Flights of Fantasy

BY : An_Origami_Fish
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Flights of Fantasy

Alema Rar groaned softly in exhaustion as her stolen X-wing finally touched down. Though she liked to exude a 'tough-girl' attitude, nearly a month on the run wasn't exactly the high life. Since leaving Anakin and the others on Kalee, falsely accused of murdering Jedi—it was all Vergere's fault—she had barely had a moment's rest. If it wasn't Galactic Alliance forces trying to arrest her, Yuuzhan Vong forces trying to capture or kill her, slavers trying to do what they do best, or bounty-hunters going after her for the ridiculous price on her head, it was some other deadly threat that wanted to do her in. And without the support she had grown accustomed to from her very few friends, she had had to learn to sleep with one eye open.

But even she had her limits. Her last attempt at melting away into the crowd had ended when the out-of-the-way space-station she had been on had been targeted by Yuuzhan Vong trying to gain some combat experience. It had only been their lack of experience that had allowed her to slip through the dovin basal net they had set up and get away. But she had done so with the loss of an S-foil and very low fuel.

Unfortunately for her, the nearest habitable planet was a harsh desert world that reminded her of Tatooine and Ryloth. But it had been her only choice unless she slowly wanted to freeze in the void of space.

The eighteen year old Twi'lek just hugged herself with one arm, tears forming at the corner of her eyes. Whatever possessed her to believe she could play the part of evil, fallen Jedi in the first place. All her life, all she had wanted was a place to belong. A family.

She had thought she had found it at Anakin's side. Was perfectly content to absorb the warmth his Force presence created. She hadn't been lying when she had told him that Twi'leks made excellent mistresses. If being his mistress would allow her to remain at his side, that was something she had been more than willing to become. With Anakin she had a place, a purpose, someone she knew backed her no matter what. At the same time, when things started to turn against her, she knew that she'd only drag him down with her, and she couldn't have that. He deserved better than her, deserved someone like Tahiri. Someone who not only absorbed the light he created but radiated it back to him.

Alema knew that she was damaged, broken. Enslaved with her twin at a very young age and taught to do things no child should have learned, then taken in by a dark sider with delusions of galactic domination, there was no surprised that she had a warped sense of the galaxy. Rather than give back the light she took in, Alema kept it for herself. Her own precious reservoir of goodness that she selfishly nursed for when times would inevitably get dark once more.

Like now, when the only comfort she had was her bond to Anakin acting as a lifeline. The one thing that kept her from drowning in despair and helplessness. She delved into that reservoir, trying to find the good in the galaxy, in the Force once more.

Feeling not entirely better, but stronger than she was moments earlier, Alema took stock of her situation. All systems on her beaten fighter were red-lined. The X-wing wasn't going anywhere any time soon. She opened the canopy and climbed out, grimacing at the oven-like heat that washed over her. She had long gone through the emergency supplies in her fighter, and her hasty escape from the space-station had meant that she hadn't had time to restock either. Water was going to fast become an issue.

The one bright side was that the gorge she had landed in appeared to have all sorts of natural caves along its sides. She would have shelter at the very least.

Grabbing what gear she could, she hurriedly made her way out of the scorching sunlight. The shade within the nearest cave definitely dropped the temperature down to livable levels. Not that she couldn't have endured the heat, but she only wanted to suffer if she really had to.

Shelter now taken care of, Alema tore open a tasteless nutrient bar and absently ate it as she mused on her next step. She had no ship, no credits, and no plan. She supposed things could have been worse, but she didn't see how. Maybe taking off on her own, going on some daring adventure that the Solos were so fond of, was simply a flight of fantasy. That she had deluded herself into thinking she could do it on her own.

That train of thought rapidly got depressing, and she couldn't help but hug herself. After being so long in the warmth of Anakin's Force-presence, being outside it felt as if she had just jumped into a pool of ice water and had let it seal over her. Even on a baking desert world where she knew she had a good chance of dying of dehydration, she felt cold inside.

Trying her best not to cry, Alema set the nutrient bar aside and set up a bed-roll and a heat lamp. She knew from experience that desert worlds sometimes got cold at night and did not want to be caught unprepared. This was far from what she had expected when she went on the run. No glamour, no excitement. Just a nagging fear of being chased, cold, hungry, with little hope of relaxing.

She supposed the only positive thing about her situation was that the system she was in was Yuuzhan Vong controlled and that no one knew she was even on the planet.

Sitting on her bedroll, Alema reached out with the Force. She suddenly wanted Anakin to be by her side more than ever. To have his comforting presence shield her from the horrors she knew that the galaxy contained. Strangely enough, she had to smile. She even missed Tahiri and her possessive protectiveness over the man that was hers.

Alema fondly recalled the blonde girl's reaction when Alema gave her the advanced course in sexual education. She had no idea that the human girl could turn so red, or that the girl could have been so sheltered. But when Alema had casually mentioned that if Tahiri had no interest in learning how to please her man then she'd be more than willing to do a hands-on demonstration, Tahiri had refocused with a vengeance.

Alema let out a soft laugh tinged with sadness. She missed them, missed them so much, and it hadn't even been a month yet.

As if the Force was resonating with her wishes, she could feel herself tap even deeper into her bond with them. The dry desert heat faded away. Her exhaustion disappeared. The world dropped out from beneath her as the Force took her to them.


Alema opened her eyes and couldn't help but grin at the setting. It was the very same Red Light District on Mon Cal that she had taken Tahiri too. In fact, the younger teenage girl, clad in loose-fitting robes, was standing next to her, as if waiting for an answer to some question she had just asked.

“I'm sorry, zoned out there. What'd you ask?”

“I said, 'what exactly is this place?'” Tahiri repeated suspiciously.

“Well, since you and Anakin are so close, I figured I'd give you some pointers,” Alema played along with the scenario the Force had plopped her in. She didn't know if it was real or not, but just being by Tahiri again gave the broken Twi'lek some form of hope.

“Pointers? We're doing just fine,” Tahiri blushed slightly.

“Really? So you know how to please him and everything?” Alema placed a hand on her canted hip in amusement as she remembered the conversation.

“Yes and everything,” Tahiri glowered, dubiously looking down the alley where the holo-signs were a bit more circumspect in their advertisements.

“And you're confident you're giving him as much pleasure as he gives you?” Alema pressed the young teen.

Tahiri crossed her arms in front of her, looking away as she swallowed. “Look Alema, I don't want to play your games. Just tell me why we're here.”

“Girl's night out,” Alema shrugged nonchalantly. “Come on, trust me. You won't regret it.”

Tahiri appeared to debate with herself for a bit, before nodding once. “Okay.”

“Great,” Alema beamed, she had very pleasant memories as to where this particular conversations was going to led to. “This way.”

They headed down the alley, Alema deliberately taking her time as she felt Tahiri glancing at the storefronts they were passing. The younger teen's cheeks were increasingly pinkening as she began to feel the raw emotions radiating out from them.

“Alema...that's a...a...”

“Brothel,” Alema supplied with a cheery smile. “One of a couple. Nights like this, places like those are the busiest. You can tell, can't you?”

“Errr...yeah,” Tahiri edged closer to Alema as if the Twi'lek could shield her from the lust and other sensations spilling out into the Force.

“Don't worry, I wouldn't take you to a place like that,” Alema said reassuringly, sauntering along the street and leaving Tahiri to catch up.

“And that store?” Tahiri pointed to one where a holo-sign displayed various objects for adult recreation.

“A sex toy store,” Alema said airily.

“Sex...toy?” Tahiri blinked in non-comprehension.

“Uh huh. See, some couples, trios, orgies, love to spice things up,” Alema elaborated, stopping in front of the storefront.

Tahiri seemed to freeze in place, her green eyes bulging at the objects in the window. “What...”

“Come on,” Alema said, playfully grabbing Tahiri's hand and tugging her inside.

“Wait, Alema,”

Alema grinned. Tahiri's gobsmacked expression was just as cute the second time around as it was the first. Her gaze yoyoed back and forth between the various wares being offered, her mind clearly trying to figure out the uses and purpose of the things she was seeing.

“Over there are the dildos,” Alema pointed. “All shapes and sizes.”

“” Tahiri gaped.

“Yup. The humanoid section is in front,” Alema tugged the blonde along. “See. I'm guessing by the shape you can tell what they're used for?”

Tahiri turned crimson as the purpose clicked. “Ye...yeah.”

“Anakin measure up to any of them?”

“Alema!” Tahiri squeaked, but she glanced back at the wares being offered.

“Come on, you have him all to yourself.”

Still bright red, Tahiri pointed to one of the dildos being sold. “He's close to that one. Not quite as long.”

“Want me to get it for you?”

Tahiri shook her head fiercely, looking as if she might melt on the spot. “'s okay...I have the real one.”

“But on those long missions apart, you sure you don't want a substitute?”

Tahiri shook her head again, her gaze drifting over to the other dildos. “How do people get some of those to fit...never mind.”

Alema grinned toothily at the younger teen. “Okay. Maybe I'll stop by and get one for myself.”


“Alright, no on the toys...oh wait, there might be another one you'd like.”

“It's really okay that....”

“Vibrators,” Alema said proudly, gesturing to the row of devices.

“Vibrators,” Tahiri repeated blankly, again looking to Alema in non-comprehension.

“They vibrate,” Alema supplied. “And they feel really good if they vibrate on certain places of your body. See those ring vibrators? They fit over the lek of Twi'lek, Togruta, and other species with lekku. Since our lekku are basically long bundles of nerves and muscles, those rings feel amazing. They even have theses sheath versions that cover the entire lek...But you don't have lekku so you'll probably want one of these.”

Alema picked up a clitoral vibrator and handed it to Tahiri. Once Tahiri read the label and realized where said device went, she couldn't toss it back to Alema fast enough.

“Not even a little curious?” Alema grinned at her discomfort.

“Anakin takes care of that just fine,” Tahiri said a little bit petulantly, realizing the older girl was teasing her.

“Your loss,” Alema chuckled. “Since toys seem to be definitely out, let's go to where I originally wanted to take you.”

“I'm not sure I want to go there now,” Tahiri managed dryly, her eyes locking onto another selection of sex toys on their way out. “Please tell me those clamps weren't for....”

“They are. Some even come electrified, or are heatable or freezable.”

Tahiri reflexively moved her arms over her chest. “Anakin wouldn't do that to me.”

“Who knows, maybe you'd like it. Maybe he'd like it, and if he does, wouldn't you want to please him?”

Tahiri looked away again, looking loss and uncertain of herself.

Like the first time, Alema felt a wave of protectiveness and draped an arm around the younger girl. “Hey. You okay?”

“He knows so much more about....that,” Tahiri gestured to the various buildings they passed. “Than I do. He's always teaching me how to do stuff, and I know I don't get it right sometimes, but I do want to make him feel as good as he makes me feel.”

“To be honest, I'm really not the best person to ask for advice on that emotional stuff,” Alema admitted softly. “I'm more of a touchy-feely type in the most literal sense.”

“How do you know about this stuff?” Tahiri asked.

Alema grimaced. “Hands on experience at a very young age. When you're a young, early-blooming Twi'lek slave, it doesn't matter if you're eight or nine. As long as you look ready for this stuff, then you're expected to perform. Man or woman, you'd be surprised how many twisted people are out there that love a good sister act.”

Tahiri flinched. “I'm sorry.”

“Don't be,” Alema forced a smile. “It made me who I am. Got me to Anakin's side. If you and he don't work out, at least I'll know that I have a particular set of skills that will keep him very interested.”

“Not sorry any more,” Tahiri glared up at the older teen, removing her comforting arm.

“Hey, that's the entire point of this trip. To teach you the same things in a supportive environment so you can keep him very interested and me in the wings.”


“Because you and he are just right. Me and him would only be right if the galaxy goes to Kessel in a hand-basket,” Alema said honestly, deviating from her initial answer of 'because when you get tired of being a twosome, I can join in and make it three.'

Unlike before, when Tahiri had rolled her eyes and lightly shoved her, this Tahiri looked down at her bare feet for a moment and then back up at Alema. “Thank you, Alema.”

“Any time, Vong Girl,” Alema said softly.

“So, where to?” Tahiri's words were spoken with none of the sarcasm she had had the first time around.

“This way. It's one of my favorite haunts,” Alema got back with the program.

“You come here often?” Tahiri blinked in shock.

“Well, since I don't have a studly Jedi of my own, a girl's got to have some way to relieve...tension.”

Tahiri turned red again. “I can ask Anakin to find a guy for you.”

“No thanks. I've hitched myself to him, it's either Anakin or bust.”

“I won't give him up,” Tahiri said this with a small amount of defiance.

“You better not,” Alema said with a reassuring smile. “Otherwise I'm teaching you all this for nothing.”

They reached their destination, the bouncer in front of the building giving them a once-over. Where Alema was definitely dressed for a night out on the town, Tahiri's robes were definitely conservative.

“IDs,” the bouncer growled.

“You don't need to see our identification,” Alema waved a hand.

“I don't need to see your identification.”

“We're both legal and ready to spend some credits.”

“You're both legal and ready to spend credits.”

“We can go on in now.”

“You can go on in now,” the bouncer stepped aside and let the two teens in.

As they entered the building, Alema decided to have a little fun. If the Force was letting her relive this memory, then she wanted to live it her way.

“By the way,” Alema commented off-handedly to the blonde girl next to her, definitely going off script. “I talked to Anakin about this.”

“You did what?” Tahiri gasped. “What...what did he say? I mean was he happy with what I've been doing. I know I can't take him all in my mouth yet, but I'm trying and...”

“Slow down,” Alema rubbed her back. “Easy. He knows you're not exactly the most experienced and wanted to help out too.”

“Really?” Tahiri said in a small voice.

“Yeah,” Alema nodded. She then went back to the script. “This building, do you know what it is?”

“It had holo-dancers out front...and this area isn't exactly family-friendly... a strip club?”

“Kind of,” Alema winked. They entered the main floor where pulsating music and nearly-naked bodies worked in time for a very erotic atmosphere. Alema didn't have to turn around to know that Tahiri was already taking in the sights.

Instead, she went up to the bartender. “Hey Coa, is our special guest ready?”

“Got here a few minutes ago. Man you know how to pick them,” the Zeltron bartender grinned. “Is this the friend you were talking about?”

“Uh huh. Wanted to give her some personal instruction on pleasing her man.”

“Room Thirty-Five. You're good for two hours,” the Zeltron tossed Alema a key-card. “It's another hundred credits if you want an hour after that.”

“You're the best,” Alema said flirtatiously. “Mind tossing in a pair of Rylothian Spiced Wine on the rocks? You know, to help my friend relax?”

“She legal?”

“Couldn't have gotten in her if she wasn't,” Alema smirked. “Come on, I'll owe you.”

The bartender rolled her eyes but prepared and handed over two large cups full of an amber-colored drink. “Two Rylothian Spiced Wine on the rocks. Hope your friend has fun.”

“Oh she will.”

“Aleeeeema,” Tahiri drew out the Twi'lek's name, hastening to catch up. “What's going on?”

“Places like this offer private dances,” Alema answered, handing Tahiri one of the cups. “Off the main floor and out of sight of the others. Costs a fortune depending on who you want. But I think you'll be happy with my choice.”

“Alema, you know I only want...”

“Trust me,” Alema said reassuringly.

Tahiri looked doubtful but followed Alema anyways.

Alema closed her eyes, remembering how the conversation had gone the first time around.

Alema, you know I only want to be with Anakin. That means I don't...”

“All you have to do is watch, Tahiri. Just watch, that's all. Me and the guy I hired out will be doing everything else. He already knows you're off limits, so don't worry.”

“Do you even know him?”

“Does it matter?”

“But if you're going to be teaching me make a guy feel good...You'll be touching a complete stranger.”

“Tahiri, let's just say I have a lot of experience doing this and I'm still around. Of course, normally it's the guy that's doing the paying. It just so happens that this time, something good will come out of it. Don't worry about me, 'kay?”

“No, this is a bad idea. I don't want you doing this if...”

“Shhhh, consider this my happy-you're-together gift for you and Anakin. If I can't love him like I want to, at least I can make sure you can. Don't worry, I'll enjoy showing you, and he'll enjoy what I'll be doing. It's a win-win-win all around.”


The Twi'lek stirred from her thoughts, then had to smile as she remembered how she wanted the rest of the events to play out. “We're here, Room Thirty-Five. Why don't you go on in first, get front-row seats.”

“How does this work?”

“Well, we take our seats,” Alema gestured to the two chairs in the room. And then she motioned to the stage before them. “And then we enjoy ourselves. After, well, don't want to spoil anything.”

Tahiri blinked owlishly, but nodded, seemingly willing to give it a chance. The music started, a slow, made-for-seduction beat, and blue and white lights light up the stage. The curtains in the back drew back, and instead of watching the dancer come out, Alema glanced sidelong at her partner for the evening.

Her eyes had once again tripled in size, her jaw dropping as she gripped the armrests of her chair.

“Anakin?” She managed hoarsely.

Dressed only in a too-tight pair of black underwear and a mask that covered the upper half of his face, Anakin Solo emerged with his teenage, athletic form oiled and gleaming.

“Like I said, he wanted to help,” Alema smiled at her friend.

Tahiri emitted a sound a cross between a growl and a whimper as she remained fixated on her boyfriend. She took a sip of the drink Alema had given her, coughed slightly at first, but when she glanced back up to the gyrating Anakin, took a much longer sip.

Alema leaned back in her own chair to enjoy the show, nursing her own drink. She had to grin and pat herself on the back. She really should have talked to Anakin the first time around and see if he'd agree to her plan. As it was, she was partially transfixed by the gleaming musculature and streamlined movements of the young man she loved. Who knew that saber forms and martial arts done nearly nude could be so stimulating?

If the want and arousal radiating from the teen next to her was any sign, Alema was definitely looking forward to the next part. The music stopped and a panting Anakin hopped down off the stage, his half-mask not hiding his lopsided smile as he stood before Tahiri.


“Hi,” a flushed Tahiri breathed out, licking her lips as her eyes darted to the not-so-concealed manhood of her boyfriend. The black underwear really did leave little to the imagination.

“Still object now?” Alema asked with an impish smile, sliding her hands around Anakin's torso.

Tahiri searched Anakin's eyes, as if silently asking if it was okay, before mutely shaking her head. She finished the last of her drink and set the cup aside.

“Great, we'll skip the basics since the two of you seem to be past that point,” Alema guided the oiled Anakin to the chair she had vacated. Then, smiling at a silent Tahiri, reached into her utility belt and pulled out a pair of binders.

“Since he isn't allowed to touch and is strictly for our playtime, he gets to wear these.”

“You walk around with two sets of binders?” Tahiri finally found her tongue as she watched in shock as Alema cuffed Anakin to the chair.

“Well yeah, got them at that shop we visited earlier. These aren't the fancy types though.”

“There are fancy cuffs?” Tahiri moved to stand by Alema.

“Yup, some can deliver shocks of varying strength. Some people like that.”

Tahiri's lips formed an 'o', her eyebrows shooting upwards.

“Yup, but these are regular ones, just to make sure Hero Boy here behaves himself.”

“He would never do anything to hurt me.”

“Not on purpose. But sometime you can get a guy so worked up, they just have to have you.”


“Oh yeah, you'll see what I mean,” Alema smirked. “Okay, my padawan, what's the next step?”

Tahiri glanced to her bound boyfriend. “I...I take off his clothes.”

“Eeeerp, wrong. I mean, you could do that of course. But right now he's your prey. So you do what any predator does, you play with your prey.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he danced for you, it's only fair you return the favor. Here, watch. I do, then you do.” Alema winked at Tahiri before sliding onto Anakin's lap, straddling him. “Hey Solo, I'm going to be borrowing you for a little bit.”

“This is crazy,” Anakin breathed out.

“Crazy good, right?” Alema asked, gyrating against him, her arms looped around his shoulders.

Anakin emitted a choked sound, his hands gripping the armrests as he let out a ragged breath. “Right.”

“See, Tahiri, if you do this, you can really get him ready,” Alema said over her shoulder. “It's all in the hips. Do this and he'll agree to anything. Isn't that right?”

Anakin groaned again, his head jerking back as Alema continued her movements. She had to admit she was enjoying this much more than the first time around. She closed her own eyes, rocking back and forth against Anakin's barely-covered arousal. She heard Tahiri shift behind her, and shyly returned to the present.

“You want to do it until right about this point,” Alema continued her lesson, and then reluctantly dismounted Anakin.

Anakin, for his part, let out a lustful groan, the binders clinking as he pulled upwards once more.

“Give him a bit to calm down, then it's your turn,” Alema said lightly.

Tahiri nodded wide-eyed.

“Of course, those robes might get in the way a bit. If you're going to do it, do it either in clothes like I'm wearing, or with as few barriers as possible.”

Tahiri nodded again and stripped down to her lower robes. She paused, bit her lip, then removed her pants but kept her upper tunic on.

“We'll work on the strip tease another time,” Alema said with a giggle. “Okay, great, now take the same position I just did and let your instincts guide you. Remember, your goal is to make him out of his mind crazy for you.”

Tahiri's head bobbed and she climbed onto Anakin's lap, straddling him much like Alema had done. Unlike Alema, she gave Anakin a shy kiss. But after, she began a slow grind in his lap, and seemed to take to it like a duck to water. Her movements grew even more energetic when Anakin began to pant and gasp, his hands clenching into fists and then releasing again and again as he tried to endure another round of sensual torture.

Alema couldn't help herself as she stepped up behind Tahiri, wrapping an arm around the petite girl's waist.

“You're really enjoying this, aren't you?”

Cheek flushed with excitement, green eyes partially glazed, Tahiri nodded. Her inhibitions continued to drop as the alcoholic drink she had earlier mixed with Anakin's pleasure and want echoing in their bond; pleasure and want caused by her movements.

Alema took advantage of that and began to peel away Tahiri's outer robes. She leaned forward to whisper into one of Tahiri's ears. “Look at Anakin watching as I show more and more of you. He wants you, you can feel it. Feel him pulse and strain beneath you. You excite him, Vong Girl. Your body makes him ache for you.”

Tahiri shuddered as she continued to rock back and forth, seemingly not caring that the only pieces of clothes she had on now were her boots, socks, and bra and panties. A soft gasp escaped her lips as Alema's hands slipped around and cupped her small breasts in their cloth confines.

“Do you want Anakin to see the rest of you? Feel that need spike when I reveal these cute little tits to his gaze.”

“Uh huh,” Tahiri moaned helplessly, lost in the sensations and sexual haze.

Alema undid the bra, revealing Tahiri's small, pert, breasts capped by light brown areolae and stiff nipples. Without their support they swayed and jiggled with every movement as Tahiri continued her rocking motion.

Anakin cursed, the chair creaking as he yanked hard on his bindings.

“See,” Alema said sensually, her blue hands sliding up to cover Tahiri's breasts. The younger teen whimpered, her nipples grazing the palms of her Twi'lek teacher. “Okay, ease up, Vong Girl, we don't want him to go off too early.”

Tahiri looked at Alema almost manically, panting and gasping. Alema gave her a gentle kiss and eased her off her lover's lap. Tahiri stood on unsteady legs, her heart racing and breath coming out unevenly. Evidence of both her arousal and Anakin's was left in the form of a giant wet spot on Anakin's underwear.

“Take a breath and try to clear your head,” Alema coached. “You want to be in control here.”

As if just realizing that Alema was in the room, Tahiri shyly reached up and covered her breasts.

“You looked like you were enjoying that.”

Tahiri blushed and nodded.

“He did too,” Alema added dryly, jerking a thumb and an equally out of breath and distressed Anakin. “I think his clothes might be giving him a problem. You want me to take care of it or...”

Before Alema had finished the sentence, Tahiri had knelt down next to Anakin and pulled off the tight pair of underwear. Anakin’s impressive set of fully developed and very erect male genitalia bobbed free, the head of which was an angry red color and oozing precum, with thick veins throbbing along the sides and heavy-looking testies.

Alema wet her lips at the sight. “What do you think is next, Vong Girl?”

“I...lick?” Tahiri asked, taking the throbbing member in her hands and causing Anakin to emit another strained sound.

“He might enjoy that best, yeah,” Alema grinned. “He teach you how?”

“Uh huh.”

“Show me.”

Tahiri refocused on her boyfriend's cock and began to lovingly run her tongue along the base of it. Anakin's moan of appreciation was proof that he did indeed enjoy such attentions.

“Tahiri...I can't last much longer...” Anakin gasped out, his legs moving restlessly.

“It's okay,” Alema directed. “I'll just teach you how to get him hard again.”

As if Alema's permission was enough, Tahiri began to lick him in earnest. She started at the base, and then let her tongue slide up the length, caressing all the way around the crown and then back again. Anakin's heavy breathing had both teens aching, and Alema couldn't help but let a hand stray to one of her own breasts at the very arousing sight.

“Tahiri!” Anakin cried out in warning. “Tahiri, I...”

Tahiri used her hand to finish him, his cock spurting several times as his hips lifted off the edge of the chair. Some of his cum splashed across Tahiri's pale torso, the rest landing on the floor. Anakin sagged back in the chair groaning in relief.

“Stand up and come here,” Alema directed the smaller teen.

Tahiri did as bidden, her still-developing body illuminated by the stage lights. Her face and chest were flushed, her panties practically see-through from her own desire, and Anakin's cum beaded on her skin. Alema stepped forward and began to lick the cum off her.

Tahiri let out a gasp, moving to push Alema away. The blonde teen once again looked to Anakin. Only to see that he was watching with avid desire, and that his cock was starting to stiffen once more. She gave up her resistance, her hands resting on Alema's shoulders as the older teen's tongue ran swaths across her own sweat-slickened skin. Her eyes fluttered shut as Alema targeted a glob of cum that had landed atop one of her small breasts. Being touched by a person not named Anakin, by another woman at that, had her mind whirling. When one of Alema's hands cupped her sex, she couldn't help but shudder with need.

“Aaa...Alema,” Tahiri gasped, rocking against the other woman's palm.

“Look at your lover, Tahiri,” Alema murmured, her other hand toying with Tahiri's breasts. “Watch him watch you. Watch him as you cum on my hand. That's what you're going to do, Vong Girl. You're going to cum for him, for me. Cum, cum now.”

Tahiri bucked against Alema's hand. Anakin's darkened gaze on her, Alema's skilled hand on her panty-covered sex, it was too much. Tahiri let out a wailing cry, her legs giving out as her climax coursed through her. Alema caught her and held her as the petite blonde shuddered again and again.

“Look, he's hard again,” Alema said playfully.

Tahiri turned and her desire returned as Anakin's cock stood up proud and ready for round two.

“So, my padawan, what's next?”

Tahiri looked demurely at the sensual Twi'lek. “I return the favor.”

“Good, you're learning.” Alema rasped.

“Too much clothes,” Tahiri tugged on Alema's black leather jacket and let it fall to the floor. “Anakin wants to see you too.”

“Definitely looks like he does.” Alema gulped, heat rushing through her at the deep blue gaze pinning her in place. She was only half-aware of helping Tahiri remove her clothing, leaving her clad only in her lekku wrap and a pair of high-heeled black boots.

“I...” Tahiri paused, temporarily unsure what to do.

“Twi'lek's and humans share similar anatomy,” Alema said, taking one of Tahiri's hands and bringing it to rest between her blue breasts. Tahiri shyly mimicked Alema's earlier caressing, moving her hands to experimentally cup the older teen's chest. Where Tahiri's breasts barely required the bra she had worn, Alema's were a bit more than a handful. When Tahiri's fingers grazed the dark blue nipples at the tip, Alema shivered slightly. “We're just as sensitive there.”

“Sensitive,” Tahiri echoed, sliding her hands away and up to Alema's shoulders. “You said your lekku were sensitive too?”

“Very,” Alema nodded, trembling as Tahiri stepped behind her and gently began to caress one of her lek. “Even more so when we get aroused.”

“So if I do this...”

Alema sucked in a breath as Tahiri gave one of her lek a firm pump with her hand. Sensing Alema's enjoyment, Tahiri repeated the gesture, slowly pumping a hand up and down the tendril of muscle and nerve endings while using the other to continue her gentle caresses. Alema's mouth opened in a silent gasp as she reflexively tilted her head back to give Tahiri fuller access. This had the side-effect of giving Anakin a tantalizing view of her arched body and full breasts. With the alcohol still running through her petite form, Tahiri experimentally leaned forward and began to suckle on the tip of one of Alema's lekku. The Twi'lek in turn let out a guttural groan, her eyes squeezing shut.

After several more minutes of stimulation, Alema could feel her legs grow weak. It was then that Tahiri stepped back, looking smug. Alema needed several moments to regain her equilibrium, surprised that the inexperienced teen could throw her off her game so much.

“Yeah, that was good,” Alema finally managed. “But we're not here to play with me. Maybe some other day.”

Tahiri's gaze darted back to her boyfriend, whose ragged breathing and raging hard-on betrayed his feelings. Her own desire spiked loudly in the Force as she gravitated towards him instinctively.

“What next?” Tahiri asked, looking up at Alema as she again knelt by Anakin's side.

“We can do one of two things,” Alema smiled, sauntering over and letting her fingernails tease Anakin's nipples. “We can either work on your blowjob skills, or....”

“Or?” Tahiri's own hands were absently caressing Anakin's taut, muscular thighs.

“How much control do you have with your inner muscles?”


“You know your sex is basically a muscle, right? You use it to squeeze out babies. Both Twi'lek and human women can work that muscle to give your guy even more pleasure.”

“Oh...he...we...we haven't gone all the way yet,” Tahiri breathed out, eyeing the pulsing cock just a few centimeters from her face with a hungry look. “Maybe another time...”

“Blowjob lesson it is,” Alema smirked, spinning around to his front and using one of her nails to trace the length of his cock from base to tip. “Don't think you'll mind, do you, Anakin?”

Anakin let out a ragged breath, shaking his head, sweat dripping from his hair. The chair creaked again as the binders were severely tested. “Force! Alema, Tahiri please.”

Alema knelt down on Anakin's opposite side and looked to her companion-in-crime. “I know you know the basic mechanics. Want to show me what you know?”

Tahiri, her cheeks seemingly stained a permanent shade of pink or red, nodded. She moved between Anakin's legs and then looked up impishly at her boyfriend. “Thanks for doing this Anakin. Love you.”

“It's my pleas...argh!” Anakin's head whipped back as Tahiri's mouth engulfed the head of his cock, her tongue circling around the captive portion. She tugged at the base of his cock with one hand in time with the bobbing of her head.

“Very nice,” Alema complimented breathlessly, watching the muscular Anakin strain and arch as Tahiri worked his cock the best she could. His oiled body continued to buck and twist at the delicious pleasure shot through his cock. In the meantime, almost innocently, Tahiri's head continued to bob up and down, her hand diligently working him. Alema licked her lips and couldn't help but touch herself at the erotic sight. She let Tahiri continue for a few minutes before tapping her on the shoulder. “Alright, you can stop.”

Anakin let loose several curses as his glistening, straining cock was once again deprived of stimulation, strands of saliva temporarily visible between the angry member and Tahiri's mouth. The blonde teen sat back on her haunches and looked up at Alema expectantly.

Alema crouched down next to her and gestured to Anakin. “Do you mind?”

“Just this night only,” Tahiri shook her head.

“'Kay, just going to 'reset' him,” Alema grinned. She reached over and pinched at the base of his cock, she then sent a jolt of Force energy down his erect member that had Anakin thrusting upwards and moaning. He didn't ejaculate though, and his harsh pants as he settled back down were still filled with lust.

“What did you do?” Tahiri asked with wide eyes.

“Took the edge off,” Alema answered grinning, stroking him into full hardness again. She was definitely finding this go-around much more fun now that her partner was Anakin Solo, man of her dreams. “Otherwise it's not very comfortable for the guy.”

“Oh,” Tahiri blinked, glancing up to her boyfriend. “Are you doing okay, Hero Boy?”

“Just...just great,” Anakin breathed out, his eyes squeezed closed and his head tilted back. “Stars two...”

Alema nudged Tahiri and had her refocus on Anakin's cock. “Okay, I noticed you really did have the basic concept down. But there are a few things you can add to make it even more pleasurable for him.


“Well, these for example,” Alema cupped Anakin's balls in her hands, invoking another white-knuckled grip on the arms of the chairs as she did. “I'm sure you've played with them before, right?”

Tahiri nodded, moving her hands to replace Alema's. “Uh huh. When we first started to fool around, I was curious about them. He really likes it when I touch them.”

“Most guys do. Now, have you tried gently squeezing or rolling them as you're pleasuring him with your mouth?”

“Not really. It's hard to, you know, suck on him, and pump him and do a third thing and keep a rhythm he likes.”

“How about making it part of a cycle?” Alema gestured. “You pump him for a few sucks, move your hand to play with him for a few more, and then go back to pumping him.”

“Okay, I'll try that.” Tahiri nodded. She moved back to her sexual education tool, Anakin's increasing sensitive cock, and decided to test out the new lesson Alema had given her. Her head began bobbing again, the base of his cock gripped firmly in one of her hands. Anakin's grunts and moans at her actions encouraged her even further. When her hand left the base of his cock and traveled down to gently squeeze and rub his heavy balls, Anakin let out a strangled cry.

“Oh stars, Tahiri!'

Tahiri, her mouth full of Anakin's cock, looked up at her lover with sparkling green eyes and a smile on her face. Anakin saw this and shuddered, his Force-control on his orgasm shattering. He only lasted one more cycle of pumping and rubbing as Tahiri's mouth continued to keep the head of his cock engulfed in warm wet heat, before his orgasm hit. It felt so good, he didn't even have time to warn his younger lover.

Tahiri gasped and coughed, pulling off.

“Sorry,” Anakin panted out.

Tahiri shook her head, wiping her mouth with a self-satisfied grin on her face. “Don't be.”

“Think you have one more cum in you, Solo?” Alema asked playfully, patting his legs.

Anakin groaned. “I'll go insane if you two do any more.”

“Just one more, please?” Alema pleaded. She straddled him once more, this time without any barriers between her body and his. She leaned forward to suck on one of his earlobes as she whispered. “Don't you want me to show Tahiri how to make you feel really good?”

Anakin gasped. “Take off the cuffs, Alema.”

“But Tahiri doesn't want you touching another woman,” Alema continued teasingly in his ear. “Fortunately, I have permission for one night to touch you.”

Alema's eyes fluttered close as she forgot about the blonde teen watching and began to just rub her own heated body against Anakin's restrained form. The tips of her breasts dragged back and forth against his chest, while her own sex ground against his. It was electrifying, hot, and made her pant as she held Anakin's gaze of molten lust. She could feel him grow hard once more, and couldn't help but crush her lips to his.

She heard a small gasp and pulled back, languidly looking over to the source. Tahiri was watching, completely enraptured, her mouth parted and two fingers in her sex while her other hand was absently roaming her breasts.

“Look Anakin,” Alema whispered back to her captive. “I think she's enjoying this just as much as you are.”

Anakin groaned in response, his cock twitching against Alema's slick folds. The muscles of his arms stood out in definition, but the binders held firm.

Alema made a gesture and the second chair was maneuvered directly behind Tahiri. The blonde teen absently sat down, but resumed her self-pleasuring as Alema resumed her grinding against a sweaty, panting Anakin.

For Alema, the sensations were borderline blissful. So much better than doing it against a random stranger. “Oh, Anakin.”

“Alema,” he whispered back, voice hoarse.

He was fully hard by now, and Alema angled her body slightly so that his erect cock was now pressed against her stomach and very visible to the voyeur watching. Alema moved one hand off Anakin's shoulder to grasp it, causing both he and Tahiri to moan in unison. It was that moment that Alema made another decision.

Forget selflessness, forget letting them be each other's firsts. If this was her fantasy, her alternate past that the Force was letting her experience, she wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. Using her free hand to stead herself, she lifted her hips upwards and positioned him against her aching center. Panting, smiling at Anakin, Alema's green eyes sparkled.

“Get ready to have your world rocked, Solo.”

She worked herself down on him with agonizing slowness, letting Tahiri see every centimeter of Anakin's cock slowly disappear within her. Quickly glancing at the younger teen, Alema could see Tahiri avidly watching with naked desire reflecting in her glazed eyes. The blonde's hands were now moving more energetically, squeezing and rubbing her own breasts as her fingers furiously moved in and out of her sex.

Anakin had glanced to Tahiri at the same time and groaned again, hands grabbing the armrests as he tried to pump his hips upwards to enter Alema more quickly.

“That eager?” Alema couldn't help but giggle. A part of her unable to believe that she was actually doing it. Was about to actually fuck Anakin Solo.

“Alema!” Anakin rasped again, very obviously trying to use the Force to regain some semblance of sanity.

Alema took pity on him and let him slide as far into her as their position would allow. The burst of pleasure was immense and she sagged against him, her body very much enjoying having him in her. She recovered quickly, steadying herself with her arms looped around his shoulders.

“I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am,” Alema winked, and then she began to ride him with slow, undulating movements of her hips.

Anakin just made a husky moaning sound, head rolling back as he struggled to take in a breath.

Alema shuddered at his reaction, it was everything she had fantasized about and more. She heard a cracking sound and realized that the arms of the chair had finally given way. Anakin's hands gripped her rear tightly and Alema yelped as he began thrusting up into her in earnest.

“Kriff!” Alema cried up, bouncing up and down helplessly as he held her in place. Her lekku were uncontrollable twitching wrecks, her hands wandering her own body as his cock pounded up into her again and again.

In the background she heard Tahiri cry out her own orgasm, the younger teen's pleasure echoing through the Force.

Alema knew she wasn't that far behind. All the anticipation, the touching and watching, and now Anakin's hands gripping her ass almost bruisingly as he bounced her up and down relentlessly. Pleasure built, and then she tossed her head back and squeezed her own breasts tightly as she came hard. But Anakin wasn't done yet. His thick, hard length continued to drive upwards into her heated, spasming channel, friction against her slick sensitive flesh creating a burning firestorm of pleasure within.

Alema helplessly gripped onto his shoulders, his name spilling from her lips again and again as another orgasm rippled through her, and then another. Anakin stood with his length still buried in her, his hands still supporting her quivering form. He then whirled her around, pressing her against the nearby wall, and continued to fuck her.

Alema was lost in the pleasure, lost in the feel of Anakin ravaging her, slamming into her again and again. Her hands clawed at his back as his lips pressed against hers. Time lost meaning, everything lost meaning but the orgasms consuming her again and again. And as one last powerful orgasm built up within her exhausted, sweaty body, Alema cried out his name one last time.



Alema awoke from her restorative trance, feeling her heart race and her emotions a whirl. Her mouth was dry and another part of her was very wet. She closed her eyes, licking her lips as the details of her trance were still very much fresh and vivid. Though she much preferred her version of events, she knew that it wasn't true.

In reality, she had chosen a guy who looked very similar to Anakin. In the dark lighting of the private room, he could have actually passed for him. Tahiri had been completely hands off, though the large tumbler of spiced wine that Alema had given her had helped the younger teen get into the mood. It had been a full evening full of 'show and tell,' with Alema rocking the lucky guy's world and Tahiri taking it all in with wide eyes. Thanks to the alcohol, and the very arousing show she was seeing, the blonde teen had even given in to her own desires and rubbed herself to several small orgasms. It had been fun for Alema, she hadn't lied to Tahiri about that...but the flight of fantasy she had just returned from...

“Force that was good,” Alema breathed out, absently reaching down to adjust her clothing.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Alema nearly leaped out of her skin at the voice, springing to her feet with her lightsabers flying into her hands. “Who's there!”

The Force you were thanking earlier, or at least a part of it.

Alema watched warily as an apparition of Force energy shimmered into view. It was the Force ghost of a Togruta, one who looked very familiar. “I...I know you.”

“We met once before,” the Togruta smiled, her form coming into focus. “On Shili. Peace Brigaders and Yuuzhan Vong and all that fun stuff. The name's Ahsoka, Ahsoka Tano.”

“I guess being dead lets you get rid of a few dozen years,” Alema remarked, still not lowering her lightsabers.

“When you rejoin the Force, you can appear as you want to. Skyguy appeared as an old man for a while after his death, before deciding to look more like the Master I knew and loved. I chose the age I was at before I became an embittered old hermit shut off from the galaxy.”

“So how did you get offed? You know, so I can avoid it in the future?”

“Vader's old mynock-crazy apprentice,” Ahsoka said darkly. “It's part of the reason why I'm here.”

“Part of the reason?” Alema hooked her lightsabers to her utility belt. “The other reason was to give me the best and most realistic fantasy I ever had?”

“Can't take all the credit for that. Some of it goes to Skyguy,” Ahsoka rolled her eyes. “His thinking was that if you were going to devote everything to his grandson, you should at least get some benefits from it.”

“Thank him for me later. Now the first half of why you're here.”

“You know the Sith are still out there?”

“Vergere hinted as much.”

“Well, we're going to do something about it.”

“We are? Aren't you...well...dead? Isn't there rules to interfering and all that?”

“Sith Ghosts don't seem to have a problem with it,” Ahsoka replied. “And my Master studied under one of the most academic-minded Sith in millennia. He taught me a few tricks, ways to bend the rules. But you're right, I'll still be relying on you to do most of the heavy lifting.”

“And why should I help? What have the Jedi ever done for me beside cause me pain and suffering? What if I wanted to join the Sith?”

“For one, the Solos will probably suffer greatly if you don't do anything about it,” Ahsoka said mildly. “The Sith are planning something big. Something that will rock the galaxy. If you're okay with the Solos suffering, then fine. Take the selfish route and prove all those doubters in the Jedi Order right.”

Alema scowled. “You sure you're a Jedi?”

“Never said I was. Haven't been for a long time. Are you in or out?”

“I'm in, but I'm going to need a ship.”

“Head east,” Ahsoka's ghost began to fade. “You'll find a place called Cratertown. Go to Ergel's Bar. I'm sure someone with your talent will have no trouble getting a ride off the planet from there.”

“Got it.”

Hey, it'll be fun. You and me against an army of deranged lunatics who want to take over the galaxy.

Alema grinned at that idea. “Sounds like a plan.”


Story End


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