Kings & Consequences: Labyrinth Untold

BY : Notorious_QIP
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"I knew it!", Sarah exclaimed.
Jareth leapt out of the chair he'd been sitting in, scattering popcorn all over the floor.
"You're getting entirely too good at sneaking up on me."
"Maybe I wouldn't have to if you didn't watch Buffy without me."
"You were tired and I couldn't sleep", he replied sheepishly.
"And you told me it was a stupid idea to bring the DVD player from Aboveground."
"Alright, I admit it, it was one of your better ideas."
"And why are you covered in cat hairs? You told me Keira wasn't allowed in our chambers."
"She was in the corridor outside, I merely shooed her away."
The large brown tabby chose that moment to wander out from underneath the sofa and rub up against Jareth's leg.
"Traitor", he spat.
"I hope you're not planning to be this much of a push over when the baby arrives."
"Of course not. I'll be the most domineering, overprotective father anyone has ever seen."
Sarah rolled her eyes. "That's probably true."
Jareth walked over to his Sarah and tenderly placed his hands on her small baby bump.
"How is my little one anyway?"
"And how's my precious Sarah?"
"I'm fine too", she replied with a confidence that was not her own.
Jareth raised an eyebrow and gave a thin-lipped smile. "Are you still worried about what Danion said?"
"Aren't you?"
"No, it's perfectly normal. Just because Az and Ty's babies had magic in the womb, doesn't mean ours will. And as for the slow nature of your pregnancy, it's not that unusual. He or she just wants to come out perfect so they're taking their time."

Sarah had been pregnant for 5 months and barely even looked it. She had been to see Danion that morning and although he hadn't seemed concerned, Sarah was unable to let it go.
"But shouldn't I be farther along by now?"
"Not necessarily. Fae pregnancies can take up to a year. I'll admit, I'd expect the child to be larger and more developed but you're a special case. I can't find anything wrong with it or you."
"And there's still no magic?"
"Not that I can feel but that's certainly normal. Even Jareth didn't show magic until a few days before he was born."
"But Raphe and Shyla..."
"Are a mix nobody has ever seen before. Please, Your Majesty, all this worrying is what's not good for the baby. I'm sure this tiredness you're feeling is a result of stressing. You have to find a way to relax."
"Pfft. You try carrying the heir to the High Throne and see how relaxed you feel."
"You're not the first anxious mother and you won't be the last. The station of your child's birth has nothing to do with it. Although I must say, I've never known so many pregnancies at one time in The Underground. I rather think you've had an effect on the fertility rate."
"What do you mean?"
"Since you got pregnant there's been a 400% increase in fecundity. I've never known anything like it. It's as if your magic has spread across The Underground and had the most wonderful effect."
Sarah was a little shocked. Could she really do that? 
"Have you mentioned this to Jareth?"
"Not yet."
"Please don't."
"Why ever not?", Danion asked, surprised.
"I'd like to do some research into it myself. He'll jump to conclusions and I'd like to understand it better first."
"If you insist but I won't lie if he asks me about it."
"Why would he ask?"
"It's an unprecedented event. He's our ruler, he'll hear about it sooner or later."
"Just a few days", she said, getting up to leave.
"As you say, Your Majesty. And try to take it easy."
"I will."

"Sarah, you have to stop worrying. Our baby will get here when it gets here. If Az and Tyler are anything to go by, you'll be wishing it had taken a little longer." 
"Are they still struggling then?"
"I saw Az this morning and he looked frazzled. He was muttering something about a tag team", Jareth replied with a smirk.
"Oh dear. Maybe we should offer to give them some help."
"I already did and he practically leapt at the chance. We're on babysitting duty tomorrow."
Sarah had a big grin on her face. "Does the kingdom know about this new service you're offering?" 
"It does not and nor will it. You like to laugh at my expense, don't you?"
"I do find it amusing that the big bad Goblin King is left holding the babies. It's not exactly the picture I had in my head for all those years. Have you ever changed a nappy?"
"I have."
"Without magic?"
"Why in Underground would anyone do such a thing?", he asked.
A blank look appeared on Sarah's face, she was stumped. Why would anyone do that by hand if they could use magic? She frowned at Jareth's triumphant expression. He still loved to win, no matter how small the victory.
"Alright, shut up", she grumped. "Nobody likes a smart ass."
"You like me a bit."
"Not really", she said, folding her arms.
"Come to bed, precious. You're tired and cranky and we'll have our hands full tomorrow."
"I know, I'm sorry. I just feel exhausted all the time. Will you come with me?"
"Of course."
She looked at him hopefully. "Can we take the cat?"
"I'd say no but she'll end up in there anyway. Seems neither one of us has any willpower when it comes to that ridiculous animal."
"Another of my brilliant ideas then?"
"You were overdue. Ouch!" Jareth rubbed his arm where Sarah had pinched it.
They climbed into bed, Sarah yawning like crazy. She immediately snuggled in his arms, finding the little crook she loved to nestle into. Jareth nuzzled her hair and savoured the smell of her and the new life growing inside her. In was an intoxicating scent, one which made him want to do far more than just cuddle. He was about to suggest more when he realised she was fast asleep. Smiling to himself, he kissed her head and lay back on the pillows.
No sooner had he closed his eyes and there was a frantic hammering on the chamber doors.
"Your Majesty, Your Majesty!"
Sarah was startled out of sleep and Jareth jumped out of bed, grabbing his dressing gown as he did so. 
Major Lestat entered the room at breakneck speed, drawing to a halt a few inches in front of The King.
"Report, Major."
"It's The Badlands, Sire. They're burning."


Author's note: I've got a few ideas down for this one but it's taking its time. I seem to have a bit of writers block. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and please review if you have anything you'd like to share. Always appreciated.

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