Cat Out of The Bag

BY : Lynx-N-Boy
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hellboy and I do not profit from these writing's.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hellboy and I do not profit from these writings. I created OC characters such as Brooke and Marvin (Marbin).

Author Note: I am afraid that I must warn you that there is going to be same sex relationships in this story, guy/guy so if you don't like it then I advise that my story may not be the best for you to read. My rating although high and seemingly not needed for the first chapter will change as the story progresses. Also note this is revamped slightly from when I started it in 2011. Also now being revamped again slowly in 2017.

Edited: Brooke's age to 16 from 19, Marbin is actually Marvin (previous typo), Brooke did not go to college due to her age now. Grammar and spelling. Any major changes will be written with author notes for next chapters. Also her hair is now red. I have also started adding small paragraphs into the chapter's to bulk them up a bit.




Chapter 1

John -

It started out just like any other morning, John waking up on a large, kinda too large for him, bed. His eyes firmly closed as he slowly came into the waking world. His body was curled up, another form curled around him at his back, he knew who it was, considering this was their room but he never did get used to waking up, warmth at his back and a thin tail wrapped around his upper thigh. As the grogginess melted away he moved his arms, stretching and opening his eyes, the sight of breakfast already prepared for them making him smile, considering it was mostly for the other person in the room, smiling even more as he saw certain items of his favourites. He turned on his side to see just the person who the room belonged to, Hellboy, fast asleep, holding tightly at him like he might vanish from the room suddenly.

"Hellboy..." he spoke softly, always enjoying whispering the demons name. He knew it would not wake him because red slept like a rock. For a moment Johns face took on a concentrated expression as he thought back to how they had gotten together, remembering Valentine s Day, Liz and John had exchanged gifts as friends and Hellboy had gotten jealous, of Liz...not of John like you would think. After several days of them giving each other flirty messages and bedroom eyes they had gone on a date through the park, late at night and managed to come back in a relationship and already heavily in love. Snapping out of his memories he noticed the tail around his thigh uncurl and smiled, getting up when red sat up slightly and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

Red looked at him with what seemed to be a sleepy grin then reached past his lover to grab a couple of rations of bacon from the large metal bowl, that sat on the wheeled cart. Popping them in his mouth and chewing he made murmurs of enjoyment before leaning and giving John a kiss to the cheek, his behaviour almost seeming like a teenager as Red jumped up from the bed and rushed into the bathroom, John laughed softly, amused at Hellboy's actions before picking some bacon himself, taking his time to eat them unlike Hellboy.

As Hellboy came back an agent came in the room, John muttered to himself agitatedly as he remembered how that had been his job, serving Red his food, helping him with anything, until Manning's had gotten him demoted after finding out his relationship with Red, he now stick's to working in the field with Red, Abe and Liz when they went out on missions. He tried not to dwell on it too much but he had enjoyed the comments from the demon as he brought food, especially when he brought bacon and pancakes. He had said no to some of Reds more ridiculous demands like filing his horns, he refused to do that after the first time he had done it, just how something seemed unappealing about how Hellboy kept purposely saying 'ow' when it didn't hurt to irritate him, Hellboy himself found it amusing. He was brought out of his muttering by a gentle elbow to the ribs from Red as the agent asked them to meet in the briefing room at 6pm, a mission he guessed.

The Night Before -

She ran as fast as she could, having never been that good of a runner in school, one hand holding at a bag strap hanging down her side from her shoulder. She had been running for what seemed miles but knew it to only be several minutes. The bag belonged to a couple that had been sitting outside a restaurant eating dinner when her aqua blue eyes focused on them, it was dark so she had used her small size, only being 5ft 2', to sneak and hide behind one of the spare chairs at the table, where the bag was, having seen it when they had sat down. She had grabbed it and snuck out the way making it to an alleyway several metres away where she looked at its contents. When doing so she found a wallet, a purse and an expensive looking camera. By this she came to the conclusion they were tourists, seeing lots of money in the wallet. Closing up the bag Brooke made a detour around the alleyway as to avoid walking along that street again just in case she was spotted with the bag, her eyes having to squint in the dark of the back street to find her way, finally getting onto another lit street a couple of blocks away.

Though the night seeming only to be looking up moments ago was now about to turn sour, Brooke had been just walking, not doing any harm when a couple of men in dark suits had pointed in her direction before talking amongst themselves. She watched them wearily till they started advancing on her, trying to look natural. Like hell they were, she bolted down the street, making her way along a short bridge and onto the next street, she turned her head left and right, trying to see which way led home. Home for her was a small, not very well maintained apartment in a cheaper but more dangerous part of town, she didn't like to think of the other tenants sitting around with their cans of stolen beer and their hotdog takeaway's from a vendor she was sure didn't have a health and safety licence to be selling food.

Her rent wasn't too much a week, she could handle it with the amount her benefit covered but the left over amount of money went to a source that she knew she would never get it back from, leaving her no money for food, drink and other such items. Stealing as she had done with that couples bag earlier was a necessity, she did not -like- to do it but if she wanted to survive she knew she had to. Getting a job had been out of the question when Brooke had moved to this town; no employers would not take her on for a job because she had no qualifications and her grades from school were average at best.

She was brought out of her thoughts and visit down memory lane when she tripped and fell, over what she didn't know but she had gotten up quickly enough and took off again, panting heavily as her weak underfed body started protesting at exertion. Seeing an abandoned run down building up ahead she took a chance to be sneaky, she ran down an alleyway slower than before so the men could see her, the alleyway leading to the building then when she turned the corner, knowing she was out of their eye line now, she snuck quietly into the half open window, only just making it behind some bits of old furniture piled up against a wall in time to hear the men running down the same alleyway, stopping when they could no longer see her. She held her breath, hearing some smart work shoes making clicking noises along the pavement as someone came up close to the window, most likely looking in. A loud sigh was heard along with a silent curse from the men who then muttered amongst themselves once more, she caught the odd words here and there. "Gone... be around... back later". Then the two sets of footsteps were heard moving away before Brooke was met with dead silence, there she stayed behind the broken furniture the rest of the night, slowly falling asleep when she thought it was again safe to let her guard down, too tired and partially too scared to leave and find her way home again.

Back at the B.P.R.D present time -

A couple of loud voices where heard in the briefing room, the loudest voice being Liz surprisingly. "HB I don't care how many times you try to deny it I swear you have a grey hair!"...yes not the most normal way to come into a conversation, Liz and Abe had been trying to tell Hellboy he was getting old by teasing him about a non-existent grey hair. John had wisely stayed quiet knowing it wasn't very fair to go against your lover like that, even if it was for amusing teasing purposes, instead he stayed sitting on a table, not in a chair...on the table, being able to relax these day's compared to his suit wearing agent day's, a grin stuck on his face as he watched Hellboy try to defend himself and his ...un-aging hair from the fire girl's accusations.

"Yes Red, I can see it from here when you turn your head like that..." Abe's almost truthful voice made Hellboy almost immediately turn his head another direction so this non-existent hair wouldn't be seen before he glared, arms crossed over his chest and making him seem all the more the teenager he acts to be. No matter what the fish like man said he certainly did -not- only tell the truth, he knew Blue was capable of lying, he JUST did it for crying out loud. Red was about to add to his own defence when Manning's came in to break up the fun the others were having, his first glance around intending to mean business but just ending up causing Liz to yawn as she moved to sit in a chair. Abe looked at him almost searchingly as if to tell his boss's mood before he spoke tonight, wisely wanting to keep on his good side. HB just snorted and rested back against the wall he had occupied before he had been drawn into a debate that was yet again about his hair. John stayed put till Manning's raised a brow at him, urging him with a hand to sit properly, which he did, he then rolled his eyes, just not so Manning's could see, it's not that he was scared of the man, ohhhh no, he just didn't want to cause another debate/argument. He wasn't scared of his ex boss...Honest...

"Right, I will get right to the point, last night a group of agents where sent out to pick up a young girl suspected of having some kind of healing power, we were told by local authorities that she had been caught stealing a couple of weeks back and had been wounded in the capture, they left her in a cell for the night and in the morning when they went to question her she was completely healed, after questioning in which she refused to talk they put her back in the cell for about an hour, when they went to try again she had vanished from the cell so suspect her to be able to move around with some kind of vanishing technique..-" Manning's briefing was interrupted by Abe who decided to correct him "I believe you mean that it is possible she can teleport from one another, is that correct?" Manning's gave a glare at Abe, one of almost embarrassment but nodded his head before continuing. "The agents last night where able to track her down but she fled, they chased her and they lost her, I will give you the directions for where she was last seen so you can start from there, she had a bag with her so we can assume she was stealing again, it's a snatch operation, no touchy feely crap you got me? We need to figure out just what kind of powers this kids got and determine if she is dangerous or not."

As Manning's finished his talk John scrunched up his face in annoyance, 'Dangerous...she cannot be dangerous, she is just a kid, though I guess that idiot thinks all people that are different from the norm are dangerous'.
"Hold on, are you going to just jump straight to being able to teleport? If she could do that wouldn't she have used that power to teleport away from the agent's instead of just running?" Hellboy directed this question at Manning's with all the belief of a man hearing that pig's were flying in the sky. Manning's was about to debate that he has the fact's here and not Hellboy but he paused, really seemed to turn this detail over in his head before he sighed, threw his hand's up in the air and muttered "Well you tell me when you find the kid and bring her in, dismissed..." this last part wasn't really open for debate as he turned and left the room.
Hellboy gave John a look along with a tilt of his head to come over, John smiled a bit and at least he got to go with the others still rather than being locked away or god forbid made to leave the B.R.P.D. Getting up he rushed to HB's side and smiled more as an arm made it's way around his shoulders, the annoyance he felt moments ago vanishing slowly as he snuggled into his lover's side. They all made their way to the large garbage truck, getting in and suiting up for the mission they all thought was stupid to have more than two of them going on. Liz voiced her confusion on this only to be met with several pairs of shrugged shoulders which made her frown. As the truck hauled out of the B.P.R.D back car park and into the city streets they brought up a debate that like Hellboy's non-existent grey hair had been going for weeks now.

"So...John…Red when are you two going to name the day?" Liz's smug smirk and interested eyes were directed right at a now deeply blushing John who could not help stutter his reply "Y-you know w-w-we can't even think about that L-liz". Red took to again glaring at the fire girl, his tail flickering agitatedly at his side and the arm he had once again wound round Johns shoulders had tightened a bit possessively before he shot back his own comment "When are -you- going to give in and tell fish boy here you love 'im?" his cocky smirk told her just a bit too much more than she wanted to believe he knew as Abe and Liz both flustered and avoided each other's gazes for the rest of the journey. John and Hellboy rested together against their side of the truck happily, Hellboy did not need his adorable mate upset about that, they had indeed talked about it but they had decided they could not really go ahead with that since it would look odd if a demon walked into a church in what he considered a monkey suit ready to get married, well at least that is John and Hellboy's excuse.

Abandoned building -

A body moved between bits of smashed and broken furniture, some of it having fallen against her while she slept, immediately waking her from her sound sleep. She squeaked quietly as a nail from a plank of wood scratched along her arm but ignored the pain to get up, moving back to the half open window she had earlier climbed through. Noticing the darkness she snuck out the window hoping not to draw attention to herself. Lifting her hands she let her fingers slide through her now dust covered blood red, dyed shoulder length hair a moment, then taking steps forward apprehensively as she moved out onto the street properly, noticing there was barely a soul out this time of night. Though there was not much down here besides abandoned junk shops, a closed bakery and a no longer used docking area, a few old row boats left there broken and tied to the dock. She walked along the path, heading towards the center of town in hopes to finally get home and eat some food with her newly acquired money when a man, not entirely tall for a male with short, neatly parted hair and a photo in one hand walked in front of the entrance to the next street apparently looking for someone. She noticed he was talking to another with him, someone she could not see yet, she also couldn't make out his words but when his eyes set on her with a look of recognition she knew she was in trouble.

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