Reviews for Luke Jedi Groomer

BY : JamesRyder

  • From Jeda26 on February 01, 2022

    Hot damn and god have mercy. That was a stupendously magnificent, gorgeouslygloeious, allurinmgly majestic, wantonly kinky and smutty beautiful humdinger of a new chapter.

    Utterly loved how Luke diabolically and machivellianly uses Rey's naviety, hatred of Kylo Ren and desire to please and wanting to be a Jedi, against her in such a wonderously debauched, superbly depraved manner. Corrupting and seducing Rey to the pleasurable side of the force, as he moulds and transforms her into the perfect slut and cock whore, hornily willing and eager to do his bidding. Possibly going as far to allow herself to become his willing broodmare and mother of a whole new generation of jedi.

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