Hannibal Makes a Deal

BY : NaomiSakagura
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Just another experiment fic. Any warnings I left out, I'm sorry!



Chau was a very busy man. He was constantly moving; never time to rest with a business like his to run. After the breech had been destroyed and word got out that there wouldn't be any more Kaiju attacks, prices on his products went sky high. Honestly, having never tried any of the stuff himself, he wasn't even sure if the Kaiju parts lived up to the benefits he advertised on billboards and TV. People believed it though and bought from his stock like there was no tomorrow, which at the time was probably true. He had cut himself out of the baby Kaiju and continued about his way as if nothing had ever happened. He didn't have time to get emotional over almost being digested by the one thing he had been cutting up for years to make money off of. Almost karmic, really. He had to laugh a little at the thought.

Pentecost was gone and the new Marshall, Herc Hanson, had contacted him once the breech was closed. It wasn't widely known amongst the denizens of the Shatter Dome, but Chau had been the reason they had stayed afloat for so long when government funding was all but nonexistent. He was brief and firm with the black market dealer, letting him know that once he harvested what was left, all bets were off. Chau understood this to be the completion of the contract the previous Marshall had signed years ago.  He was fine with that. He could understand that being in debt to the largest dealer in Hong Kong was not a cozy place to be. Hansen hadn't really dealt with the man much, so he had expected Chau to put up conditions for the break, but Chau had eased his conscious, albeit a little backhandedly. Chau let Hansen know that with the way things were going now, that the parts more than paid off any debts owed. Hansen felt a sense of relief and arranged for the dealer to come to the Shatter Dome, in order to put the finishing touches on any documents necessary to keep the agreement clean and clear cut.

That had been a week ago and today was the day he would be arriving. During the time span between that phone call and this point, Chau had gotten most of the Kaiju remains on the surface cleaned up and ready to be divvied up into products for sale. The only problem presented to him now, was getting to the Kaiju left at the bottom of the ocean. He decided it best to play nice with the Marshall and see if he could borrow some of their toys to get the bodies out. The dealer looked both ways along the sidewalk before getting into the back of his limo. One had to be careful in this part of town. The slums were nasty, and so were the people. It had been a few years since anyone had had the guts to try and pull something on him, but he hadn't made it this far to slack off the paranoia now. The driver shut the door and hopped into the front seat. Despite knowing the destination, he awaited orders, just in case the boss had changed his mind. Chau had to smile at this. The driver knew him well. He liked that. “Let’a go. I've got an appointment to keep and I don't want the Marshall getting pissy for keeping him waiting.” The driver nodded and pulled off from the curb, navigating the slums with an ease that said he'd been doing this a long time, which he had.

The Shatter Dome wasn't far, but the security measures put in place to keep people out definitely did their job. Most kept a wide birth. Metal gates rose high into the sky and armed guards were lined up just inside the door. Typical government set up, but then again, unlike him, they couldn't dabble too much into anything illegal. While he was mostly untouchable, they were tied down by the possibility of getting wiped out themselves. Though the government didn’t fund them anymore, all the equipment, and even the people, were their property to do with as they pleased and no one would bat an eye. He almost felt sorry for them, but everyone had to make a living somehow, even if it meant signing their life away to the proverbial devil. The driver stopped a few feet from the gate and rolled the window down as a guard approached them. It was obvious who the limo belonged to, but then again, could have been the suits in Washington as well. It wouldn't be unlike them to pop up out of nowhere and ruin the after party. “Name and state your business.” The guard was direct, no mamby pamby bull shit. Good.

“Hannibal Chau, here to speak with the Marshall, as requested.”

The guard nodded, supposedly he had been told to expect the dealer. He pulled out his radio and spoke into it. Not a minute later, the gate started to open. He turned back to the driver, “You’re good to go.”

The driver nodded and rolled up the window before driving through the large gate. The drive was gravel, the rocks crunching under the weight of the rubber tires and metal of the car. The drive was short, a large building coming into view that was partially on land, partially sinking below view into the ocean. The car came to a halt in front of the large, hangar looking doors, a smaller door beside them. The driver shut off the engine and got out to open the door for Chau while two soldiers flanking Hansen’s sides made their way to the car. Chau got out and rose an eyebrow. He didn't understand why the Australian had a security detail when he was a trained soldier and perfectly capable of defending himself. He shrugged it off though and turned to his driver, “Stay here.” The driver nodded and shut the door, getting back into the limo. It was unlikely they would need to make a hasty exit, so the driver just assumed that Chau wanted to put on a good impression by going in alone. Intimidation worked on fools and lesser men. Men like Hansen needed a sweeter approach. Honey to catch the fly, if you will. Chau and Hansen shook hands, curt greetings, then headed inside.

Inside the base, things were bustling. People were packing up to go home, others organizing clean up details for the debris, and a few just meandering around not sure what to do. Chau took a lazy sweep as they went along, but didn't bother too much with what was going on. The soldiers trailed behind them as they made their way to the private office Pentecost used to use before the position was violently ceded to the Australian. He wasn't sure if they would be a part of the negotiations, but he hoped not. He wanted a private word. Hansen came to a stop in front of the elevator. The base was mostly underground in order to save space. They piled in and a button was pressed for one of the lower floors. The box creaked and shook as it started to move, but otherwise the ride was smooth on the way down. A few minutes ticked by and the elevator screeched to a halt, doors opening for them to exit. Hansen took the lead and walked a short way down the hall before stopping in front of a door. He made a hand movement towards the soldiers that Chau didn't understand, but he assumed it meant for them to fuck off since they made their presence scarce right after. The Marshall opened the door and walked in, offering a seat as the door automatically shut behind them. “Glad t’ be rid o’ them for awhile.” He huffed as he fell into the large chair behind the desk.

Chau smirked, golden teeth gleaming in the dim light. “Not afraid I'll stab ya, kid?”

            Hansen lifted his fingers some to glance over at the dealer, “What have I got t’ be afraid of? I'll kick yer ass ‘fore ya can whip out that fancy knife o’ yers.”

Chau snorted in amusement and leaned back, getting comfortable. “Squirt told ya about that, huh?”

Hansen sat up and chuckled, “Not the only thing he told me. Apparently, he managed t’ insult ya and lived t’ tell the tale.” He tapped a finger against his chin, “What wassit? Somethin’ t’ do with pirates…?”

The smirk immediately fell off of Chau’s face. “Let’s just drop it and get to business.”

Hansen looked over at Chau and searched his face for a second before moving backwards. He opened a drawer and dug through it, making a grunt when he found what he wanted and whipped some paperwork out onto the messy desktop. He glanced over them then handed them to Chau, who leaned forward to take it. “I think you'll like what’s been written. Should be fair enough.”

Chau leaned back again and skimmed through the legal documents, nodding here and there.

Hansen watched him silently, leaning back himself while he waited. The papers were pretty clear-cut, outlining that the contract was concluded and that neither party would be indebted to the other. Honestly, it was just a formality, but both men knew it was necessary. The only thing Herc wasn't sure about was the small clause at the bottom stating that if the breech were to be reopened, Chau could once again have access to all Kaiju parts, but that the dealer would be required to help fund them once again and keep the Jaeger program running while they found a solution. Since there were no Jaegers left, it was going to require a large upfront from Hannibal in order to get more built and pilots trained. The Marshall was sure that the investment wouldn't be too risky, considering that there would still be money made at the demise of the large, blue aliens. He came back to reality at the sound of clothing rustling. He looked Chau in the eye, best as he could with the aviators covering up the older man’s eyes, and awaited a verdict.

Chau set the papers back down on the desk and groaned internally. The clause at the end busted his plans to retrieve the free-floating money at the bottom of the Pacific. He wondered if it would be worth it to hold off on the contract and pump money into the program now. Just enough to get one last Jaeger built for his own private uses. He also had to wonder if Herc would be willing to do it and if there was anybody left to build it for him. It wouldn't hurt to ask.  “Listen, I've got a proposition for you.”

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