not your fault and that she loved you and Obi-Wan, I know that Satine also died in your arms after being stabbed by Darth Maul with the darksaber."

Right after I revealed to the Jedi who Palpatine was, immediately did everything to try to stop and capture him and move all the Jedi to a secret location and they had all the Clones secretly remove their control chips so when Order 66 would be given they would not carry it out. 


It seems like the Jedi are going to win, but I knew I was going to pay a very heavy price for my loyalty to the light side, I just didn't know what was going to happen yet. 


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