Elizabeth's rape

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Will goes into the galley of the black pearl and sits down at the table with a hard thump. Jack and Barbossa join him shortly. Jack asks “what’s the matter mate?” Will answers “I’m sick and tired of Elizabeth and her attitude. She keeps fucking with our heads flip flopping between us instead of just picking one of us already. She acts like she wants all of us but lets none of us do her and when we think were finally going to get in her pants she insults us. She’s a fucking tease is what she is.” Barbossa replies “well you know boy that we pirates have our ways of dealing with women like her right?” Jack says “yah right like the whelp would ever agree to that Hector.” Will says “why what is he talking about is it something bad?” Jack says “yes something bad but something common among pirates. Anyways Hector you better stop talking like that or you’ll just make the whelp mad.” Will says “I’m curious what he’s think though.” Barbossa says “rape my boy rape we rape her and that should shut her up right good. Make her behave herself straighten her out.” Will asks “won’t that just scare her off? Make her go be with some navy man who she’ll later send after us.” Jack says “with her virtue destroyed. No chance she’ll never get a man that’s not one of us. No man but a pirate would take her at that point. It would be settle the fuck down with one of us or become a wench.” Barbossa nods. Will says “but wouldn’t that hurt her.” Jack says “very much but the question is do ye what to spare he feelings or do ye not. Do ye want to punish her and make her make a decision or do ye not. If not I understand but if ye do then the best way I have to admit it as much as I hate agreeing with Hector is to torture and rape her.” Will groans and replies “well alright. We’ll rape her I hope this works and doesn’t scar her for life.” Jack replies “if she really wants us which it appears that she does than she will not be damaged forever eventually she will grow to like it. However there is the risk that if she does not deep down want us to do her that she will hate us and that it will traumatize her. There is also the risk that she will like it too much and want us to continue to gang bang her.” Will replied “ok let’s do it.” Jack replied “Will I think ye need to hang back a little. Let Barbossa take the lead he’s raped girls before. I take a secondary role in it because although she trusts me and views me as being a good man there still a part of her that kinda got to expect it after all I am a pirate. But you you’re a landlubber she won’t expect it from ye and it would be worse on her if you played a major role in her rape.” Barbossa yells “hey I have not.” Jack “yes you have don’t lie about it.” Barbossa “I have not and I will not say I have.” Jack “just because ye don’t admit to it don’t make it any less true mate ye have raped girls before.” Barbossa “ok yes I have once or twice unlike that bastard blackbeard who raped lots of girls before as well as bewedding ten girls and killed them all.” Will “have ye raped anyone before Jack?” Jack “never, girls all want me willing mate. What can I say the ladies love me.” Barbossa “up until they be a smacking ye anyways.” Jack rubs his cheek as though just thinking about it made his cheek start to hurt all over again. Will rubs his eyes and says “alright so were going to rape her. Take her virtue against her will. So when and where.” Barbossa “tonight at 10 o’clock we force her to take our dicks and we beat her bloody in my cabin.” Will replied “I hate it but it’s the only way to end her games so alright tonight will do it what’s the plan.” Barbossa “I call her in there and then we trap her and do it.”

Later that night Jack sits on Barbossa bed and Will waits in the galley he would be joining them later. Barbossa calls Elizabeth into the room with the excuse that he needed to discuss some information that Elizabeth might have received while she was living in Port Royal. Elizabeth without reservation fallows him to his cabin. When she sees Jack she says “oh hi Jack nice night we are having. I was wondering if you would be here for the discussion it only makes since to have both captain here while I’m giving my report so that I don’t have to answer the same questions twice.” Barbossa moves over to in front of Elizabeth while she is talking to Jack. Jack replies “yes well about that….” Barbossa delivers a swift kick to Elizabeth’s pussy. Elizabeth falls to he knees in pain tears stinging her eyes. Elizabeth grabs at her pussy trying to massage the pain away she screams “what the fuck was that for?” Jack continues “there will be no discussion tonight miss swann. You see that is not why we brought you here we brought you here tonight because we are going punish you for being the naughty little wench you are.” Jack says “shackle her to the bed Hector.” Elizabeth starts screaming and trying to fight her way free of the men that how held her captured sensing that that she was in danger and that she was about to experience the stories about what pirates did to young ladies first hand which up until that point she had started to believe were just that stories. Jack and Barbossa never seemed evil before a little bad perhaps but never evil but now now she sensed something had changed something had caused them to behave much worse than they ever had behaved towards her in the past and she was sure she did not like this at all. Barbossa throws her onto the bed and shackles her legs to the bed while Jack takes her arms rising them above her head and handcuffing them to the bed so that together they had pinned her spread eagle to the bed now she was completely helpless to the assault and would be unable to close her legs forcing them out of her pussy or to fight them or do anything else at all to stop them from penetrating and raping her. Tonight she would be theirs and there wouldn’t be a darn thing that she could do to stop it. Jack “we tried to be nice and patient with ye Elizabeth but it has been two years now and ye continue to tease us well times up time to be a big girl and take what you have coming to you.” Barbossa rips Elizabeth’s clothes off causing Elizabeth to scream louder. Will comes in a moment later and closes and locks the door behind him. Elizabeth begs with tears in her eyes “please Will get these bloody pirates off of me their trying to rape me.” Will walks over to Elizabeth and says soothingly “can’t pet I’m sorry you have been a very naughty girl and you need to be punished. Besides you’re forgetting two things. One they are the captains not me and although they would stop if I asked them to I do not technically have the authority to stop them, and two deep down you really do want this to happen.” In an angrier voice Will says “so shut up bitch and stop using the term bloody pirates you know that they don’t deserve to be spoken to in such a manner.” Will slaps Elizabeth hard across the face. Meanwhile Jack and Barbossa have taken off their own clothes. Barbossa “think I’ll shut her up by putting my dick down her throat. Lets see her try to talk while she’s choking on it.” Will says “go right ahead I certainly won’t stop you and I don’t think she can. Meanwhile I’m going to stretch out that beautiful little pussy, prepare it to take our dicks.” Will walks over to the table and pulls open a drawer in the drawer is many different things that they would be using that night to torture Elizabeth with. Oh she would hurt that night she would hurt worse than she has ever or ever will hurt in her whole life. Tonight they would make the bitch scream. Will goes through the drawer for a minute before getting spreader (a piece of metal designed to keep the pussy lips pulled apart for easy access.) He pulls her lips apart and places one of the clips of the spreader on both of her lips then uses the crank to pull the ends of the spreader farther away from the other end thus pulling her pussy lips farther apart and thus pulling her virgin walls farther apart. Will places a kiss to her pussy and sticks his tongue deep into her pussy. Meanwhile Barbossa says “can you manage to suck my dick without biting it bitch or do I need to use a spreader on your mouth like he’s doing to your pussy?” Elizabeth replies “please no it hurt so bad to be spread I don’t want my jaw to be forced open to I promise I’ll be good.” Barbossa says “you better bitch.” He straddles her pussy while Will continues to use his tongue on her pussy. After a moment Will takes his face from her pussy and slips in one of his fingers and then a moment later two more fingers join the first one already in side her pussy. Jack asks “can I will?” Will nods and gets off of Elizabeth letting Jack have a turn with her pussy. Meanwhile Barbossa thrusts his dick into her mouth hard and fast making her choke and gag on it She is doing well sucking his dick and not biting it but then Jack says “time to stretch the bitch as far she’ll go”. A second later Jack thrust his whole fist up her pussy. This causes Elizabeth to scream extremely loudly as her pussy walls are torn to shreds which in turn causes her to bite down hard on Barbossa dick as she slams her mouth shut after her screaming fit. Barbossa yells “ouch that really hurt you fucking bitch now your going to pay.” Barbossa get off of her and walks over the drawer and pulls out another spreader this time one designed for the mouth. He walks back over to her and attaches it to her teeth forcing her jaw to stay open wider than it would naturally go. Barbossa climbs back onto her and begins to fuck her face even harder than before make her chock on it twice as bad. After thrusting his fist in and out of her a few more times Jack gets up and says “ok lesson number one you be bad Lize and we increase the torture and make this even worse on you. You be good and it will be no worse than the last time we made it worse. But if we ye be bad ye will be punished. Jack starts to go in the direction of the drawer but Will hands him a metal pole and say “here use this on the bitch.” Jack takes it over to Elizabeth and says “Aye lets see how you like getting fucked with metal bitch.” The cold unforgiving metal that was almost thick as Jack’s fist plus half of another fist gave no leeway as it forced it way up inside Elizabeth’s used pussy. She felt like she was dying but she knew that they were still far from done with her as they had not yet forced anything up deep enough to cut off her madden head she also knew that more than likely they would soon be fucking her with their dicks and that was the worst torment to know that soon she would be nothing more than a wench in societies eyes that her virtue would be torn from her ruining her forever in societies eyes. After a while Barbossa cums down Elizabeth throat and then quickly gets up and yanks out the spreader and forces her jaw shut forcing her to have no choice but to swallow. Jack gets up after she has swallowed every drop of Barbossa’s cum and together they undo the chains and chain her to the ceiling. Barbossa pulls out a cat o nine tails and a whip and a flogger and start Will and Barbossa and Jack start to take turns using the cat o nine tails, whip, and flogger on Elizabeth beating her like shes a piñata until she is beaten and broken and bleeding all over the floor. Sensing she is close to losing consciousness and wanting her fully aware of them forcing her to take their dicks up inside her pussy and ass but knowing that she was also as they wanted her to be close enough to fainting to were they could fuck her without the chains and she still would be unable to fight. They undid the chains and brought her over to the bed. They lay her on her side and Jacks get at her front, Will gets at her back, and Barbossa get back on her face they all thrust into her at the same time. Will taking her anal virginity at the same time that Jack tore through her hymen forcing her to feel the pain of losing both her virginities at the same time. They continued to thrust into her over and over until they are a third of the way to cumming then. Barbossa gets at her back, Jack takes her mouth, and Will takes her pussy then when they are close to cumming they switch again this time Barbossa took her pussy, Jack took her ass, and Will took her mouth. They thrust a few more times before they all cum into her filling all her holes jump with their cum. After a moment Will reaches up and undoes Elizabeth’s handcuffs and gets up and undoes her shackles. Elizabeth crying grabs up her clothes runs to the door unlocks it and runs to her cabin. 

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