Erika's Revenge

BY : xXSaphXx
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Across Hungary's varied and exquisite landscape, the Sun's warm light gave way to night skies. The darkness crawled over the rolling plains and climbed the low lying mountains. It even turned the Danube river from blue to black, shimmering against the night sky. All over the old country, a shadow ushered peasants and city dwellers alike to sleep. At the old mansion of Ordoghaz, the darkness was especially penetrating. Clouds thick with precipitation loomed threateningly over the old Gothic mansion, snuffing out the light of the half moon and pelting Ordoghaz's stone pillars with rain. With a sudden crack and a flash, a bolt of lightning shot across the cloudy sky. It was the only respite the night would offer Ordoghaz tonight. 

Still, there was something different about the old Gothic mansion. The difference lay in the way the building stood up to the elements. It had the look of an ancient castle that should have fallen to dust centuries ago, yet somehow its stone towers endured, daring the lightning to strike. The difference also lay in the way Hungarians treated the mansion with awe and fear. The cautious ones avoided the building like the plague, only welling up enough courage to tell fairy tales of dark winged creatures and wolves that preyed on the young. The more adventurous ones disappeared into the great mansion's dark abyss, never to be heard from again. As the rest of Hungary rested under their protective sheets and blankets, warding off the evils of the night, Ordoghaz was alive.

Inside Ordoghaz Mansion, vampires mingled amongst one another in the main hall, many of them covered in glittering jewels and silk and velvet attire. Men and women shared wine and hors d'oeuvres while discussing topics of leisure and pleasure. It truly was a meeting of a Gothic Victorian aristocracy. Suddenly, the oak doors that led into the main hall slammed open, and a vampire of a totally different sort stomped purposefully into the decorative hall, headed straight for the spiral staircase. The death dealer Selene's straight black hair was matted over her face from the rain, framing her deep blue eyes and fell down to her shoulders. Her leather trench coat billowed behind her as she stormed through the meeting. 

One of the vampires in the hall made the unfortunate mistake of getting in her way. Selene scowled dismissively and walked straight though his shoulder as if he wasn't even there. The man rocked to the side and let out a yelp, his wine glass falling to shatter on the old wooden floor. The other vampires grew quiet and glanced amongst themselves nervously. Selene merely kept climbing the stairs, her leather bodysuit shimmering like black glass beneath her trench coat and an ebony battle corset just visible through the top of her coat. The death dealer had two guns in her hands, and she was squeezing them tightly in anger. When she finally disappeared at the top of the stairs, the luxuriant vampires laughed nervously and went back to their mingling and joking at the blushing man's embarrassment. 

Selene stormed into her bedroom, headed straight for the window and slammed her fist on the window sill. Staring out at the stormy sky, the death dealer was beside herself with rage that the two lycans had escaped. If only her superiors would get over their lavish lifestyle, she thought to herself, she could complete her missions more easily. As it was, she was lucky if she had a partner last more than two weeks. She had killed dozens of lycans, indeed hundreds in her six hundred years in the coven, but as of late, it seemed like dozens more appeared with each one she struck down. As far as Selene was concerned, the vampires grew weak with their hedonism. Viktor wouldn't have tolerated this descent into bodily pleasures, gorging on every pleasure life had to offer from cigarettes and alcohol to the delicacies of the human form. Selene scowled in disgust. This house was in need of some discipline.

With a click, the door to Selene's bedroom swung open, and a confident young vampiress strode inside carrying a set of black dresses. Erika was turned by the elder Amelia just two decades ago, but she had the air of a woman who owned the place. As vampires go, she was frivolous and dainty looking, still a novice when it came to her vampiric abilities. Where she lacked in physical prowess, she made up in ambition and artfulness. She was particularly adept at using her charm, a useful trait for any species. Erika wore a black velvet and lace patterned cardigan over her satiny camisole. Amelia's pendant hung from a silver chain atop her smooth, creamy skin, and midnight blue leather pants accentuated her curvy and athletic legs. Two french braids were tied into her snowy blonde hair that ended in pony tails just above her ears. The rest of her hair hung haphazardly down to her shoulders. 

“Oh Selene, I've been looking all over for you,” Erika chided, stalking right up to Selene with a wide smile on her face.  “I found the perfect set of dresses for us to wear to the ball.  Which one do you want to wear?” 

“What on earth are you talking about Erika?”  Selene scowled. This sassy little blonde kept following her around and it was really quite annoying, Selene thought to herself. She even had the audacity to act as if they were friends. Who did she think she was anyway? Selene sighed and walked passed Erika, flicking her finger dismissively through the dresses.

“Surely you haven't forgotten? The annual ball to celebrate Amelia's rule of course.” Erika followed Selene and stood in front of her, blocking her path with a playful frown.

Selene stared at Erika. Oh that. “I don't care about your stupid ball Erika. Go find someone else. Now if you don't mind, I have work to do.” 

Selene started to move past Erika again when her little arm shot in front of her, blocking her path. Selene stared icily as Erika went on talking to her. 

“It's not my ball. It's Amelia's, and everyone has to go including you. Besides we'll look lovely together. I won't take no for an answer.” 

Suddenly Selene's eyes glowed bright blue, and she bared her fangs with a menacing hiss. Her hand darted through Erika's dresses and slapped her on the face so hard that the sound of skin striking skin echoed against the walls of the bed chambers. The dresses went crashing to the floor, and Erika whirled to the side holding her hand to her cheek which now stung badly. Erika turned back to the death dealer and stared at her in anger and disbelief, her hazel eyes shimmering with tears. “We'll see what Amelia has to say about this,” the blonde vampiress whispered maliciously. 

Erika was just about to turn on her heel and storm out of the bedroom when she noticed Selene had frozen in place, her eyes returning to their usual dark blue color. Instead, Erika smiled deviously and walked right up to the death dealer, “You remember what happened to the last vampire that crossed me don't you?” Selene scowled angrily but stood frozen in place, staring silently. The blonde vampire moved even closer to Selene and jabbed her finger into her chest, “Amelia just couldn't stand the thought of someone laying their hands on little me could she?” Erika's green eyes flashed menacingly as her finger slid slowly up Selene's neck, “Cute little Erika, the girl that warned her about Kraven's treachery and saved her life. She just can't get enough of me!” The smaller blonde vampire leaned in close to Selene until their lips were just centimeters apart, her warm breath washing over the death dealer's face. “I can make this our little secret, just between us friends Selene.” Erika's hands slowly slid down Selene's sultry form, tracing down her shimmering leather clothes down to her hips. “You're going to owe me if I don't tell though,” Erika whispered. As she pulled away, her eyes had turned azure and glowed brightly. Now it was her turn to bare her fangs.

Erika's eyes glowed brightly, the predator within her reveling in the hunt. Selene, the death dealer, was her prey. The blonde vampire gazed into Selene's eyes and held her chin with her fingers, stroking lightly beneath it. “What do you say Selene?” Erika whispered sultrily. “Will you be my pet for the day if I make this our little secret?”

Selene's eye burned back into Erika's. She sneered and gazed the blonde up and down dismissively. “You must be joking Erika. Are you aware just how easily I could kill you right now?”

Erika smirked. Her fingers still holding Selene by the chin, she pulled the death dealer in and kissed her lips, sucking ever so slightly and pulling Selene's lower lip until letting go. The look on Selene's face was priceless. The blonde taunted her with her eyes, “I'm aware that you won't do it. You of all people know what connections mean around here. Right now, I have Amelia's favor. Are you willing to test how far that favor goes?”

Selene rolled her eyes at what she thought was a silly little girl standing before her. She would humor the blonde and play along... for now. “Let's just get this over with.”

Erika grinned happily and patted Selene's cheek with her palm. “I knew you'd see it my way. Being my pet doesn't have to be so bad.” She offered her hand for Selene to take, “Come on let's go to my room.”

The death dealer scowled down at Erika's hand, “There is absolutely no way I'm walking around this house for everyone to see holding your hand. No. Way.”

Erika shrugged, “Suit yourself,” she said, “We'll have to work on that attitude though.” The blonde's hazel eyes flashed at Selene and she winked, “You'll change your tune once I get through with you. You'll see. Come on then.” Allowing Selene the dignity of walking along her side instead of holding hands, Erika strode off, leaving Selene's room and headed for her own chambers. After a second her two of staring at the audacious, feisty blonde, Selene followed, grumbling under her breath.

The hallways of the upper chambers of the Ordoghaz mansion were decked out in rich mahogany. The walls blended into the floor and the ceiling. The only blemishes in the wood were its knots and the shadows flickering along the wall from the intermittent candle torch lights that lined the wooden hallway. The sounds of Erika and Selene's heels tapping on the wood mixed the ambiance of the hall with sounds echoing in the distance.

Everything about Erika's walk showed that she was in control and happy about it. She walked quickly and deliberately through the hall. Her back straight, hips swaying side to side in her midnight blue leather pants. She had a swagger in her step and a smug smile on her face. Selene looked equally confident walking behind Erika minus the smug smile. The older vampire was annoyed to have to deal with her younger companion's trifles.

When the vampires got to Erika's chambers, the novitiate vampire opened the door and let Selene go in first, “After you pet,” she teased. Selene tilted her head and responded with a mocking stare, but she entered at Erika's request. Other than the mahogany outline like the hallway, Erika's room looked just like a college dorm room, decked out in posters of leather clad men and women, vampires, celebrities of vampirdom. Pink and black pervaded Erika's room. They were her favorite colors.

Selene began to turn, “So what do you-” when suddenly Erika pushed herself into Seline's backside, pressing her front into her back and thrusting her hips into Selene's rear roughly. The blonde leaned her head close to Selene's neck, and her fingernails traced around the raven-haired vampire's hips. Her fingers curled around Selene's womanhood, and she hissed into her ear. “You're mine now...”

Selene bucked at Erika's unexpected advance. Her lips parted in surprise and horror, and she whirled around to stare at the audacious vampire, “Erika! Who the hell do you think I am? I am a 500 year old vampire! You better-”

Erika walked straight into Selene and jabbed her finger just above her breasts, backing the death dealer to the edge of her bed, “Wrong. None of that matters. What you are. Right now. Is my pet.” Erika jabbed her finger into Selene's chest with each statement and then pushed the aghast vampire onto her back on the bed roughly. The blonde turned and went to rummage through a chest on the side of her room, “If you don't want to submit to my sweet pleasures then I will teach you to like being my pet. When I'm through with your sexy ass, you'll know better than to hit me again.” When Erika spun around again, she had four pairs of shining black handcuffs in her hands. The blonde's eyes sparkled, and her smirk was growing. “Remember, it's either be my pet or face Amelia's wrath.” As Erika approached her, Selene's scowl wavered. Her eyes widened at the sight of the obsidian handcuffs in Erika's hands. Erika smiled malevolently, “Okay pet, get on all fours for me.”

Not convinced, Selene scowled back at Erika, “This is ridiculous Erika! Get one of your little friends to make you feel special. I'm through playing with you.” 

Erika huffed angrily. She dropped her cuffs on the wooden floor, and she spun around to go back to her chest. This time when the blonde whirled around she had a whip in her hand. It was rolled up in a circle, but she let it drop to the ground before whirling the whip backwards and cracking it onto Selene's belly. The whip tore into her leather battle corset, and Selene screamed out in pain. Erika growled, “On all fours bitch!” She made to pull the whip backward again, “Now!”

Still stinging from the strike on her belly, Selene's eyes widened in fear. She glared, vampiric eyes glowing and fangs bared. As much as she despised submitting to this sassy little blonde, Selene knew that it was either play Erika's games or get a much worse punishment from the vampire elder. Scowling and glaring at Erika, Selene obediently crawled onto all fours.

Erika pulled the whip taut in her hands, smirking happily as Selene offered her ass to her. “That's it my pet. Stay just like that.” Her tongue snaking along bared fangs, Erika leaned down to to pick up her black handcuffs again. She pulled one of Selene's legs toward the bed post and snapped the handcuff onto the post. Selene stared, hissing quietly but didn't move. Erika laughed as she snapped the cuff on Selene's other leg. “You'll be singing my tune soon enough Selene.” On her way to the front of the bed, Erika tapped Selene's rear with her hand once on each side and giggled before snapping the cuffs on Selene's hands as well, “Mmmm..” Erika purred when she looked down at the restrained death dealer displaying her backside before her.

Standing before Selene at the head of the bed, Erika curled the whip around her own neck like a snake decoration. She grinned widely and stroked her fingers beneath Selene's chin, pulling her head up gently, so the stronger vampire was forced to look up into her sparkling hazel eyes. The blonde brushed her fingertips along Selene's jawline as she held her head up with her hand. “Are you ready to be a good pet for me Selene? I can make this fun for both of us ya know?” Erika purred, her soft lips curling into a friendly but taunting smirk.

Selene scowled. She wasn't taken in by Erika's charming powers or her trifles and games. She glared icily up at the smiling vampire. Selene had resigned herself to let Erika play her games to avoid Amelia's wrath, but this was just degrading! She wouldn't give the novitiate her satisfaction. “Bite me Erika,” Selene snarled angrily, daring her to touch her even in the most precarious of positions.

At first Erika snarled in return but slowly, ironic realization washed over her face. Her lips curled into a wide, triumphant smile, giggling at the vampire below her, “Oh Selene! Hold your horses! All in good time... but first.” The blonde strolled around the bedside, eyes darting up and down Selene's black leather-clad form and pulled her whip taut in her hands. “First, I'm going to whip that bitchy attitude right out of you.” By the time she reached the tail end of the bed, Erika glared down at Selene's behind, tongue slithering over her fangs. “I'm not gonna lie Selene. I was rather hoping you'd say that. You elite vampires are so fucking pretentious,” she hissed out the last word scornfully.

Erika's eyes narrowed, memories of past spites and offenses building within her. “I've only ever been nice to you, but all I get is contempt and derision in return. Well remember this Selene. Don't mess with me. I'm going to rule this place one day. You just wait and see!” Even if Selene had only been the author of a few of those offenses, she was going to take it all out on that curvy ass hanging in the air helplessly before her. Selene would pay for all of them! Hazel eyes flashing and fangs bared, Erika whirled the whip around and cracked the tip on Selene's behind fiercely in quick succession. The whip moved around like a blur of black clouds, whooshing and whistling through the air like the wind of a tropical storm. The whistling was only interrupted by the vicious snaps and cracks of the whip. Each time the tip struck Selene's exposed ass, the sound echoed and vibrated along the walls of Erika's room.

The whip tore into Selene's leather pants, ripping bright red slash marks onto her butt. She shrieked in agony, crying out with each strike from the stinging pain. Not expecting or prepared for Erika's ferocious attack, Selene's azure eyes glowed brightly. Her fangs descended, and she tore at the obsidian handcuffs wildly. The vampire inside her awoke from the piercing pain of the whip; her animal nature rebelled against her. She didn't sign up for this! Try as she might, however, and she was strong, the handcuffs didn't budge an inch. Selene was totally at Erika's mercy whether she liked it or not. Trapped in Erika's lair, a hint of fear mingled with the anger in her glowing vampiric eyes.

After one last strike to Selene's butt with her whip, Erika looked down at Selene with disdain. “Don't bother with the handcuffs,” she scoffed and whirled on her heel toward her chest of goodies. “They were made especially with people like you in mind.” After placing the whip back in her chest, Erika pulled out a riding crop, cat o' nine tails, and a ball-headed vibrator. She laid out her stash of bdsm toys on the bed before her and grinned. “The only way you're getting out of those handcuffs is when I say so Selene.” Then she suddenly struck the riding crop on both of Selene's firm thighs, tearing into her leather with the force of her attack again. “And I'm not done with you by a long shot!” Erika declared, beaming with delight. 

Hips tilted sultrily to the side in her midnight blue leather pants and a hand resting at her waist, Erika straightened up, pushing out her breasts in her satiny camisole and velvet cardigan confidently. The blonde smirked; she looked cool and in control, and she knew it. Hazel eyes narrowing and lips twitching in her snarl, Erika cracked her riding crop down on Selene's inner thighs, alternating strikes on each thigh. Selene's rump was already raw, crimson slash marks crisscrossing through her glassy black leather pants, but Erika attacked it anyway. She whipped the crop down on each side of Selene's butt over and over like she was a thoroughbred horse that persistently refused to run faster for the jockey. Erika wasn't having any of Selene's rebellious streak, crop flashing through the air and pounding the death dealer's thighs. When she finally slowed, Erika smirked as she slid the tip of the crop from Selene's pussy right on up the middle of her butt. Rubbing the tip of the riding crop on the raven-haired vampire's flower, Erika leaned down and slid her tongue along the crimson slash marks on the Selene's ass, toying with her and licking up any residual blood from the slashes. The sassy blonde giggled impishly as she tasted drops of Selene's blood.

Leather pants in shreds from the strikes of Erika's whip and riding crop, Selene bit her lip hard enough that a crimson streak slowly dripped down to her chin. Her butt burned and stung from Erika's slashes. As much as she wanted to stay cool, she yelped from the pain of the attacks anyway. Erika was relentless! Selene couldn't believe a young vamp could have it in her. Her body tried to thrash and wiggle away, but the bonds held her in place. Tears involuntarily smearing her cheeks, Selene gasped, blushing brightly when Erika licked her wounds. The crop brushing up and down on her flower sent spasms through her legs, and Selene's face flushed in embarrassment and pleasure. As much as the whips hurt, this was even more degrading. She didn't want Erika to make her feel good! Still, her pussy betrayed her feelings, moistening her pants where the crop stroked her. Biting her lip, her eyes darted side to side and looked down to her core, willing it to stop liking the attention so much. No avail!

Erika pulled back and glanced at the tip of the crop, smirking at the evidence of Selene's pleasure. She walked back around to the front of the bed and gazed down at Selene victoriously. “What. Is. This?” Erika giggled, pointing to the wetness on her riding crop. She brushed the tip of the crop all over Selene's cheeks, smearing her tears with her own pussy juices. “What am I going to do with you Selene?” Erika teased, hand at her hip. “This is supposed to be punishment, and you're getting off! You're supposed to wait until I say it's pleasure time you dirty girl!”

Blushing furiously, Selene turned her head away from Erika's brush strokes. She looked down until Erika tilted her face up with the crop under her chin. Selene's butt stung like it'd been through the gauntlet, but the brushing against her flower and Erika's licks to her wounds felt lovely too. Not wanting to admit it but stunned into silence, Selene was mortified. The raven-haired vampire opened then closed her mouth and just stared up at the haughty looking blonde with an icy glare.

Erika tapped the crop lightly on Selene's cheek. “Oh alright I'll get you off, but don't think I'm done with that butt of your's yet.” She winked and moved along to the side of the bed. “I know. You'll thank me later.” Erika giggled teasingly, amused with herself. The blonde bent down and slid her fingers into Selene's waistband. She slowly peeled down the remnants of the Selene's leather pants and then her panties, revealing the girl's firm, whipped rear. “Mmm..” Erika purred and giggled again. With a quick pat to Selene's butt that drew a yelp from the vampire, Erika bent over Selene's form. One hand holding Selene by the side, Erika slid her sharp vampire fingernail along the strings of the death dealer's battle corset. Erika's nail plucked through the strings as it slid down the middle of Selene's back until the corset fell off onto the bed. Not wasting any time, she tossed it aside and reached under Selene, sliding the zipper for her leather top all the way off, peeling all of the glassy black leather from Selene's body until she was totally naked on Erika's bed.

The blonde vampire smirked, circling the bed to scoop up the so far ignored vibrator. “My, my we are sexy aren't we?” Erika mused as she flicked the vibrator on, moving back to the head of the bed to stand before Selene. Grinning evilly, she shoved the vibrator abruptly onto the tip of Selene's nose. The vampire squeaked in surprise but didn't pull away, looking up at Erika questioningly. Erika adjusted the settings, slowly making the vibrations more intense on the tip of Selene's nose. “We have to test the vibrator here, so I know how much you can handle,” the blonde explained. As the vibrations slowly built up in intensity, Selene started to flinch. The sensation tickled her nose, sending light twitches through her body. Suddenly, the tickle became too much. Unable to take it anymore, she squeaked and pulled her head to the side trying to get her nose away from the encroaching vibrations. Erika grinned and slowly slid the vibrator along Selene's cheeks. “And the reason I need to know is so I can push you past your limit!” Erika grinned widely, turning up the intensity on the vibrator so it hummed loudly. She pressed the tip of the vibrator to her own nose. “Oh! That is pretty intense isn't it Selene?!” Selene stared back at Erika in horror and started to pull at her bonds again. She didn't sign up for this either!

Amused by Selene's reaction, Erika pressed the pulsating vibrator to her lips and began to slowly circle to the back of the bed. “Mm. That's right, nobody's made you cum for a while eh?” Erika teased. “We'll just have to make up for lost time then won't we?” The younger vampire smirked. As she pressed the tip of the vibrator against Selene's core, Erika rolled it all along the raven-haired vampire's petals. Selene arched up against the vibrator and shrieked out in surprise. Erika chuckled, leaning down to scoop up the cat o' nine tails with her free hand and flicked it back over her shoulder. “Feels good doesn't it?” Erika gloated as she began to flick the cat o' nine tails side to side across Selene's sensitive rear. “Nope. Not done with that pretty ass of your's just yet.” The pert blonde hissed, cat o' nine tails whooshing across Selene's behind, only interrupting the whooshing with wrist flicks that sent the cluster of little whips into and across the vampire's back.

Selene cried out, arching back hard, her body tormented by the dual sex toy-wielding Erika. Her hips swayed side to side in the bonds, but wherever she went, Erika followed her with the vibrator, wedging the tip into her quivering core. Nerves on fire from Erika's double onslaught of pain and pleasure, the stronger vampire thrashed in the bonds. She hissed and squeaked and pulled. Little pink marks appeared all over her slender back, and her pussy dripped its sweet nectar on the mattress. Selene suddenly gasped loudly, waves of pleasure shooting through her body. “AH! E-Erika!” She squeaked out, mortified from the pleasure. 

Erika just smirked. Tossing the cat o' nine tails aside, the blonde pressed her boot to the small of Selene's back, gently lowering the vampire's hips until her womanhood was smothering the pulsating vibrator on the mattress. Selene screamed in ecstasy, pulsating vibrations relentlessly pounding her petals with pleasure. Erika maintained that lunge position with her boot pressed into Selene's back, her bent leg accentuating the sexy curve of her firm rear. Her midnight blue leather pants shimmering, Erika grinned down triumphantly at the writhing death dealer below her. 

Erika giggled malevolently and lowered herself to mount Selene's whipped ass. She straddled Selene, leather covered thighs enveloping the dark-haired vampire's hips, forcing Selene's pussy onto the unrelenting vibrator. One hand gripping the side of Selene's back, Erika reached forward and laced her fingers into Selene's raven black mane, tugging her backward firmly. The younger vampire's effervescent hazel eyes glowed brightly. Her fangs descended lasciviously and she leaned toward Selene's neck, the older vampire's lovely orb cupped firmly in her hand. Warm breath washing over Selene's neck, Erika hissed, her voice thick with desire. “Just a little longer, my pet,” she purred, brushing the front of her canines along the side of Selene's neck, the older vampire's eyes widening from the feel of Erika's fangs. The blonde slowly licked a spot on Selene's neck, getting it ready for her feast. “I'm going to bite you now,” she whispered and then sank her fangs into Selene's delicate flesh. 

Selene's body shuddered uncontrollably under the embrace of Erika's thighs. Her breath came in short, squeaky bursts whenever she could fit it in between her longing moans. The vampire's quivering pussy was already gushing helplessly on the encroaching vibrator beneath her even before Erika bit into her. When those ivory canines sank into her alabaster flesh, Selene's pleasure went up by a thousand notches. Her glowing eyes widened, the vampire inside her growling. Selene gasped sharply, her lips parted and quivering. Fangs descended licentiously, Selene screamed. Her body trembled as Erika sucked hungrily from her neck until the stronger vampire's voice escaped her. Selene moaned breathlessly, and her eyes fluttered closed. She leaned into Erika's fangs, so the younger vampire could drink from her easily. Erika wrapped her arms around Selene as she drank, Selene's body quaking uncontrollably, fluids retreating from her body with reckless abandon, whether it be blood from her neck or nectar from her flower. Erika whirled one of her hands around, pulling the vibrator out from under Selene and tossed it against the wall, still pulsating and tittering along on the hard wood floor. The blonde stroked Selene's raven black hair as she held her with her other arm, draining her delicious vermillion wine from the chalice of her neck.

When Erika finally had her fill of Selene's sweet blood, the vampire withdrew her fangs, dismounting Selene and letting her drop to the mattress. Feeling the new-found blood power within her, Erika had a spring in her step. She was invigorated! The saucy blonde walked happily over to the tittering vibrator, mini french braid pony tails bouncing up and down as she went to scoop it up and turn it off. “My, my! This thing sure has a mind of its own,” Erika laughed. For her part, Selene groaned throatily and just writhed on Erika's bed in her bonds. The younger vampire bounded around to the front of the bed, hips swaying side to side. Smiling condescendingly, Erika bent down, sliding her fingers beneath Selene's chin. She gently tilted the naked vampire's head up and arched a snowy eyebrow. “Who knew you could cum so much, eh pet? You must have been really repressed!” Selene gazed up at Erika, eyes cloudy and groaned. The younger vampire stroked her fingers beneath Selene's chin lightly and smirked. The blonde brought her other hand up to her lips and bit into her wrist, crimson streaks dripping from her fair skin. Leaning forward, Erika offered her bleeding wrist to Selene, “Here pet, drink up. Feel better,” she purred softly, smiling consolingly.

Selene gazed with cloudy blue eyes at the deep red drops of blood falling from Erika's wrist. As if in a trance, she tilted her head in Erika's hand, eyes glowing like a moonlit stream. Selene's lips wrapped around Erika's soft pearly wrist and sucked gratefully. And suck she did. The raven-haired vampire's eyes went hazy, and her lips pulled at Erika's skin like a needy cub. Selene drank from Erika's wrist like it was a vial of life elixir. Just like an elixir, Erika's blood worked wonders on Selene's beaten, whipped, and ravished body. Erika's cherry red wine rushed down the vampire's throat and replenished her veins. It flooded her muscles and healed her wounds. The cuts and lashes on Selene's butt and back closed up on themselves, and her skin transformed from covered in red and pink marks to the pure milky white of a vampire. The blonde smiled protectively, holding Selene's chin gently as the vampire sucked from her wrist. Erika let Selene suck from her nutritious fluids a little while longer before giving Selene a light tap on her cheek. “That's enough now pet. You should feel all better now.” As Selene let go of Erika's wrist, the younger vampire pulled it away and tied a bandage around it tightly. 

When she finished dressing her wound which would heal pretty soon, Erika poked Selene's nose and grinned. “See? I can be nice too. You're just so feisty!” Erika scolded teasingly as she wiggled out of her midnight blue leather pants and dropped her panties. Waving the black lace in front of Selene's eyes, Erika smirked and winked. “As you can see, I am pretty damn horny, so what are you gonna do about that?” Crawling onto the mattress and sitting down in front of the older vampire, Erika laced her fingers into Selene's raven black hair and thrust the vampire's face between her legs, grinding her dripping flower on Selene's lips. “You're going to put out of course!” The blonde stroked Selene's hair and patted her cheek with her other hand. “Tut tut! Get to it now. Don't be shy.” 

At first Selene was hesitant, giving Erika's petals, soft but slow exploratory licks. Eventually she got into it though, or at least resigned to it. Her sparkling blue eyes glanced up at Erika as her licks sped up, plunging her tongue into Erika's pussy and flicking up and down wildly. Erika moaned in approval. Selene's tongue, trained to lick up blood ravenously from the wounds of her foes, worked those same wonders on the younger vampire's dripping wet core. Moaning in pleasure, Erika crossed one of her legs over Selene's head, and after propping a pillow against the headrest, leaned back against it comfortably. The pert blonde's eyes sparkled from the sensations flooding her core. The toes of her crossed leg gliding up and down the curve of Selene's pristine side, Erika's breath came faster and faster. Gasping softly, chest heaving up and down in her silky camisole, hips bucking into Selene's suckling lips, Erika sang out a chorus of lecherous moans. 

Partly from enjoying the taste of Erika's juicy core and partly from not wanting to prolong her own humiliation, Selene sped up the wild dance of her tongue. Vampiric tongue thrashing wildly between Erika's petals, Selene enveloped the blonde's pleasure-bud with her lips and sealed it off from the outside world. She slid her tongue up and down beneath Erika's clit tormentingly and sucked just like she had from Erika's wrist a few minutes earlier. The younger vampire gasped sharply in surprise. She took a firm handful of Selene's black locks with her hand and held on for the ride. Body shuddering, hips bucking, Erika screamed in ecstasy, her nectar pouring forth onto Selene's face eagerly. Gasping and moaning in delight, Erika brushed a finger through her shoulder length blonde hair as Selene drank deep from her pussy.

Recovering from the explosion in her petals, Erika slid back from Selene and sat cross-legged before the dark-haired vampire, beaming down at her. “Whew!” the blonde exclaimed, “Good pet. Very good. Wow. That was fucking amazing. We should do this more often!” Selene stared back at Erika flatly, clearly not enthused by that idea. The younger vampire frowned mockingly and poked Selene's nose. “Okay, okay. Maybe not, but you might change your mind when you get horny later on and no one's giving you any hot sex.” Selene arched an ebony eyebrow, and Erika arched a snowy one right back at her. The smaller vampire giggled, “Oh just you wait. You'll know where to find me, hehe,” Erika teased, stroking a finger through Selene's hair until crawling onto her hands and knees and moving around to lay down on Selene back. Erika straddled the vampire's hips with her thighs and pushed her wet flower against Selene's athletic butt. Her breasts pressed against the death dealer's back, and she sprawled her arms out by Selene's face, one hand stroking at her ebony locks lightly. The little novitiate blonde but serious dominating vampire sighed heavily on top of Selene. “But first, my pet, it's time to rest. Sweet dreams.”

Selene sighed in exasperation. Still bonded to the bed posts in her obsidian handcuffs, she didn't have any choice but to act as mattress and pillow for the little blonde. As Erika nuzzled her face into her shoulder length raven black hair, Selene groaned in annoyance. “Damnit Erika,” the warrior muttered, but Erika was already fast asleep, exhausted from her outpouring of pent up domination. Eventually, Selene begrudgingly succumbed to dreams too, annoyed huffs and humphs aside.

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