Reviews for The Sensual Serpent

BY : SultrySoiree

  • From Bahamut-626 on November 25, 2016

    For Ch.32.  Now this goes a long way to explaining why Vashite has come to care for Doom as much as she has.  And I can see how Doom in turn has come to care for Vashite. 

    Makes me wonder how Doom is faring so far from her for the first time since they met.  

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  • From Bahamut-626 on July 07, 2016

    For Chapters 26 & 27, now Thulsa Doom is really beginning to make his moves.  A wife he actually wants, and a whle many more kingdoms under his Direct Control now - the latter out of Vashite's view I see, so clearly still wishing to hide a few elements of himself from her.  

    I can't help but think that this will continue to have effects down the line, but for now, he's in a Safe Enough position to perform these acts.  

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  • From Bahamut-626 on April 16, 2016

    Will be covering Ch,22 & 23 here.

    And in both chapters, Doom makes it very clear that he intends to be the one in control of their 'relationship' - a term I use loosely given how abusive and one-sided it is at this point in time, and I struggle to see how much it could change.

    And Vashite finally realises what Doom really is, still being just sober enough to realise exactly what she witnessed. I can't say I'm surprised that she lost consciousness there and then, Yasimina being asleep (the drugs?) so missing the whole thing. And relatively close to the events that occurred in the Movie, save for the whole fleeing the scene thing.

    And while still on the surface makes it appear as if he cares for Vashite, Thulsa Doom has already made abundantly clear his intent with her with his declaration of what he expects of her. I believe Vashite must be gaining a clear idea of just how Deep in she is now.

    If there is a criticism to make, the paragraphing is off. When someone else begins to speak, you should start that sentence on a new paragraph, not keep it on the existing one where another has already spoken.

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  • From Bahamut-626 on February 27, 2016

    I've managed to read up on this when I noticed the promotion in the forum.

    So far it's been a pretty interesting story, and I have to agree, there is next-to-no 'fics that deal with the "Villain" side of Conan the Barbarian. Just this one, and one other - which is a one-shot. Which is a shame as he is one if the all-time great villainous characters to exist, and actually makes you WANT to Cheer for the Empire!

    Since I'm having trouble logging onto the forums - for some reason - I'll add the Feedback here:

    What you want Thulsa Doom and Vashite to do is really dependant on which Thulsa Doom you're using. So far I've seen a lot from the Movie, but elements such as "his kind" and "forked tongue" (to cite examples) indicate elements from the Novelisation of the Movie - which was made from an earlier draft which was much more explicit in what Thulsa Doom was, a Serpent-Man - are also within this story.

    Should that be the case, Vashite learning of this side to Doom, and coming to terms with it would be a viable direction to travel in.

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