Night on Zonama

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Night on Zonama


Like most nights on Zonama, the weather was pleasantly warm, the vast array of stars twinkling in the sky adding to its beauty. With a sentient planet that could affect the weather, the denizens of Zonama rarely had to worry about tornadoes or blizzards or any other difficult conditions. Many used the mild evenings to walk and enjoy the bioluminescence of the tampasi and the cloudless skies. Others took advantage of the comfortable breeze and stayed in their homes. Be it a house built into the spiring trees or coral construct on Zonama's vast plains, the homes on Zonama had all been adapted to take maximum advantage of the idyllic weather patterns.

And the individuals within those homes often used the comfortable evenings for more pleasurable pursuits.

“Anakin, what are you doing?” Tahiri rasped, glancing over her shoulder. She was completely naked, having only just showered and dried before her husband had floated her out of the bathroom and into their bed. He had then proceeded to use some sort of vine-like rope to bind her wrists together and secure her to the headboard of the bed. Now she was kneeling on the very comfy mattress, feeling very exposed with her backside in the air.

“Something fun?” Her husband, wearing only a pair of loose, cloth pants smiled lopsidedly at her. His slender figure reflected the daily, physical activities that kept him in lovely shape. While his loose pants reflected his very obvious interest in her.

“For you or me?”

“Well, it'll probably start out for me. Kind of hoping you get into the spirit of things.”

“Things, huh?” Tahiri arched an eyebrow at him.

“Uh huh. Think of it as an experiment.”

“You really know how to set the mood,” Tahiri rolled her eyes and let herself relax a bit. “Now I'm your test gizka?”

“Technically it is your fault.”


“The other day, you were telling me all about how Czalpak and Shaeri did you put it...still getting used to the idea that sex wasn't just about procreation. That Yuuzhan Vong society as a whole viewed sex as a means to an end because of their scheduled breeding cycles and selective matching during their trip through dark space and the war.”

“They did have to keep making baby warriors to maintain their armies,” Tahiri said in exasperation. “So what does this have to do with me being tied up getting a nice view of this very comfortable bed?”

“Well, I thought I'd meet them half way,” Anakin shrugged. He made a gesture and Tahiri saw two objects levitate into his hands. “The Yuzhaan Vong were so into pain and control that they forgot the pleasure aspect of it all. So I decided to...shape...a few things in my off hours to help them out.”

Tahiri felt her heart speed up in anticipation. During her lovemaking with her husband, she had already been a very willing beneficiary to his non-traditional, inventive uses of the Force. Whether it was linking his pleasure with hers or using the Force to penetrate her as if a second lover as taking her, she knew that whenever Anakin got into the mood she was in for one wild ride. And now it looked as if he was in one of those moods again.

She swallowed heavily. “ made a bunch of Yuuzhan Vong sex toys?”

“Their anatomy is about the same.” Anakin held up a flat, hand-sized device that looked to be covered in a soft fur. He then held up a second, allowing her to get a good look at the mysterious objects. “This set was made especially for you though.”

“Lucky me.” Tahiri's green eyes were wide and round as Anakin approached her bound form with the devices.

“These little things are texture replicators,” Anakin explained, setting both onto the small of his wife's back and then stepping away and picking up what looked like a control nodule.

For her part, Tahiri let out a soft gasp at the warm, furry sensations across her mid-section as the devices wormed their way to her front and across her trembling stomach. The two devices then began to head upwards, their movements feeling as though Anakin was dragging a furred gloved across her skin. “Texture, replicators?”

“Uh huh.”

“Need to work on your naming skills,” Tahiri quipped, closing her eyes as the soft furry devices reached her small, dangling breasts.

She gasped as the devices engulfed them, drawing the flesh and nerves beneath it further from her chest with a slight tug. When a moist, suction-like sensation encompassed her nipples and areolae, she involuntarily yanked on her restraints. She could feel the device release some sort of warm oil and hung her head as her breasts became a lot more sensitive than she was used to. But bound as she was, and as entrapped as her small breasts were, she was completely defenseless for whatever Anakin was going to do.

Anakin manipulated another part of the control nodule and what felt like ultra-soft fur began to swirl around her rapidly hardening nubs, teasing the tips to painful stiffness. A coarser fur buffed the rest of her breasts as the devices began to shift back and forth, the contrast only making the stimulation to her nips all the more intense. She could feel herself thrusting her hips back as the sensations coursed straight down her spine and into her sex. “Oh!”

“They're called texture replicators because they can mimic the texture of materials once they've been introduced to them,” Anakin continued on lightly, though his lust echoed through their bond. He watched his lover shiver and shudder for several long minutes, her breathing growing ragged and her movements becoming more involuntarily. The pale globes of her ass, framing the pink folds of her sex, swayed back and forth enticingly, causing him to call upon the Force to dampen his more primal instincts.

Tahiri's breathing became heavier and she subconsciously began squeezing her legs together as the devices pulsed and scrubbed the slick and oiled skin of her captive breasts. She felt warm all over, knew her cheeks were flushed, and could definitely feel herself moisten between her legs. Her breasts felt achingly good, so good, every swirling caress setting off tremors through her petite form.

Anakin decided to add to her torment then. He reached out and ran a hand along her quivering body, fingers trailing down her spine and the curve of her ass. Tahiri immediately parted her legs, a whimper escaping her lips as he stopped to toy with the wiry curls of her pubic hair, glistening with moisture.

She sucked in a breath as his calloused fingers then dragged across the outer folds of her sex in a slow, torturous caress. Her entire body quaked as he reversed course, letting his fingers slide across the wetness that was leaking from her. One more pass forwards parted her nether lips and ended with her clit bracketed by two of his fingers. A steadying hand on her back had her tremble in anticipation.

The breath she had been holding left her lungs as he squeezed her clit between his fingers, the jolt shooting straight up her spine. He then rolled the captured bundle of nerves between his fingers, milking a shrill cry from her.

“One material I introduced them to is silk. Did you know that despite them both being considered silk, Lashaa and Saava silk have different textures?”

Tahiri vaguely heard his question before the sensations rippling through her breasts began to change. She gasped as the warm, delicious agony of the fur was replaced by a burning-cooling sensation. Like micrometer-thin strips of cloth were being drawn back and forth across her entrapped breasts, gliding across her pale flesh and tormenting the nerve-endings within. Her hands gripped her bindings as her body jerked at the unexpected shift in sensations. Opening her eyes and glancing down to her chest, she could see that the two devices had indeed taken on an almost silken-like sheen. She could definitely feel the difference between the two silks as this time it was the coarser of the two that was rubbing her diamond-hard nips into aching oblivion with thin ribbon-like strips circulating around and up and down the turgid flesh. She hung her head and her eyes fluttered close again as the stimulation began to take its toll.

Anakin took that as his cue to resume his torment of her sex.  He abandoned her clit, but worked two fingers into her very wiling body instead. In her kneeling position, it was very easy for him to locate a particularly sensitive part within her sex within and press down on the spongy tissue.

“Aaaanakin,” Tahiri keened, her hips once again thrusting and rolling as her sex clenched around his probing fingers with every jolt.

“Shhhhh,” Anakin murmured teasingly, his breath teasing her ear. He withdrew his fingers to leave her core completely drenched and aching with need. “I've only just gotten started. But if you want a small bit of relief...I think the feathers of the snowfeather bird will do the trick.”

The blonde-haired nineteen year old let out a whining whimper as the sensation changed once more. The direct stimulation was replaced with a teasing, almost ghost-like touch as what felt like hundreds of feathers were repeatedly swept across the vulnerable flesh of her breasts. It was enough contact to drive her insane with want, but not enough to finish her off.

“Force, suns, suns,” Tahiri continued to pant and moan, almost in pain as she pulled futilely on her bindings. Beads of fluid dripped from her sex, glistening in the light of the room as she canted her hips as far back as her bindings would allow in lewd offering. What had been an almost painful direct stimulation caused by the silk-like material and his probing fingers had turned into an almost painful indirect stimulation caused by the lack of intensity.

Throughout it all, Anakin continued to explore her trembling body, caressing and rubbing, but like the devices tormenting her, never doing enough to bring her to climax.

“Please....please....” Tahiri muttered almost incoherently, her small, dangling breasts now throbbing like never before, nipples agonizingly tender and aching. Her sex continued to clench and flutter in reflexive need as her body hungered for an orgasm just out of reach.

For Anakin, the sight of his young wife so completely lost in her need for relief was too much. The lean muscles of her back stood out, glistening with sweat as she strained against her restraints, her face flushed and her body quaking with every breath. The lower half of her body seemed out of her control as it swayed side to side again and again seeking contact with anything to relieve the ache he had caused. With a groan, he gave into his own desires and let his pants pool to the ground. He then stepped up between her bound legs and placed a firm hand on her bottom.

Tahiri whimpered, stilling at his touch, his name leaving her lips in a pleading mantra as her husband’s lust washed over her. Her body responded on a primal level, arching back towards him, and she gazed at him over her shoulder with glazed eyes.

“Good girl,” Anakin said as playfully as he could manage, letting his fingers graze the insides of her thighs as he took in the sight of his wife's swollen and sticky sexy. His cock throbbed at the scent of her arousal and at the sight of her dusky pink folds—slick with need—opened before him.

He could deny himself no longer.

He lined his twitching cock up against her and pushed in, a groan escaping from his chest as her tight, wet passage welcomed his hard member in a heated grip.

The small blonde moaned from the intense pleasure of being impaled by her lover. The sensation of him deep within her brought some relief from the feather-like sensations torturing her chest.

“Please, Anakin, my breasts,” Tahiri mewled, head hanging as she panted. “Oh Force, the feathers...too much...please, your hands, or mouth, or anything else.”

Anakin reached over and deactivated the devices, removing them from her body. Her breasts were completely flushed, nipples oiled, distended and hard. He could feel her on the verge of climax and knew just what she needed. Large, strong hands slid across her heated body until they cupped her soft, firm breasts. Then, holding her lust-filled gaze, he took both hypersensitive nipples and rolled them between his work-roughened fingers before squeezing hard. After a few agonizing minutes with ghostly stimulation, coupled with the sensitizing effects of the oil, and his cock stretching her sex, it was enough.

Tahiri let out a shuddering moan, her body moving on its own as it undulated against him. Anakin gritted his jaws as the rippling sensations translated from her pussy onto his manhood. He just barely kept himself from his own release, even if watching his wife dissolve from the pleasure he had given her made it immensely harder.

When the petite teen's pleasure began to subside, Anakin was left panting and sweating on his knees, his Force-controlled grip on his balls nearly non-existent. He began to thrust slowly at first, the blonde-haired teen beneath him whimpering as his hard, slick shaft rubbed against her still clenching walls, before picking up speed as the sounds she was making stirred him on.

Tahiri was near-delirious as her husband pounded her from behind, his skilled hands massaging and milking her aching breasts in time with his powerful thrusts. She was gasping, head bowed, with a sheen of perspiration covering her flushed face. Animalistic, guttural sounds escaping her as he claimed her. Fingers, strong and powerful, pinched and pulled at her tenderized nipples between thrusts. Spasms ran through her at the pressure, pain and pleasure blurring. With her body being taken so thoroughly, she couldn't help but grunt out another climax, her sex tightening with delicious agony around the invader stretching her. And still he took her, her orgasm causing him to thrust into her even harder, deeper, and faster than before. Tahiri cried out at the assault, completely at his mercy.

Gasping, groaning, it wasn't long before Anakin's release overtook him and he filled his wife with his seed. Tahiri felt the emotional and physical pleasure flow through their bond and climaxed once more, her hands clinging onto the vines holding her. There she hung limply, simply trying to catch her breath as her body continued to spasm from the after-effects of her repeated orgasms and domination.

Anakin stroked her sweaty, quivering back as his cock slipped from her gaping, raw sex. “So, had fun?”

“Yeah,” Tahiri breathed, eyes squeezed shut. She panted, trying to fill her lungs with much needed air. “Force that felt so good.”

“The texture replicators have an alternative form you know.”

Tahiri swallowed nervously, she could hear the smile in his voice and looked over her shoulder. “Oh yeah?”

Using VongForce he summoned one of the devices from where they had fallen on the floor. He stroked it several times and its shape changed from the round, almost pad-like form that have covered her breasts to a more oblong shape with a phallic-like bump along one side. He summoned the other one, and it took on a similar shape. He then pressed both together and they formed a single device with two very prominent bumps spaced not that far apart.

“Anakin,” Tahiri said shakily, feeling more vulnerable than ever. Her sweaty hands tried to grip tighter onto the vines binding her in place, as if they could pull her away from what he had planned.


“Does that go where I think it goes?”

“You mean, here?” Anakin placed the device over her still flushed and sopping sex, causing Tahiri to squeal slightly as it molded itself to her.

She squeezed her eyes shut, her face flushed as she felt the bumps align themselves with her sex and hole of her ass, just entering her but not going too far in. She also felt that same wet suction sensation that had caused her nipples so much pleasure affix itself to her still erect clit and sensitive flesh between her ass and sex.

“You're going to kill me, Hero Boy,” Tahiri rasped out, watching as Anakin held up the control nodule. The device was still in its 'feather' mode and was teasing her most intimate areas with relentless precision.

“I wouldn't do that to you,” Anakin grinned. He undid the vines holding her to the bed and flipped her trembling form over so that she was now on her back. She was completely pliant as he did so, the sensations turning her body to a quivering mass of anticipation. She started to reach for her sex, but he then reattached the vines, binding her hands over her head. Two more vines spread her legs apart ensuring she was completely exposed and helpless to stop whatever he was now going to do.

“You are too,” Tahiri managed, her face flushed and her body twitching from the continued stimulation. “I'm still very, very sensitive from before and if these things are going to do what I think, then I...”

“Here, this should help.” He adjusted a dial on the node and Tahiri gasped as the device contracted, the bumps forming into fleshy, studded shafts that pushed up into both her sex and ass simultaneously.

“Anakin,” Tahiri mewled, her stomach clenching and eyes bulging. The device released more oil—not that she really needed it—which allowed the thick shafts to easily glide into both her holes without resistance. Not only that, this oil had some kind of warming affect that had her already aroused body heat up even more.

“Whoops, wrong button,” Anakin said glibly, brushing some of the hair from her flushed face. “I meant to press this one.”

Tahiri let out a strangled sound as the shafts began to vibrate, her restraints not letting up. The shafts had expanded so that her sex and anal passage clung tightly to it, letting her feeling every bump with intense clarity. When it started vibrating, every centimeter of her tightly clenching flesh felt it. Pleasure blurred out coherent thought, her bindings anchoring her to the bed even as her entire body tried to writhe right off it.

“Wasn't that one after all,” Anakin continued playfully. “Maybe it was this one.”

“Ugh!” Tahiri's head whipped side to side as the two vibrating shafts began to move up and down, twisting like a corkscrew, within her in an alternating rhythm. The studs on the shafts glided smoothly against her slick inner walls with each twist and thrust, causing her petite form to buck with every cycle.

“Nope, not that one,” Anakin continued, grinning at his wife's breathless reactions. “Ah, I'm sure it's this one.”

“Aiiiieeeeee!” Tahiri squealed once more as the portion of the device covering her clit and perineum changed textures and movements. Her hips lifted off the bed and stayed there as it felt as if Anakin had taken her clit between his fingers and was rolling and lightly tugging on it, all the while licking at her perineum at the same time. Apparently the texture replicator had a 'flesh' setting.

“Yup, that was the one,” Anakin chuckled.

“Not....not...funny,” Tahiri panted, squeezing her eyes shut and moaning as coherent thought left her. Her entire body, flushed and gleaming with sweat, was trembling as she strained and arched against her restraints.

“Getting close?”

Tahiri couldn't respond, her mouth open as she gasped for air. The sensations caused by the device urging her closer and closer to blissful release.

Anakin adjusted the nodule again and Tahiri's legs tried to snap close at the jolt, her body bowing, her orgasm cascading through her. She had no idea what setting he had used but it felt like thousands of little feelers were suddenly stimulating every single nerve ending in both her holes, her perineum, and her clit. One moment she was on the verge of reaching what was promising to be a very powerful orgasm, and the next, a white hot jolt threw her over that edge and left her drowning in wave after wave of never-ending pleasure.

Tahiri vaguely registered she was moaning, crying out, begging. Could feel Anakin's strong hands kneading her aching breasts, only making the orgasms more intense. Pleasure that approached agony, agony that left her wanting more. Her mind was shutting down as she convulsed and twitched.

With her sex clenching, her body jerking beyond her control, and incoherent sounds emerging from her gasping mouth, Anakin began to ease his flushed and sweat-covered wife out of the subspace her mind had journeyed to. As he did, Tahiri went completely limp on the bed, eyes rolling back up into her head.

When awareness returned to her, she knew she was tucked up against him, his sex pressed against her backside. Her own sex was sore, tender, and felt very well used. He had removed the device and the vines that had tied her down, much to her relief. But she still felt weak, boneless. Groaning and with great effort, she turned to face him.

“Had fun?” Tahiri mock glowered, slightly embarrassed that he had pleasured her to the point of unconsciousness.

“Definitely did,” Anakin said smugly. “Think the Yuuzhan Vong people will appreciate the design?”

Tahiri gripped his partially erect member, a gleam in her eyes as she drew upon his energy reserves for strength. “I don't know. Does it work on this too?”

Anakin gulped, his own eyes going wide as Tahiri summoned the texture replicator. “ should.”

“Good,” Tahiri rolled so that she was on top of him. “Because I think that if you're going to market it it to the rest of this world, a thorough testing is needed.”

“It is?”

“Uh huh,” Tahiri took a moment to admire her husband's nude form. “If this feels even a fraction of how good it felt on me, I think you have a hit. But we have to make sure. Don't want to give the Yuuzhan Vong people a faulty product after all.”

Anakin's accompanying moan as Tahiri wrapped the device around his now durasteel hard cock could be heard outside of the luxurious tree house the two shared.

The members of Domain Rapuung who had their houses in the grounds outside all looked up at the upper boughs of the tree. They knew that the ones they served were mating, the pained-like sounds confirmed it. What they didn't know was why those sounds were accompanied by pleas for more. Maybe the Avatars of Yun-Shuno and Yun-Ne'shel embraced pain just as much as they did.

A week later, after much testing, Anakin and Tahiri mass-produced his new invention. It was only then that the members of Domain Rapuung understood why.


Story End


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