The Sensual Serpent

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Vashite has always been type of girl to get anything she wanted. When necessary, she was known to be an opportunist to get her way. Her beauty and sorcery practices has made her famous and gotten her very far in life. She is a short, exotic looking girl with thick, curly waist length hair, azure blue-green eyes, a glowing golden bronze complexion and a toned, voluptuous hourglass shaped body. Due to her popularity all over the world, obviously she was every man's fantasy woman. 

Growing up, Vashite lived a hard life on the streets of Hinche, Haiti. Her family was poor and they lived in a run down but clean two bedroom shack with her family. Sadly, she was periodically brutally raped by her mother's boyfriend, Jafette. Her mother also severely beat her for attempting to expose the abuse. What happens in this house, stays in this house, her mother's voice echoed in her head.

Voodoo and Rootwork folk magic was prominent in her community. Her curiosity got the best of her when she was finally fed up with her maltreatment. The allure of witchcraft was tempting to get revenge against Jafette.

Vashite consulted with many Hoodoo practitioners and was made aware of the horror stories and nightmares recurring from it's use. Her best friend Mandalay, whom she confided in, told her about her grandmother. Mandalay's grandmother had the reputation around town as a skilled rootworker.

Mandalay told Vashite go to upstairs to the top apartment to visit her grandmother. Vashite knocked a few times before a frail old woman answered and invited her inside. Once inside, Vashite told her what she wanted. The woman was dressed in a old fashioned brown and green dress with a white head wrap. She appeared to have some kind of dried white cream on her face. She quickly told the old woman what she wanted.

The woman asked "Child, are you sure this is want you want? Once you have completed the spell, it cannot be undone!"

Vashite replied "Yes ma'am I'm sure. I have never been more sure about anything before. I want him dead!"

"Alright then, as you wish. You have been warned!" the old woman muttered with a grim expression on her face.

Vashite dug through her pouch and handed the Hoodoo conjure woman her life savings. The woman handed her a small bag complete with instructions. The spell required something belonging to the person which the spell would be used upon. She decided that she would use some of his hair or nail clippings

Later that night while her mother and Jafette was asleep, she tip toed across the creaky wooden floor and went to the small, damp bathroom. She picked wirey strands of hair from a plastic brush belonging to Jafette inside medicine cabinet. When she was safely back in her room, she went to work on the spell. Inside the bag was a small, cloth doll that had an opening in its back, a black candle, matches, a small glass plate for the candle, thread, some type of foul smelling oil, a pin needle, and a sewing needle.

Vashite followed the instructions by stuffing the back of the doll with the hair and sewing it up. When that step was complete, she placed the black candle on the glass plate and lit it, then she pinned the doll in the chest area and soaked it with the oil. The last step was to place the doll directly against the candle and let the hot wax drip onto the doll while chanting a passage from the slip of paper until the candle melted to the end. When the spell was complete, she laid in bed with her mouth curled in a wicked smile. Vashite knew that it was an evil thing to do, but his fate was sealed.

A friend of the family informed her mother that she had seen her in the home of a known Rootworker. After finding out, she beat Vashite and interrogated her. She eventually confessed her terrible deed. Her mother ordered her to take back the evil she had done. She tried in vain to reverse the spell but it was too late. The woman had told her precisely that the spell could not be reversed after completion.

Jafette became very frail and sick. His appetite was severely diminished and his skin became dry and scaly. As the long days of suffering and anguish passed, it was apparent to Jafette that death was inevitable. One cold, windy day he went missing. His mortified corpse was discovered in an old abandoned house. Rumor has it, his body was completely mummified when they found it. It was no longer suitable for viewing resulting in a closed casket funeral.

 Afraid for her safety, Vashite ran away from home at the tender age of 14. She had originally planned to live with her mom's only sister only to get the door slammed in her face. She didn't know her real father or his relatives. With no money or relatives willing to take her in, she was forced into prostitution and theft. She worked the streets of Petionville a few days until she met a madam of a brothel. There, her clients would come to her. Usually, they were wealthy businessmen and bankers who paid well by the hour. To her, being a call girl was much better than being in the streets. 

Things began to get even better for her when she met Javier. He was a wealthy Colombian drug lord who paid her well for her services. She used sorcery and her good dick sucking skills to hook him. When she sucked his cock, she would twist it like one would twist a pepper grinder. That drove him crazy! Her wet tongue sent shocks of electricity pulsating around the shaft of his cock all the way to his balls. Her pussy was like gold to him. It was so tight and wet for her to be a prostitute. He wondered what a girl like her was doing selling her body like this.

One day Javier told her "Mami, I won't be coming here tp see you anymore. I want you to come to Colombia to live with me. You will never have to turn another trick again. I'll lavish and take care of you like the princess you are."

Vashite looked at him for a moment reluctantly before smiling triumphantly and replied "Yes, baby I'd love to go to Colombia!"

Deep inside, the prospect made her feel uneasy her because if she angered him, he was definitely capable of killing her. For some reason, she developed a strong attraction to dangerous men and she attracted them. It was something exciting about the trill of being with them.

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